8.30pm WATCH: An exhibition of photographs from the general election is unveiled

6.15pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: If my identity has been stolen to buy goods, surely the onus should not be on me to prove that I didn't do so?

Ballot box_01 5.30pm Parliament: Mark Harper announces plans for individual voter registration in Great Britain as a way of tackling electoral fraud

5.15pm CentreRight: A look inside the new Spectator

4.45pm ToryDiary: A narrative for this government (#3)

4.15pm Local government:

3.30pm Invictus on CentreRight: Did a Labour ex-Spad break the Code of Conduct to attack the Monarchy?

Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 15.34.20 2.30pm WATCH

2.00pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: "The EU – this unique post-democracy"

Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 12.38.00 12.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron and Harman love-in at her last Prime Minister's Questions as Leader of the Opposition

11.15am Parliament: Dr Dan Poulter and Fiona Bruce make maiden speeches

ToryDiary: The Coalition's main policy is right – and it's time to get behind it

Howard Flight on Platform: Fixing the Accounting botch

Local Government:

Mark Pawsey "I’m a Conservative because… I believe that Government should simply set a framework, and then let people get on with their lives with the minimum interference from others.” – Mark Pawsey MP answers ConHome's Twenty Questions for the Class of 2010

International: EU Justice Commissioner compares Sarkozy's deportation of Gypsies to the crimes of WWII

Melanchthon on CentreRight: If we don't renegotiate our relationship with the EU now, that is the end of Euroscepticism


Defence cuts could put operations at risk, MPs warn

"Planned cuts in military spending are so deep they could jeopardise troop operations, MPs warn today, adding that the strategic defence review is being conducted so quickly that serious mistakes will be made. The financial crisis facing the Ministry of Defence is compounded by the likelihood that it will have to shoulder the full initial £20bn cost of a new Trident nuclear missile system, says the Commons defence committee." – The Guardian

ARBUTHNOT James Chairman of the Defence Committee James Arbuthnot MP said: "We welcome the determination that this should be a real review rather than just a cost-cutting exercise. However we are not yet convinced that the combination of a budgetary straitjacket, the short timescale, and the apparent unwillingness by the ministry to think outside existing structures… will deliver that end." – Sky News

"[Defence Secretary] Dr Fox said that nothing in the review would jeopardise current military operations in Afghanistan. “Any outcomes from the strategic defence and security review will not undermine our main combat effort in Afghanistan,” he said. “The SDSR will address the most immediate threats to our national security, while maintaining the ability to identify and deal with emerging ones.” – Western Mail

Rape case reform is shelved to cut costs

Theresa May Home Secretary "A major investigation into how police handle rape cases following a series of blunders has been shelved to save money, The Times has learnt. The decision, taken after Theresa May, the Home Secretary, began looking for budget cuts, will prevent a nationwide inquiry into police standards, which was prompted by a number of serious errors by detectives." – The Times (£)

Cameron ready for war of words with unions

"David Cameron has told cabinet ministers to take the fight to “irresponsible” vested interest groups that make inflammatory statements about the likely impact of public spending cuts. The prime minister braced his cabinet for a war of words with public sector union leaders through the autumn, urging ministers to make the case that the cuts are vital to put Britain on the path to recovery." – FT (£)

"Lobby groups seeking exemption from the pain of next month's Spending Review must be challenged, agreed senior members of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition at a special political session of Cabinet called by Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg ahead of the party conference season." – Press Association

Tory unions envoy urges 'humane' approach to public sector job cuts

Richard Balfe "The government should treat public sector workers who lose their jobs in the recession in a more "humane" way, the Conservative deployed by David Cameron to build links with the unions said today. Richard Balfe, Cameron's envoy to the unions for the last two and a half years, told the Guardian that, while he supported the cuts, the government should sympathise with the plight of people who are made redundant. The government faces a "flashpoint" over pension reform, the one issue that unites most members of all the unions, he warned." – The Guardian

Simon Jenkins: Cameron must act to spread the blame on cuts – and fastThe Guardian

Daniel Finkelstein: How David Cameron should approach the unions

FINKELSTEIN DANIEL "Victory against militant unions isn’t inevitable. All over the world, and often in this country over the past 100 years, unions have won battles to protect staff and public spending. They have won public backing. Ask Ken Clarke about the ambulance drivers’ strike. Given the size of the deficit it is essential they do not do so this time. But resolve will not be enough to ensure victory." – The Times (£)

