Google-earth-5-screenshot 7.15pm Parliament: An 'internet bill of rights' should be considered to protect people from "Big Brother Google", suggests Robert Halfon MP

6.15pm WATCH: Theresa May says terrorism will be defeated by combination of physical security, police work and intelligence

3pm ToryDiary: Will Cameron curb the "judicial jihadists" so that the security services can hunt down the real jihadists?

12.45pm WATCH: Ann Widdecombe is spun around the dancefloor to tune of 'Wild Thing'

Noon Roger Helmer MEP on CentreRight reviews an uncomfortable encounter with the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia: Who are the deniers now?

Screen shot 2010-10-31 at 11.48.1911.45am International: Is Angela Merkel the new Iron Lady of Europe?

ToryDiary: When every 'child in care' costs £25,000pa why are rates of adoption falling?

Rebecca Harris MP on Platform: We must now revisit the idea of permanent Daylight Saving Time

ThinkTankCentral: Conservatives and Liberal Democrats meet together to discuss 'Coalition 2.0'

David Mitchell on Local government: Spending on consultants needs to be checked

WATCH: Jon Stewart hosts anti-Tea Party rally in Washington

Conservatives open up 5% lead in overnight Sunday Times/ YouGov poll YouGov graph

The EU has ordered a fleet of 150 bomb-proof limousines costing up to £33m for its new army of ambassadorsThe Sunday Times (£)

EU-FLAG "The full staggering scale and cost of the European Union’s new global diplomatic corps can be revealed today. The so-called European External Action Service (EEAS) will have an annual budget of £5.8 billion and an army of ambassadors across 137 embassies, with up to 7,000 Eurocrats trained to pursue the EU’s foreign policy. It will be run by Baroness Ashton, the obscure Labour quangocrat and Blair-appointed peer who last year was surprisingly nominated by Gordon Brown to be the EU’s foreign secretary – even though she has never been elected by British or European voters." – Mail on Sunday

'Relations between Osborne and IDS hit new low'

"Relations between Iain Duncan Smith and George Osborne have sunk to a new low after they clashed over scrapping child benefit. The Work and Pensions Secretary is furious he was not consulted by the Chancellor over the move to axe the allowance for higher-rate taxpayers." – Mail on Sunday

David Cameron should not be so pleased about cutting the BBCObserver leader

Peter Hitchens discusses last week's speculation that the Coalition may continue after the General Election

"Mr Cameron is the willing prisoner of Mr Clegg. He loves to have a permanent excuse to tell the shivering, lonesome clumps of real conservatives in his party that he cannot do what they want him to do." – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

Fraser Nelson examines three accounts of the "car crash" that was the 2010 Tory general election campaign

Nelson Fraser pink shirt "The best chapter is "Losing it in January" which details the launch of the Tory campaign and its flaws. George Osborne was, in theory, the election co-ordinator, but "regarded himself as a chairman, rather than director of the group". The impulsive Steve Hilton would launch a phrase (like "great ignored"), then discard it the next day. Andy Coulson, the press chief, was at loggerheads with Hilton. Cameron stood back from it all – and the result was an all-too-discernible lack of direction. Cameron's standing amongst the electorate fell, as the Tory campaign muddled along." – Fraser Nelson in The Observer

> Key conclusions of ConservativeHome's General Election Review

An argument over counterterror laws is raging within the Coalition – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

Our security services need support from the Government and the courtsSunday Telegraph leader

The Secretary of State for International Development intervened to help a cocoa trader beat sanctions for smuggling in GhanaThe Sunday Times (£)

Cameron urged to sign EU ban on slave traffickingIndependent on Sunday

John Rentoul: Ed Miliband's very poor start as Labour leader

"On every single issue, the Prime Minister is on the side of the voters, and Ed Miliband, when he is visible, is on the wrong side, defending the sectional interest of benefit claimants, rich parents, Labour MPs or students. David Cameron and George Osborne ought to be vulnerable. They look too pleased with themselves, too much as if they are enjoying the student politics of it all. But, on the evidence of Miliband's first five weeks, they have nothing to fear." – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Gordon Brown to give first Commons speech since leaving office

BROWN PUZZLED "Gordon Brown is to step out of the shadows tomorrow and make his first speech in the Commons since standing down as Prime Minister. He will attempt to save 1,500 naval shipyard jobs near his Scottish constituency and stop maintenance work on Britain’s two new aircraft carriers going to France. Mr Brown has not spoken in Parliament since April, before he lost Labour the General Election a month later." – Mail on Sunday

Jacqui Smith has been given a job by a firm that won a big contract while she was Home SecretaryThe Sunday Telegraph

Young, gifted and broke before they start – Ed Howker in the Independent on Sunday notes the student debts and high house prices that await young people starting out in life

Janet Daley on America's Tea Party Movement

Daley-Janet-black-backgroun "There were plenty of people in New York who wanted to believe that Tea Partiers were just a new incarnation of the gun-totin', gay-bashing right-to-lifers whom they found it so easy to dismiss as risible throwbacks. This is a huge political miscalculation, which quite misses the point of what makes the Congressional midterm elections this week such an interesting and historic political event. This is so much more than the predictable to-ing and fro-ing of party control midway through a presidential term. What the grassroots rebellion is really about is an attempt to pull the Republican party back to its basic philosophy of low-tax, low-spend, small government: the great Jeffersonian principle that the best government is that which governs least." – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph


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