8.45pm WATCH: President Obama says Americans will not give in to hatred and prejudice in his 9/11 anniversary address 

Tories on Today logo3.30pm LISTEN: Lord Howard, Damian Green and David Willetts were among the Tories who appeared on the Today Programme this week

12.30pm WATCH: The world marks the 9th anniversary of 9/11

11.15am Gazette: Art Laffer of Laffer Curve fame and Baroness Thatcher attend TaxPayers' Alliance gala dinner

Royal Mail logoToryDiary: The Government will privatise the Royal Mail

Adeela Shafi on Platform: The internet has diluted the boundaries we normally adhere to in real life – but people must be more accountable for their online activity

Local Government: A lookahead to the local elections in 2011

“I’m a Conservative because… I believe that individuals know best how to run their lives and not the state. – Karen Lumley answers ConHome's Twenty Questions for the Class of 2010

WATCH: Green MP Caroline Lucas calls for parliamentary candidates to be able to stand in pairs on a jobshare basis

Boris Johnson to stand for second term as London mayor

Boris Johnson rosette "Boris Johnson ended speculation about his political intentions by declaring he is seeking a second four-year term as mayor of London on behalf of the Conservative party. Johnson's long-awaited announcement preempts the result of Labour's mayoral selection process, due in two weeks, in which Ken Livingstone is bidding against former MP Oona King to stand as Labour candidate at the 2012 election. Johnson's campaign plans are already under way, it emerged today, with fundraising plans and key team members in place, including Australian political strategist Lynton Crosby, who was enlisted on Johnson's 2008 mayoral campaign." – The Guardian

"From Boris's perspective, I think the idea of Boris-Cameron rows being written up is probably no bad thing," he said. "He wants to show that he's standing up for the capital, and standing up to the government in London's interest." – Jonathan Isaby quoted by BBC News

'Me as PM? I'm more likely to be beheaded by a Frisbee', says Boris JohnsonDaily Mail

Does Boris Johnson merit a second term?

"The coming cuts will be Mr Johnson's first serious test. Mr Livingstone, or his rival Oona King, is sure to pursue the Mayor relentlessly on cuts. How he responds, and whether he sets out a real vision for London beyond the banner year of 2012, will determine whether Londoners — and this newspaper — support him for a second term." -  Evening Standard editorial

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Boris starts re-election bid with 55% satisfaction rating

Downing Street has "full confidence" in Jonathan Djanogly

"Downing Street has backed Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly after it emerged he hired a firm of private detectives to carry out undercover investigations of his aides and colleagues. The Prime Minister's spokesman conceded that the Tory MP may have "overreacted" after rumours appeared about him in the press, but said he still had David Cameron's "full confidence". Mr Djanogly was forced to defend his actions after the Daily Telegraph obtained a copy of the report by Morris Chase International." – Press Association

Michael Gove urges parents to compile their own league tables

Michael Gove 2010 "Parents should create their own bespoke school league tables from exam results and extra data soon to be published on the internet, ministers said this week. Education Secretary Michael Gove said he wanted to create greater transparency and end parents’ dependence on the measures of school performance that Government decides to use." – Times Educational Supplement

"It is a tough time to be a parent. Picking a school in the next few years will entail gambling on three sources of uncertainty. Parents can have no idea how difficult it will be to get their children into a good school, because of: demography; the world economy; and – the most mysterious and capricious of all – the UK government." – FT (£)

Lib Dems in revolt at Osborne's plans to hit workshy with another £4bn in welfare cuts

George Osborne blue background "Lib Dem MPs today condemned plans by George Osborne for deep cuts in benefits for the jobless, aimed at saving £4billion a year. MPs Bob Russell and Mike Hancock declared they would oppose the fresh assault after the Chancellor insisted the 'lifestyle choice' of sitting at home claiming money from the state 'was going to come to an end'." – Daily Mail

"While it is a welcome change that Mr Osborne can propose to lop a gigantic sum from the welfare budget without the roof falling in on him, there is a difference between the reluctant acceptance of austerity measures that we see today, and winning popular support for the specific cuts that will be made public in the Comprehensive Spending Review on October 20. Retaining that support will also be difficult: the review is the beginning, not the culmination, of a process of shrinking the state." – Daily Telegraph editorial

Osborne: deficits a test of credibilityReuters

Without jobs, no one will get off benefits – SImon Heffer in the Daily Telegraph

"Thousands of troops to be cut"

"Tens of thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen face the axe after ministers concluded that reducing the number of uniformed personnel in the Armed Forces was the best way to save money. The cuts, which are part of the strategic defence review, will lead to a substantial reduction in the size of the Army, which will also have to give up many of its tanks and armoured vehicles. Soldiers could also be ordered to serve longer on the front line in Afghanistan, and be given less time to recuperate between tours." – Daily Telegraph

Liam Fox blasts Geoff Hoon over "frivolous" commissioning of artwork

Liam Fox Daily Politics "Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, has openly criticised Hoon's decision to commission £272,000 worth of modern artwork for the walls of Whitehall between 2004 and 2006 describing it as a "frivolous project". He said it was particularly "out of touch" to spend funds on art while troops were suffering from equipment shortages in war zones and decrepit housing at home." – Daily Telegraph

Cabinet chums are all smiles now but wait until the big squeeze begins

"The biggest worry behind the cabinet smiles is that the Coalition Government has not prepared the public for the cuts. Opinion polling presented to ministers shows that voters recognise the £155bn deficit is a huge problem that must be addressed. Many people blame Labour for it. But the problem for the Coalition is that people think the cuts have happened because George Osborne announced them in his emergency Budget in June." – The Independent

TUC claims Coalition cuts will hit poor 10 times harder than richThe Guardian

Police Federation claim cuts will put 40,000 jobs at risk BBC

Tories must never forget their promise to cut immigration

"The Coalition's task to cut immigration to a manageable level is enormous. But it is made harder still by Tories (as well as, inevitably, some LibDems) pulling in the wrong direction. The Tories were elected on a promise to restore the public's battered faith in the immigration system. They forget this at their peril." – Daily Mail editorial

William Hague's wife Ffion joins him in public for first time since he told of their baby heartbreakDaily Mail

David Miliband: back Ed and we’ll lose

"In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, the favourite to win the contest issued a clear signal that any shift to the Left would hit the party at the polls. Mr Miliband’s brother Ed, seen as his closest challenger, is more likely to move the party away from New Labour and has been nicknamed “Red Ed” by opponents. He said: “I’m trying to persuade the Labour Party not to lose three or four elections before it bounces back.” – Daily Telegraph

Labour's big names may lose out as 50 vie for shadow cabinetThe Guardian

And finally… believe it or not, Dennis Skinner backs Blairite David Miliband for Labour leader

Picture 9 "David Miliband's Labour leadership bid received a boost yesterday when he was backed by veteran left-winger Dennis Skinner. The so-called "Beast of Bolsover" said he believed the shadow foreign secretary was the candidate who would fare best against David Cameron. Mr Skinner has been a perennial maverick throughout his four decades in parliament, and holds totemic status for many on Labour's Left… Mr Skinner had originally nominated backbencher Diane Abbott for leader, as she was struggling to get enough support to make the final ballot." – The Independent


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