11.30am LeftWatch: Tories want "final solution" for the poor says Guardian's Polly Toynbee

9.15pm ToryDiary: As long as Cameron reduces net immigration to the "tens of thousands" the Coalition should be flexible on economic immigration

OnStrike 7.15pm ToryDiary: The Coalition should rush emergency union legislation through Parliament

5.45pm Local government: Is Bromley Council seeking to block school choice?

4.30pm WATCH: 'Vote for our dad' – Republican candidate for Senator enlists his children for cheesy video

2pm Robert Halfon MP on CentreRight: Should other economic think tanks receive some of the money the IFS gets from the taxpayer?

1.45pm WATCH: We must end Britain's "anti-manufacturing bias", Ed Miliband tells CBI

Noon LeftWatch: Labour MP writes of gruel, rotten bones and putrid horseflesh in childish attack on Cameron's "workhouse ethos"

Screen shot 2010-10-25 at 11.43.2111.45am ToryDiary: Cameron promises low interest rates, help for exporters and capital investment in 'dash for growth' speech to CBI

11am Lee Rotherham on CentreRight: The emergence of Europe's economic government

9.45am WATCH: Powerful anti-stimulus video looks forward to when China 'owns' America

ToryDiary: IDS plans a citizen's pension of £140 for all

Syed Kamall MEP on Platform: How to embrace the Big Society by rediscovering Mises and social co-operation

MostRebellious Parliament: ConservativeHome publishes its new regular league tables of the most and least rebellious Tory MPs

Local government: Labour muddle on shared council services

Melanchthon on CentreRight publishes his EU renegotiation shopping list: exemption from the obligation to seek "ever closer union"… in respect of the UK, conclusions of the European Court of Justice do not have independent legal force… withdrawal from the common criminal space,the common defence force, the common foreign service provisions of Lisbon… the UK shall not be bound by any measures under the passerelle clause of Lisbon… the UK is not part of the single legal entity, for international negotiations, created by Lisbon… Britain must become "outs" of the euro project, not merely "pre-ins"…

Cameron kickstarts two week emphasis on Coalition's growth strategy

Cameron At Lecturn "David Cameron is to announce £200m of funding for a network of German-style “technology innovation centres” as he seeks to convince critics that his government has a credible industrial growth plan. He is also promising more details on how to “unlock £200bn of public and private sector investment” in Britain’s infrastructure and will take aim at “uncompetitive industries”, with banks, food retailers and energy companies thought to be in his sights." – FT (£)

"The Government needs to be far smarter at setting out its growth strategy, not least because the impact of the cuts will be painful and people need to know there is light at the end of the tunnel." – Telegraph leader

> Saturday's ToryDiary: Cameron seeks to shift debate from spending to growth 

Education secretary admits £2.5bn for poorest children will come from existing budget despite David Cameron claimGuardian 

Housing benefit cuts will force 82,000 families out of London into the suburbs, experts warnDaily Mail

"Liberal Democrat Simon Hughes has warned the coalition that its planned housing benefit cuts might not be approved by Parliament. The party's deputy leader told Channel 4 News some of the proposals were "harsh and draconian"." – BBC | Watch the Channel 4 report

Charity Commission sounds alarm on 'Big Society funding'

"David Cameron has been accused of “pulling the rug from under” his own Big Society agenda by the chairman of the Charity Commission as the voluntary sector braces itself for billions of pounds of cuts to funding. Charities estimate that they could lose out on between £3bn and £5bn of yearly grants as budgets are slashed across Whitehall and local government, raising the prospect of many going out of business." – FT (£)

Daily Mail campaigns for extra aid funding to be spent on saving Navy's Harrier jets

"While most Government departments suffered savage cuts in last week’s Spending Review, foreign aid will rise by £3.1 billion by 2014. The amount is enough to keep the 80-strong Harrier jump jet fleet – which will be axed under the cuts – in the air for 20 years." – Daily Mail

Screen shot 2010-10-25 at 07.00.46A BPIX poll in the Mail on Sunday found little support for the Coalition's priorities.

NHS white paper proposals backed by only one in four doctorsGuardian

"Mr Lansley said: "Reform isn't an option, it's a necessity in order to sustain and improve our NHS. The reforms are far reaching but they also build upon existing designs. But we recognise with any significant changes, there may be concerns – that is why we have been consulting on the details."" – The Health Secretary quoted in The Express

Clegg on Marr with poppy Tuition fee increases will be capped, says Nick CleggBBC

"Successful graduates who wish to avoid being burdened with decades of debt could be hit with mortgage style redemption penalties if they pay off their student loan early." – Telegraph

The Deputy PM also used his Andrew Marr interview to call for an investigation into Wikileaks – Guardian

Annabel Goldie faces leadership speculation

"Ms Goldie's position has been repeatedly questioned since the party failed to improve on its solitary Scottish seat in the General Election. She has had to deny she intends to stand down after next year's Scottish elections and yesterday sought to brush off mounting speculation she will face a leadership contest. In a move that was seen as a challenge to Ms Goldie's leadership, Tory MSP Jackson Carlaw called at the weekend for reform of the way Holyrood operates. Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Murdo Fraser is also thought to be leadership contenders." – Scotsman | Daily Express

Ex-Tory treasurer and billionaire Michael Spencer leads the rush of donors to LordsDaily Mail

UK needs green economics minister says Zac Goldsmith/ John Gummer-supported think tankBBC

Boris Johnson: We give aid to India which can afford defences that we cannot

Johnson Boris Head in Hand "It is a melancholy reflection of our changed status in the world that by aiding the Indians, as we must, we are effectively supporting them to achieve a nuclear independence that we cannot ourselves afford. If you don't invest in your own satellites, you end up as a satellite power – which is effectively what we are; and the best that can be said for the position is that it may be undignified, but it saves us a fortune." – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

Yesterday's Christopher Booker column: Britain's £800m a year to India helps to pay for its space programme

The Tower Hamlets fiasco is localism at its very worst – Julian Glover in The Guardian

> Saturday's LeftWatch: Labour MP refers Ken Livingstone to Labour's NEC over his behaviour in Tower Hamlets

Sicknote culture in public sector costs £4.5 billion paExpress

Lady Thatcher was up and about yesterday as she recovered from a severe bout of fluThe Sun

Number of Welsh MPs could fall from 40 to 30 under Coalition reformsBBC

Former Militant supporter likely to win leadership of UniteThe Sun

And finally…

"The Prime Minister is planning to spend the Christmas period in Thailand with his family. Last night Government sources insisted Mr Cameron was paying for the trip himself and was not planning to conduct any official business while away. It is assumed Mr Cameron will be travelling with his wife, Samantha. It will be their first long-haul trip since the birth of daughter Florence in the summer. It is unclear whether the baby – or the couple’s two other children – will accompany them." – Daily Mail


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