10pm Lord Ashcroft on Platform: Ed Miliband can't become PM if he listens to the Labour movement

9pm WATCH: Ed Miliband speaks after being elected as Labour's new leader

8.45pm Tom Greeves on CentreRight: Some brotherly and friendly(ish) advice for Ed Miliband

8pm Harry Phibbs on CentreRight: Chris Mullin on Ed Miliband

REDED5.30pm LeftWatch: CCHQ gets the Labour leader it wanted – Red Ed, the mouthpiece of the unions

Screen shot 2010-09-25 at 14.55.04 3pm LeftWatch: Who/ what should be in our new LeftWatch banner?

1pm WATCH: Nick Clegg outlines UK foreign policy to the UN

12.15pm LeftWatch: In the Labour Party some members are 608 times more equal than others

11.45am Martin Parsons on CentreRight: Northumbria Police decide Koran burning is illegal

David Cameron 2010 open neck serious ToryDiary: David Cameron seeks to reassure Conservative voters and members in the wake of the Liberal Democrat conference

Benedict Surtees on Platform: The Conservatives' blue collar breakthrough

Local Government:

Matt Sinclair on CentreRight: The cost of quangos

WATCH: The influence of Ralph Miliband

Democracy cannot be created by diktat, Nick Clegg tells UN general assembly

Nick Clegg confrence speech "Addressing the UN general assembly, the deputy prime minister said
terrorism and conflict would be better tackled in the future by debate
and persuasion. 'Democracy cannot be created by diktat," he said.
"This means that winning the battle of ideas is as important as military
prowess.' Setting out the UK's new direction, he promised to
"practice what we preach" by not breaking international laws – comments
that could be interpreted as an accusation that the invasion of Iraq was
not legal." – The Guardian

Attack by Irish terrorists is a strong possibility, says Theresa May

"Mrs May said: 'The Director-General of the Security Service has informed
me that he has raised the threat to Great Britain from Irish-related
terrorism from moderate to substantial, meaning that an attack is a strong
possibility…Judgments are based on a broad range of factors, including the intent
and capabilities of terrorist groups. This is the first time we have published the Irish-related threat
assessment to Great Britain. This is in the interests of transparency and to
encourage people to remain vigilant." – Daily Telegraph

Hunt for source of "bonfire of quangos" leak

"But Cabinet minister Eric Pickles suggested they were out of date, saying the
Government's plans 'may have moved on' since it was drawn up. 'We did say we were going to reduce the number of quangos,' the Communities
Secretary told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. 'We will be making an announcement in due course. It's a bit dated, that
document. I think things may have moved on.' Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell ordered an immediate investigation into
the leak. A Cabinet Office spokesman said: "We deeply regret any extra
uncertainty for employees that this irresponsible leak has caused.' " – The Independent

Ed Miliband favorite to win Labour leadership contest – result announced today

Screen shot 2010-09-25 at 08.39.49 The potential rifts facing the new Labour leader are laid bare as one of the party's most senior figures, Alan Johnson, warns against a lurch from the party's current stance on the deficit,
and says "a return of the union finger jabbers" would weaken public
opposition to the spending cuts.  Ed Miliband, he self-styled change candidate, became the last-minute favourite to
be declared Labour's 18th elected leader – in what would be a dramatic
overtaking of his elder brother David, following strong union support
and a late shift among MPs – The Guardian

"David and Ed Miliband will be pitched into an immediate internal battle over
coalition cuts, whoever is crowned Labour leader today. If David Miliband wins, he will use a Sunday morning BBC interview to try to
ease the growing pressure to soften the party’s stance on the deficit. If it
is Ed Miliband, however, he will draw a starker dividing line against the
Government’s £83 billion cuts package, questioning the need to reduce the
deficit as quickly as Labour suggested in the election campaign." – The Times (£)

mother of David and Ed Miliband is to miss the climax of the Labour
leadership election today because she cannot bear to watch the result.  Labour
officials say Marion Kozak will not be present for an announcement that
may see her son Ed triumph against the odds over elder brother David.  MPs
fear the battle between the two has unleashed a psychodrama as damaging
for Labour as the rivalry between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown." – Daily Mail

