6.45pm WATCH: David Cameron erroneously says that "Iran has got a nuclear weapon" (his spokesman says he meant to say Iran was pursuing a nuclear weapon) 

JENKIN-BERNARD6.30pm ToryDiary: Bernard Jenkin launches another salvo against
changing the electoral system as he claims the "new politics was
somewhat oversold"

3pm Local Government: Can you help the campaign to replace a new Labour MP with a Conservative in his old council seat?

1pm ToryDiary: What are the greatest threats to the Coalition?

11am JP Floru on CentreRight: Direct compensation would turn many nimbies into happy neighbours

10.30am Local government:Conservative councillor charged with bigamy

ToryDiary: The first assessment of Cameron's First 100 Days is in (a fortnight early)

Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Who are the most influential centre Right thinkers?

Ruth Davidson 2 Ruth Davidson on Platform: The Cameron Bounce has hit Scotland (finally)

Local Government:

ThinkTankCentral: Who first came up with the Government's policies? The Centre for Policy Studies stakes its claims

LeftWatch: Labour needs more than a new leader to tackle its "toxic" brand

Melanchthon on CentreRight responds to Luke Tryl: I am not homophobic or anti-gay

WATCH: Grant Shapps explains his Social Housing Swap Scheme

Fears of rift in coalition as Simon Hughes attacks homes plan

HUGHES SIMON 2 "The prospect that council tenants in Britain could be evicted because the state decides they are too well off has threatened to open a rift in the coalition Government. Simon Hughes, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, bluntly warned that the idea, which was floated by the Prime Minister this week, is not government policy and that it would take "a lot of persuading" for the Liberal Democrats to accept it." – The Independent

Cameron spoke out of turn on council homes, says Simon Hughes The Times (£)

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Simon Hughes cements his position as the Lib Dems' Coalition-sceptic-in-chief

> Yesterday in Local Government: Proposal to end "Council house for life" for new tenancies

Michael Brown: Coalition loyalty beats party loyalty

"Mr Cameron's obvious ability to wear the cares of office refreshingly lightly suggests that he may be the first prime minister for many generations whose mission is greater than devoting every day to the needs of the next election… We have still not fully come to terms with the magnitude of the events of the past three months. We look for every opportunity to work out how it will end – and we assume that it will all end in tears. Yet every potential difficulty for the coalition looks like making its endurance more likely." – Michael Brown writing in The Independent

David Cameron late for first meeting with Silvio Berlusconi in Rome…

Picture 12 "David Cameron, on his first visit to the Italian capital since becoming prime minister, arrived almost an hour behind schedule and had to skip planned one-to-one talks with his Italian counterpart. Instead, he went straight into dinner with Silvio Berlusconi." – The Guardian

…as he prepares to meet Pakistan's President Zardari tonight

"David Cameron will meet Pakistan's president tonight to talk terror – and prove that Britain is still a friend to the Muslim nation. He will dine with Asif Ali Zardari at Chequers after a week of rows." – The Sun

"Mr Zardari rejected an invitation to spend a night at the Buckinghamshire mansion, saying he was too busy. But he will visit Chequers for dinner this evening for informal talks with the Prime Minister, which are set to be dominated by Mr Cameron’s assertion last week that Pakistan is ‘exporting terror’." – Daily Mail

Baroness Warsi: Straight talking won't break Britain's relationship with Pakistan

WARSI-BARONESS "Under David Cameron's leadership, this Government will have honest, robust and frank conversations with our friends. Pakistan will be no exception. Straight talking won't break a relationship based on mutual respect which goes back more than 60 years." – Baroness Warsi writing in The Sun

Benedict Brogan: Trident is a sacred Tory cow with which David Cameron meddles at his own risk

"Playing politics with Trident has touched a Tory nerve. It has reinforced doubts that many had been willing until now to set aside. Cabinet ministers say privately that Mr Cameron must return from his summer break with a plan to reconnect with the party he leads. Things aren't as easy as they used to be, and that is precisely why the Prime Minister must explain why so much of what Tories thought he believed in no longer applies." – Benedict Brogan in the Daily Telegraph

