10pm ToryDiary: Government poised to ban shops from selling cheap alcohol as a "loss leader"

7pm WATCH: Tony Blair defends the role of religion in global affairs in a debate with atheist columnist Christopher Hitchens

5pm Parliament: Claire Perry calls for action to restrict children's access to internet pornography

Picture 23pm WATCH: Ed Miliband talks in platitudinous terms about "renewing" the Labour Party

1.15pm WATCH: Ann Widdecombe: I've left the world of politics behind

12.30pm Comment: John Glen MP on the vacuum at the heart of Labour's policy review

11.15am LeftWatch: Weimar Ireland would endanger Britain – and could happen.Picture 1
ToryDiary: Introducing the A.N.T.I. voter (or, as I prefer to call them, the pound-stretchers)

In Comment:

Eric Pickles cheerful Eric Pickles MP in Local Government: Why this Government wants faith groups to play a leading part in the Big Society

Also in Local Government: Conservative leader of East Riding Council deselected

Seats and Candidates: Join the Action Day in Oldham East and Saddleworth on Wednesday 8th December


Sir John Major: Let's keep the Coalition after the next election

MAJOR john "The coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats should continue after the next election and could lead to a permanent merger, according to Sir John Major. The former Conservative prime minister said the Coalition could represent a “realignment” of politics and the two parties should “prolong” their co-operation beyond this parliament." – Daily Telegraph

Other coverage of the story by the Telegraph:

  • Ben Brogan blogs: "Keep in mind that Sir John some time ago put himself at David Cameron’s disposal to intervene in politics whenever the leader wanted a point made or an argument advanced. There is nothing to suggest that he speaks for Mr Cameron, but after the Nick Boles proposal for an election deal, Sir John’s comments will add weight to that cause."
  • Sir John Major's speech in full

> Last night's ToryDiary: Sir John Major expresses support for longer term Tory-Lib Dem co-operation

Tory Right warns David Cameron against gagging them

"David Cameron is being urged by the Tory Right not to ‘over-react’ to outspoken remarks by members of his party in the wake of rows over Lord Young and Howard Flight. There is concern that Downing Street moved too quickly to slap down Mr Flight, who was attacked by Labour this week for suggesting there were too many incentives for the less well-off to have children." – Daily Mail

  • Max Hastings: Whatever happened to freedom of speech? – Daily Mail

Ken Clarke’s prison reforms put on hold amid fear of ‘soft justice’

Ken Clarke "A radical overhaul of sentencing that will see thousands of offenders avoiding jail has been delayed amid fresh concerns that the Government will be accused of “going soft on crime”. The keenly awaited Green Paper — expected to be a major assault by Kenneth Clarke on the traditional Conservative policy of “prison works” — was due out next week. But the Ministry of Justice yesterday confirmed that the paper had been put back with no expected publication date. A Whitehall source said: “Number 10 is not happy about it.”  The Times (£)

  • Ken Clarke plans tough changes to community service – run privately – The Guardian

David Cameron ready to fight for 2018 World Cup

"England is facing a "real fight" in its bid to host the 2018 World Cup, David Cameron has warned. The Prime Minister said that the bid is in "great shape" ahead of next week's crucial vote by the game's governing body, Fifa, in Zurich." – Press Association

  • David Cameron hits out at BBC's World Cup investigation – The Guardian

Andrew Lansley: Menus should contain calorie counts

"Restaurants, work canteens, sandwich bars and fast food outlets will all display how many calories are in the meals on their menus in future, Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, has said… As part of the Government’s new “responsibility deal,” ministers believe that rather than being told how to eat, individuals should be empowered to take their own decisions about becoming healthier." – Daily Telegraph 

Baroness Warsi: The Coalition has made a promising start

Baroness Warsi 2010 "While we’ve got a lot more work to do, I think we’ve made a promising start: We’ve brought Britain back from the brink by dealing with the deficit; We’re creating a new economic dynamism and bringing a pro-enterprise attitude to Government; We’re making tough but fair welfare reforms, meaning it will always pay to work. We’re ending the absurd situation where some people can claim over £100,000 a year to live in large houses in expensive areas; And we’re protecting the most vulnerable in our society. We’re ensuring real terms rise in health and 5-16 schools spending and we’re introducing a new £7.2 billion fairness premium to support the least well off." – Baroness Warsi on the Blue Blog at

