Screen shot 2010-09-28 at 22.15.35 10.30pm ToryDiary: In strongly-worded letter to David Cameron, Liam Fox warns against "impossible" cuts to the armed forces

6.30pm WATCH: Ed Miliband starts his Conference speech with tribute to his defeated brother

4.30pm Local government:

4Kirby-Jill.15pm Jill Kirby on CentreRight: Ed Miliband's curious failure to register as the father of his first child is surprising in all sorts of ways…

4.15pm Local government: Can local TV boost local democracy?

3.30pm LeftWatch: Key points from Ed Miliband's speech to the Labour Conference

Noon Paul Goodman on CentreRight: It's time for Charles Farr, Whitehall's top security adviser, to move on rapidly

10.30am Alex Deane on CentreRight is pleased that the ugly Southbank Centre has been refused Heritage status… for the third time

9.30am ToryDiary: George Osborne needs a bolder plan to stop businesses quitting Britain

LeftWatch: Only 36% of voters think "weird" Ed Miliband is up to the job of being PM

Screen shot 2010-09-28 at 08.57.32 Also on LeftWatch: Paul Goodman drafts the speech that Ed Miliband should make at Labour's Conference today

Aaron Ellis on Platform: Cameron must decide how Afghanistan fits into our grand strategy

Dan Lewis on ThinkTankCentral: Making Space Britain's new frontier and looking beyond Europe

On Local government: Wirral Council cracks down on staff mobile phone costs and Buckinghamshire Council responds to questions about its Heterosexuality quiz

WATCH: Labour isolated says George Osborne after IMF backs his approach to deficit

IMF gives strong backing to George Osborne's deficit strategy

"George Osborne has good reason to feel chuffed. The economic 'Ofsted report' by a team of high-powered experts from the International Monetary Fund has wholeheartedly backed his budgetary strategy of cutting hard, early and aggressively." – Alex Brummer in the Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: The IMF provides big boost to George Osborne (…and the BBC agrees)

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt wants a local TV revolution

HUNT JEREMY NW "Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt is set to call for a new "landscape of local TV services" in towns and villages around the UK. In a speech to the Royal Television Society, he will set out his vision of stations "broadcasting for as little as one hour a day"." – BBC

Local TV would be as prominent as BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Five in the electronic programming guide – FT (£)

Cameron wants no cuts in army numbers until 2015

"David Cameron is considering deferring swingeing cuts to army personnel until after the next election, for fear that any early move would undermine the morale of British troops in Afghanistan. In recent weeks Liam Fox, defence secretary, has privately proposed to 10 Downing Street that army numbers should come down from 105,000 to 100,000 between now and 2015. Under Mr Fox’s plan, the army would then be cut by a further 15,000 in subsequent years." – FT (£)

SNP launches dossier saying Liam Fox can't be trusted on defence – Telegraph

At United Nations, William Hague describes climate change as "perhaps the 21st century's biggest foreign policy challenge"

Wind farm power twice as costly as gas or coal (and getting more expensive) – Daily Mail

End of SATs for 11-year-olds 'in two years' as teachers call off boycott after deal with Education SecretaryDaily Mail

BBC shelves anti-Ashcroft edition of Panorama after Tory source accuses it of flawed investigationExpress | Guardian

Screen shot 2010-09-28 at 07.41.19 Ed Miliband will use his first big speech as Labour leader to criticise arrogance of Brown saying he had abolished 'boom and bust' – Guardian | Independent

Paul Goodman: Cameron will let others attack Ed Miliband

"Cameron is clear-headed enough not to confuse tactics with strategy. Let the Mail and Telegraph – and, in all likelihood, the Murdoch press – tear into Miliband, along with the Tories' own attack unit, headed by Michael Fallon, a newly-appointed party vice-chairman." – Paul Goodman in The Guardian

Julian Glover: Stop the 'Red Ed' abuse

"All this Red Ed stuff is silly. If the government sets up Labour's new leader as the next left thing to Mao Zedong, he'll escape critical analysis. In policy terms he's probably to the right of Angela Merkel, and certainly no more than nudging the outer reaches of Vince Cable. There's nothing unthinkable about his ideas, what there is of them, and if the coalition plunges into unpopularity after the spending review he'll pass most of the next two years ahead in the polls. Loud shouts of abuse from the other side won't make a jot of difference." – Julian Glover in The Guardian

> In the latest ConHome survey we test whether you think "Red Ed is a silly way to describe the new Labour leader". The full survey is still open.

Even if he isn't called 'Red Ed' Rachel Sylvester reveals his left-wing policies

"If David Miliband takes the Treasury job he must know that the tension will only grow. He disagrees with his brother over the speed at which the deficit should be reduced — the most crucial issue Labour must now confront. He also opposes his brother’s proposal for a graduate tax, rejects his suggestion that the 50p income tax rate should be permanent and has a difference of opinion on how to deal with crime." – Rachel Sylvester in The Times (£)

David Miliband is poised to leave Labour's front benchTelegraph

Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 15.13.32 "David Miliband’s friends were preparing the ground for his exit from frontline politics last night as both allies and former opponents made public appeals for him to stay and help to unite a Labour Party shaken by his narrow defeat in the leadership race." – Times (£)

Video: In his speech to Labour conference yesterday, David Miliband said he was very proud of his younger brother

The election of Ed Miliband means that the wretched cult of callow political youth has now infected all three main political parties – Michael Brown in The Independent

A Roman Catholic school in Blackburn is set to be taken over by a mosque – because 95% of its pupils are MuslimThe Sun

A Belgian MP wants English to become the EU’s ‘common language’ Metro

And finally… After Cadbury's is forced to stop using his 90 year-old glass-and-a-half of milk slogan…

The Sun speculates on how the EU might change over familiar slogans: "A Mars A Day Helps You Work Within The EU Working Time Directive (1993), Rest and Play… KFC: Finger Lickin' Good, but comply with the EU integrated approach to food safety and clean hands…" More.


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