Trevor Kavanagh: Union bullies must not drag us into another Winter of Discontent The Sun

Duncan Smith denies rift with Osborne over welfare

"Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has played down speculation of a rift with George Osborne over plans for fundamental welfare reform. Mr Duncan Smith insisted he and the Chancellor were "very close" over whether money should be invested up-front in a new simpler system in order to reduce costs going forward." – Press Association

'Malicious attacks' on Chancellor's money-saving website force temporary shut downDaily Mail

William Hague to put human rights at heart of foreign policy…

William Hague serious square "William Hague is to call for more emphasis within foreign policy on protecting human rights, saying the UK must always "have a conscience". The government will "strengthen" its focus in the area, the foreign secretary will say, arguing it is inextricably linked to the UK's security and standing." – BBC

…as he turns up the heat on Israel

"Foreign Secretary William Hague has risked a diplomatic spat with Israel as he described Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory as illegal and a barrier to peace. Mr Hague’s comments came just weeks after David Cameron caused outrage by denouncing Gaza as a “prison camp”." – The Herald

Warsi demands fair play after BBC staff plan 48-hour strike during conference

WARSI-BARONESS "The row over 'politicised' BBC strikes escalated last night as the Tories insisted on fair television coverage after unions threatened to black out the party's conference. Baroness Warsi, the Conservative Party chairman, reminded BBC bosses of their duty of political impartiality after a walkout was called to coincide with David Cameron's keynote speech. Coverage of Chancellor George Osborne's spending review would also be in jeopardy if unions press ahead with the two 48-hour strikes by journalists and technicians." – Daily Mail

The myth of the underpaid public sector worker

"Public sector workers are paid more on average than those in the private sector, according to the first comprehensive analysis of the pay divide by Britain's national statistician." – Daily Telegraph

Well-paid Whitehall penpushers revolt against plans to name them The Sun

David Cameron welcomes Pope on 'incredibly important' trip

"David Cameron has hailed the Pope’s visit to Britain tomorrow as “incredibly important and historic” while acknowledging that some people will disagree with Benedict XVI’s teachings. The Prime Minister, speaking about the event in detail for the first time, said the four-day visit will provide a “unique opportunity” to celebrate the good works of religious groups." – Daily Telegraph

> WATCH: David Cameron issues welcome message to Pope Benedict XVI

David Cameron returns for today's PMQs after his father's deathPress Association

Nick Clegg facing conference backlash as grassroots delegates plan attack over coalition policies

Nick Clegg on Marr "Nick Clegg is facing a backlash at next week’s Liberal Democrat conference, it emerged yesterday – as activists tabled a series of motions critical of coalition policy. The agenda for the party’s annual conference in Liverpool reveals growing tensions between activists and the party leadership over the decision to form a coalition with the Conservatives." – Daily Mail

"The Liberal Democrats are expecting the largest conference in the party's 22-year history, starting on Saturday in Liverpool. Media attendance will be up 62% and overall numbers of delegates up to 6,200 – a 40% increase on last year as the party grapples with its rise from the UK's third largest party to government." – The Guardian

"In a demonstration of the new political landscape, Tory and Liberal Democrat ministers are due to attend fringe events at each other's conferences. The Conservatives Oliver Letwin, Francis Maude and Grant Shapps will all deliver speeches in Liverpool, while Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury, will address the Tory faithful in Birmingham." – The Independent

Charles Kennedy and Nick Clegg will share Lib Dem rally stageThe Herald

Ex-Labour MPs take expenses case  to Supreme Court Daily Telegraph

David Miliband twice as popular as Ed, says poll…

David and Ed Miliband "David Miliband is the choice of Labour voters to be the next leader of the party, according to a ComRes survey for The Independent. He is more than twice as popular as his nearest rival, his younger brother Ed, when Labour supporters are asked to name their preferred candidate; who would make the best leader of the opposition; the best prime minister and have the best chance of leading Labour back to power." – The Independent

…but the younger brother is "increasingly confident" of victory

"Ed Miliband says he is "increasingly confident" of victory in the race for the Labour leadership. His aides say they are hopeful of a clean sweep win across each of the sections of the party's electorate – MPs and MEPs, unions and party members." – BBC

Charlie Whelan quits Unite union to write account of New Labour government The Guardian

Real IRA says it will target UK bankersThe Guardian

State collusion ruled out in Billy Wright murder Sky News

Tea Party-backed candidate in surprise Delaware Primary winNew York Post


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