"They’ll shortly be facing across the dispatch box a Miliband. If he
runs to family form, he will be running (as goes the proverbial
distinction between the rabbit and the fox) for his life, rather than
his dinner. But here’s the paradox. In politics, he who runs for
his life does not always run best. Terror of failure can wreck your
judgment — look at Mr Brown. Indifference to failure can steady your
hand, nerve you, give you the courage of your convictions. The adversary
minded to give it a pop may prove more formidable than the adversary
paralysed by wanting it too much." – Matthew Parris, The Times (£)

"So the new leader's immediate political prospect is not as dreadful as – given
the waste of time and money over the past 13 years – it should be. Someone
called Miliband might well become prime minister. Yet if you stand further back, you can see that Labour's underlying problem is
much greater than its current electoral standing suggests. I cannot prove
it, of course, but I feel the tide running against its way of thinking
almost as much as Jim Callaghan famously noted in 1979, and as, in 1997, it
ran against the Tories – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: Conservatives fight back on Council Tax, quangos, and spending control (and fire more early shots at Labour's leader-to-be)

Gordon Brown's former Director of Strategy says that voters support "mainstream" Coalition Government

BROWN-GORDON-headshot [David Muir] writes: 'Voters talk of the need to 'make do and mend' public
services, of living within their means. There is little to no
recognition that growth, jobs and homes could be placed in jeopardy. The
coalition looks competent, and, importantly, mainstream. This may sound
bad for the new Labour leader, but it is in fact much worse."' Muir suggests Cameron is
the beneficiary of the coalition's perceived success: 'The big mistake
for the future leader is to take the Clegg bait [to argue with or blame
the Lib Dems]. That is exactly what Cameron wants – a 'below stairs'
dust-up that the master rises above.' " – The Guardian

Former Conservative Treasurer David Rowland gives the Conservative Party £1 million

"Mr Rowland’s decision to step down from the role before beginning was
doubly surprising because he had moved his business onshore from the
Channel Islands in 2009 in order to become one of the party’s leading
donors…The affair also triggered anger in the wider party. Tim Montgomerie,
editor of ConservativeHome, the grassroots Tory website, said at the
time: “Big questions need to be asked about CCHQ [Conservative Campaign
Headquarters] failing to carry out due diligence on this appointment.” – Financial Times (£)

Council Tax revaluation ruled out Financial Times (£)

> Yesterday –

Ken Livingston battles Boris Johnson for MayorDaily Express

Boris Johnson smiling I can defeat Boris, and pave the way for a Labour general election victory – Ken Livingstone, The Guardian

> Yesterday in Local Government: Ken Livingstone to be Labour candidate for London Mayor

MI6 spook did not die aloneDaily Mail

Number of prisoners reaches new recordThe Independent

Theresa May wears red dress, IDS arrives from fashion show at the Carlton Club's annual political dinnerFinancial Times (£)

Michael Gove says that all pupils should have a chance to learn a musical instrument Press Association

Gay Bishops are all right by me, says Archbishop of CanterburyThe Times (£)

And finally…Baby Florence Cameron sleeps in a cardboard box

"Mr Cameron said when Florence was born last month, she did not have a
cot so his six-year-old daughter Nancy decorated the box for her to
sleep in. The prime minister's wife Samantha had given birth to the baby girl while the family were on holiday in Cornwall. Mr Cameron told the Daily Telegraph the baby stayed sleeping in the box, even after they returned to Downing Street. The Prime Minister said baby Florence is "wonderful and quite
well behaved. She eats and sleeps mostly at the relevant time and she's
been a delight." – BBC

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