6.45pm WATCH: Highlights of Ed Miliband's PMQs debut

5.30pm ToryDiary: The Coalition is changing the Liberal Democrats more than the Liberal Democrats are changing the Coalition. Discuss…

2.30pm Local government: Pickles scraps LAAs – and slams Islington for paying invoices twice

12.45pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: Is YOUR MP part of a move to control EU spending?

12.45pm WATCH: Remembering the Thatcher years, a BBC video to mark the former PM's 85th birthday

ToryDiary: Child benefit issue gives Ed Miliband victory during his first PMQs

TOEU 11.30am Parliament: 34 Conservative MPs say the EU shouldn't get extra money at a time of cuts

9.45am Local government:

JOHNSON-ALAN-PINK-TIE 9.30am LeftWatch: Alan Johnson leads revolt against Ed Miliband at first Shadow Cabinet meeting

ToryDiary on Cameron's seven vulnerabilities: (2) The squeezed middle

George Eustice MP on Platform: How we should rebalance the law in favour of enterprise

Natalie Evans on ThinkTankCentral: Policy Exchange unleashes a broadside against the proposed Alternative Vote system with the publication of AV – "the system no one wants"


Cllr Benjamin Dennehy on Local government: Every councillor should have a good website

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Allister Heath's daily lesson in economics

WATCH: Vince Cable announces an increase in tuition fees

Education budget may be squeezed as price of settlement for poorer pupils and military

OSBORNE LOOKING UP "David Cameron faces a stark trade-off between buying more military hardware, cutting benefits and providing more financial help for poorer pupils, as the battle over public spending reaches its endgame. The Treasury is close to striking spending deals with most government departments, leaving the toughest decisions of the £83bn spending cull to the very end. They are expected to cover just three areas: defence, welfare and ­education." – FT (£)

"The government plans to cut "non-essential" education projects including youth clubs, after-school music and art activities and child safety projects to meet its commitment to increase funding for disadvantaged children under a pupil premium." – Guardian

Navy to get aircraft carriers despite defence cuts – Guardian

Senior RAF officers say cuts 'could make Britain's air space vulnerable to attack' – Telegraph

Grant Shapps says "lottery" in house prices must end

SHAPPS NEW "Mr Shapps stressed he did not want to see ‘a dramatic fall in house prices’. ‘I think we need a market that’s boring, where the pressure of making what could be the single biggest financial decision of your life, is based on your needs and desires, not on whether you feel lucky. ‘Buying a home shouldn’t be like playing the lottery.’" – Daily Mail

Andrew Lansley considers NHS whistle blowing charter

"Doctors and nurses would be given a contractual right to "blow the whistle" on malpractice in hospitals without fear of being sacked or disciplined, under plans to improve NHS safety. Ministers also want to set up an independent "whistleblowing watchdog" to which staff could turn if their concerns were not addressed." – Independent

Tory rebels fail to delay AV Referendum

"A bid by rebel Conservative MPs – including David Cameron’s former leadership rival David Davis – to delay the voting reform referendum proposed next May has been defeated in the Commons. Voting was 326 votes to 264, a healthy Government majority of 62, and opponents of the referendum will now have to defeat the Government in the House of Lords if they are to delay the vote." – Sky News

William Hague makes first trip to Moscow, refusing to set aside Litvinenko murderBBC

Radical reforms promised by Andrew Mitchell for development fund at centre of expenses stormDaily Mail

Tuition fees fallout

CableVince470 "The business secretary, Vince Cable, is struggling to stem the first serious revolt within the Liberal Democrat party since the formation of the coalition after he backed a doubling of university tuition fees." – Guardian

"Lib Dem deputy leader, Simon Hughes, warned that the Browne proposals must not be the "last word" on tuition fees. Ex-leader Sir Menzies Campbell said he will not break his promise to oppose a rise in fees." – The Sun

"Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, admitted that he and fellow Lib Dem MPs would have to break their election pledge in light of today’s economic climate. But he alarmed some Conservative MPs by saying that wealthy parents should be penalised if they paid tuition fees up front to avoid a repayments system that would charge high-earning graduates more." – Times (£)

"Lord Browne says the strong must contribute more. That is right. But it misunderstands the fear of high debt among those whom he considers strong, but who are not. It is now up to business, if it has regard to its own future, to forge a partnership with the best universities, and see that the talent of our young people is not squandered." – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

The cartoonists have fun at Vince Cable's expense: Steve Bell in The Guardian and Dave Brown in The Independent

> Yesterday's Parliament blog: Vince Cable tells Commons that, given fiscal situation, opposition to tuition fees is "no longer feasible"

> Yesterday's LeftWatch blog: The Liberal Democrats' remarkable u-turn on tuition fees

Fifa president Sepp Blatter to meet David Cameron as England's bid to host 2018 World Cup reaches final phaseBBC

Ed Miliband will face David Cameron at PMQs for first timeBBC

The latest daily YouGov poll has Labour going backwards since Ed Miliband became Labour leader with the Tory advantage widening to 7%.

Nick Boles wants David Miliband, Andrew Adonis and James Purnell in Coalition's big tent

Miliband David QT "If President Obama can keep Republican Robert Gates as secretary of state for defence, does Britain have to forfeit the remarkable talent of David Miliband? Can the coalition afford to do without the passionate expertise of Andrew Adonis as it completes his quest to connect Britain's great cities with high-speed rail? Must we try to build the "big society" without the help of James Purnell, who saw that the spirit of reform was leaving Labour long before anyone else?" – Nick Boles in The Guardian

And finally…

Lord Heseltine, John Major, Chris Patten and Nick Clegg won't be at David Cameron's Downing Street party for Lady Thatcher – Independent


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