Pension age could rise to 66 within five years

"The pension age could be raised to 66 within five years, far sooner than expected as life expectancy increases rapidly. Statistics published Thursday paint a stark picture of the crisis facing the economy. They show that plans to stage incremental rises in the retirement age over three decades are no longer sustainable." – Daily Telegraph

Housing minister says official count of rough sleepers is 'far too low'

"The number of rough sleepers in the country has been seriously underestimated by previous official figures, according to the housing minister, Grant Shapps… Previously only councils which deemed themselves to have a problem had to do an official rough sleeping count. Only 70 councils regularly conducted street counts. After Shapps insisted a further 256 councils provided estimates of the scale of the problem in their areas, many of them for the first time. This has added a further 807 rough sleepers – leading to a national total of 1,247 rough sleepers." – The Guardian

Matthew Parris: I have finally seen how the Big Society might work

PARRIS MATTHEW "Little by little, and like a virus, the Big Society idea has lodged itself insidiously in my mind; so that now, everywhere I go, I start to see small — mark that word ‘small’ — examples of things that actually could be done closer to the ground, by and for the people who know about them and need them." – Matthew Parris in The Spectator

Eric Pickles brands Liverpool Council "out of touch"

"Liverpool City Council has been accused of being "out of touch" by recruiting a new chief executive with a salary of up to £197,500. Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles criticised the council for the pay – which is £55,000 more than the prime minister." – BBC

> Yesterday in Local Government: Liverpool Council advertises for Chief Exec with £197,500 salary

Tony Benn launches "Coalition of Resistance"

"Veteran leftwinger Tony Benn is calling for "ordinary people" to revolt against government plans for "the most savage spending cuts since the 1930s". In a campaign backed by sympathetic MPs, academics, writers and public personalities, and launched on, the 85-year-old socialist and erstwhile cabinet minister is calling for a "broad movement of active resistance" to the coalition government's budget cuts." – The Guardian

> Yesterday in LeftWatch: Tony Benn and his pals on the extreme Left seek to organise a "broad movement of active resistance" against the Government

Lib Dems prepare for biggest ever conference

LIBERAL-DEMOCRATS "It was always more relaxed and less heavily policed than its rivals – and noticeably more sparsely attended. All that has changed this year as the Liberal Democrats enjoy their first taste of power for 65 years, with Nick Clegg and three party colleagues filling seats in the Cabinet. One thousand extra pass applications are being processed for next month's conference in Liverpool. Security controls are being tightened and hotels in the city have experienced a rush in bookings." – The Independent

Education Bill opens doors for Premier League schools

"Premier League bosses hope to net a new generation of better and brainier footballers by opening their own schools. Football chiefs revealed they are to take advantage of a new education bill which allows anyone to set up a free school with its own curriculum." – Daily Star

Double dip recession fears as service sector growth stallsThe Guardian

MPs hit out at IPSA

"Letters from two senior back benchers published in today’s Daily Telegraph lay bare the growing sense of frustration among MPs of all parties with the work of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority." – Daily Telegraph

NHS spends millions on websites that fail patients, says leaked government report The Guardian

180,000 university applicants to be turned away, despite empty places The Independent

Ted Brocklebank MSP to stand down next year Aberdeen Press and Journal

Former MP Sir John Gorst has died

"He made his greatest impact presenting the case of George Ward, the owner of the Grunwick photo processing firm, during the bitter dispute over union recognition in 1976-77. Gorst also pressed Margaret Thatcher's employment ministers to be as radical in reforming the unions as they had promised, and was a leading campaigner for the rights of Soviet Jews." – Daily Telegraph obituary

And finally… SamCam joins the "style elite"

Samantha Cameron "Samantha Cameron has been named in Vanity Fair's 2010 International Best Dressed List, described by the magazine as the "style elite". The prime minister's wife, who is eight months pregnant, joins best-dressed list regulars Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni and celebrities such as Lady Gaga and David Beckham… The magazine's list says the 39-year-old is likely to be seen in clothes by Phillip Lim and Erdem and her "dress up accessories" include "brooches, chain pendant, bib necklaces", while her dress-down accessories are listed as "Converse sneakers" and "a pram". – BBC


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