  • A comprehensive record of the Coalition's achievements to date –

> WATCH: Baroness Warsi reflects on the Government's achievements in its first six months in office as she tours the country

Blaming Annabel Goldie for Tory woes in Scotland is nonsense, says peer

Scottish Conservative logo "The man behind a hard-hitting report into the future of the Scottish Tories insists leader Annabel Goldie is not to blame for the blunt verdict delivered on the party's fortunes. Lord Sanderson also revealed that Prime Minister David Cameron "likes" the report which hit out at the party's "weak" and confused" leadership." – The Scotsman

> Iain Anderson on Comment yesterday: The Sanderson Report opens up the possibility of radical change for the Scottish Party

Latest on tuition fees:

  • Tuition fees could cost universities millions – The Times (£)
  • Dame Suzi Leather warns institutions over charitable status – Daily Mail
  • Police under fire for charging at anti-fees demonstrators – The Guardian
  • Nick Clegg refuses to say if he will abstain on tuition fees – BBC

Other Coalition news:

  • Economy: The new independent budget watchdog is set to endorse George Osborne’s deficit reduction programme as credible on Monday when it presents its first autumn forecast. – FT (£)
  • Middle East: Hague insists Israel policy will not change – Jewish Chronicle
  • Boundary changes: Cameron defends plans for new 'Devonwall' seat – ThisisDevon
  • Climate Change: 'Hypocrisy' of Huhne at the eco summit with personal Jacuzzi in each £240-a-night suite – Daily Mail
  • Parliament Square protest: New laws will let police chief clear peace camp in time for royal wedding – The Times (£)

Socialism not a dirty word, Miliband says as he sets out vision

Ed Miliband on Marr "Ed Miliband has declared himself proud to be a socialist, and plans to hold a “million conversations” to help him settle the direction of Labour. The leader of the party will today set out his vision for its renewal, “Beyond new Labour”, to party members and trade unions in Gillingham in Kent. He wants to persuade the public that socialism “is not a dirty word”. – The Times (£)

  • Miliband to give rank and file power on policy – The Independent
  • Miliband pledges to stand up for Britain's 'squeezed middle' – The Guardian
  • Red Ed facing ridicule over Toy Story slogan – The Sun
  • Miliband has nothing to fill his blank page – Daily Mail editorial
  • Simon Heffer: Ed Miliband's 'relaunch' will only get Labour so far – Daily Telegraph

Charles Moore: Michael Gove’s sense of the nobility of education offers hope to us all

Michael Gove 2010 "I do not know his private religious opinions, but he seems to have an exceptionally strong Protestant sense of the nobility of education. He sees it as the way by which everyone, regardless of wealth and background, can learn what matters, developing the informed freedom of conscience that is the mark of human dignity." – Daily Telegraph

Other comment:

  • Andrew Grice: Why Cameron can afford to relax as his rivals vie for the fairness vote – The Independent
  • Daniel Hannan: David Cameron and the pursuit of happiness – Telegraph blog

The Independent (unsurprisingly) backs AV

"While we would have favoured more radical change, AV would be progress in the right direction. But convincing voters to forsake the status quo, however cautious the change might be, is never easy. The burden will be on the "Yes" campaign to make its case. It is time for the arguments to be heard." – Independent editorial

  • Margaret Beckett: Why I'm backing the NO2AV campaign – The Guardian

> Yesterday's Gazette: Full list of the latest appointments at the NO2AV Campaign

Wikileaks: US warns allies on potential diplomatic leakBBC

Sinn Fein wins by landslide in Donegal South-West by-election Belfast Telegraph

And finally… Peter Stringfellow wants to return his winter fuel payments

Peter Stringfellow "Peter Stringfellow has written to ministers to ask to repay his winter fuel allowance, saying the money is "totally unnecessary" to him. The millionaire night club owner said he did not feel entitled to receive the money, paid to all those over 60, given the UK's current "financial hardships". He said people who did not need the payment ought to be able to opt out… Mr Stringfellow said he had written to Work and Pensions Secretary Ian Duncan-Smith to raise concerns that he had received the allowance – paid automatically to those eligible – for 10 years." – BBC

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