10.30pm Seats and candidates: James Reekie adopted as Holyrood candidate for Dunfermline

8.30pm ToryDiary: Samantha Cameron on the cover of The Sunday Times' magazine

7.45pm WATCH: Sky News' Joey Jones reviews Ed Miliband's first full day as Labour leader

Screen shot 2010-09-26 at LeftWatch: New Deputy Conservative Chairman, Michael Fallon launches four-pronged critique of Ed Miliband

11.30am LeftWatch: Ashcroft urges Miliband to reach swing voters but Tebbit says his Left-wing base may be enough

10.45am WATCH: David Miliband refuses to discuss his future in interview with BBC

Cameron PM ToryDiary: Cameron has reasons to be cheerful

: Did trade unions break the rules to get Ed Miliband elected?

Overnight on Platform from Lord Ashcroft: Ed Miliband can't become PM if he listens to the Labour movement

Harry Phibbs on CentreRight: Will Ed Miliband's "back story" impress voters?Local government:


Ed Miliband ready to give defeated brother any job he wants

MILIBAND DAVID BLK BGD "Ed Miliband is ready to give his older brother any job he wants to keep him at the front line after the support of union leaders gave him a wafer-thin victory in the Labour leadership contest. The new party leader has privately indicated his sibling can have first choice of portfolios after trumping him by just 1.3 percentage points in an extraordinary four-round play-off." – The Sunday Times (£)

BBC Newsnight's Michael Crick blogged last night that David Miliband is set to be Shadow Chancellor.

Ed Miliband accuses Coalition of "faulty economics"

"It is faulty economics to scrap school building projects and put construction workers out of a job at time when the industry is struggling. It is faulty economics to scrap government loans to British businesses that can create manufacturing jobs in the industries of the future." – Ed Miliband writing for The Sunday Telegraph in an article in which he backs Ken Clarke's prison reforms, Vince Cable's graduate tax and the continued operation in Afghanistan.

In an article for The Sunday Mirror the new Labour leader acknowledges Labour's errors: "By the end of our time in office, people felt we were out of touch and remote. We
did not listen enough – on the economy, on immigration, on Iraq and our
relationship with America. As the party of government, we could have
done more to tackle MPs’ expenses. As Labour leader, I am determined to put that right. My commitment to you is that I will not let Labour lose touch again."

The Sunday Telegraph notes that Ed Miliband is in a strong electoral position…

"Mr Miliband inherits a party that is in a surprisingly strong position, despite a bruising electoral defeat. Labour's core vote remains solid, especially in the public sector, and it has a hefty parliamentary presence. With Gordon Brown gone, its poll ratings have pulled level with the Tories', and with the fair wind that a new leader provides, it should be able to offer a powerful counterweight to the Coalition. That is to be welcomed: testing the strength of the Government's arguments, and offering alternative solutions, is a major duty of opposition, and we saw during the Blair years what could happen when the government was able to run the country unchecked and unbalanced." – Sunday Telegraph leader

…but Andrew Rawnsley warns Ed Miliband against trusting mid-term opinion polls

RAWNSLEY "Margaret Thatcher became quickly unpopular after the 1979 election, but went on to win in 1983 and again in 1987. Recovering a reputation for economic competence is key. Your most imperative task is to put Labour in a sensible posture on the deficit." – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

He gets the same warning from The Sunday Times' leader-writers (£): "Mr Miliband’s biggest mistake would be to sit back and wait for the coalition to fall apart. Next month’s announcements on cuts are the big challenge facing the government. The prize, however, could be enormous. If the coalition is seen to have cleared up the mess left by Labour, it will reap the electoral rewards and Labour will be seen by swing voters as being economically risky for years. It happened after 1979, and could happen again."

James Forsyth: Tories shouldn't underestimate Ed Miliband

"Ed Miliband is trying something audacious, attempting to change the terms of debate in this country.
He wants to move Britain to the Left in the way that Thatcher moved it to the Right. In a country already struggling to deal with the consequences of years of excessive Government spending it is a huge fiscal risk.
But as his leadership campaign showed, he is a natural and persuasive communicator. Opponents underestimate him at their peril." – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

Ed Miliband must wait 11 days before his MPs choose his shadow cabinetIndependent on Sunday

Ten names to watch on the Labour LeftIndependent on Sunday

Alan Johnson urges Ed Miliband to reverse Labour's southern wipeout

Johnson Alan PS "Do not adopt a "core vote strategy" for winning the election. We do need to restore trust with our traditional supporters, but we also need to win back the middle-class voters who switched to the Lib Dems. More importantly, outside London we have been practically wiped out in the South-east, attracting only 16 per cent of the vote. Most of those seats are Tory and we need to win some of them to get a majority. That means appealing to people who voted Conservative in 2010 and 2005." – Alan Johnson in the Independent on Sunday

The Sunday Express says government plans to put 100,000 convicted criminals to work

"A massive unpaid army of workers is to be created from thousands of convicted criminals in a bid to kick-start the economy, the Sunday Express can reveal. Multimillion-pound industrial projects will be undertaken by a land army of 100,000 criminals as an alternative to custodial sentences." – Sunday Express

Jimmy Young urges Cameron to accept Lord Young's "common sense" report on Health & Safety Sunday Express

"Downing Street is becoming a complete shambles"

10-downing-street "We are surprised at their inability to grasp the detail of policy and manage its impact across departments. The thinkers in the nudge unit are wandering around in a trance of long-term blue-sky thinking but no one is managing the hard issues that will surface next week and next month. Somebody needs to sort this out before it's too late." – The Observer's Diary of a civil servant

Nick Cohen: AV could exacerbate electoral swings

"Clegg's AV will not stop prime ministers getting whopping majorities on a minority of the first preference vote. Go back to Blair's landslide in 1997. As the late Lord Jenkins pointed out in his commission on electoral reform, "simulations of how the 1997 result might have come out under AV suggest that it would have significantly increased the size of the already swollen Labour majority". To be precise, it would have swollen it from 179 to 245." – Nick Cohen in The Observer

Contrary to popular belief, the Conservative party has much to gain from AV – Lord Ashcroft in The Sunday Times (£)

And finally (1)… Ed Miliband the panda

Panda1 In a strong attack on his legitimacy the uber-Blairite John Rentoul describes Ed Miliband as the "Panda leader":

"He is soft, cuddly and panders to every oppositional instinct in the party."

Read the full denunciation in the Independent on Sunday.

And finally (2)… Nick Robinson the Fish

Screen shot 2010-09-26 at 08.13.05 The Mail on Sunday suggests that the BBC's Nick Robinson is the Michael Fish of political forecasting after he called it for David M moments before Ed M won the Labour leadership: See full story.


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