8pm ToryDiary: Would you be the gotta lotta bottle politician who stopped free milk for young children?

7.15pm International: Republicans keep eyes fixed on economy, largely ignoring judge's decision to allow gay marriage in California

11.30am Roger Helmer MEP on CentreRight: Vince Cable couldn't be more wrong about taxing the better off

11am Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Conservatives and climate change

ToryDiary: Frank Field wants Cameron to introduce parenting lessons

Robert Leitch on Platform: Britain's roads need significant investment

Bray Angie “I’m a Conservative because… I can't stand bossy big government"
Angie Bray MP answers ConservativeHome's Twenty Questions

Two articles on Local government:

International: Are we reaching the end game for Berlusconi?

Vince Cable wants higher taxes on wealthyYesterday evening's ToryDiary

Cameron highlights welfare reform in end-of-term article

Screen shot 2010-08-08 at 08.40.18 "In the case of government there is one area of ingrained waste that outranks all others: welfare and tax credit fraud and error. This costs the government £5.2 billion a year. Many see it as a fact of British life that we have no hope of defeating. I passionately disagree. Simply shrugging our shoulders at benefit fraud is a luxury we can no longer afford — which is why Iain Duncan Smith is working on the radical steps we can take to deal with it." – The Prime Minister writing in The Sunday Times (£)

Osborne faces quadruple trouble with ministersThe Sunday Times (£) suggests the Chancellor is facing particular resistance from Iain Duncan Smith, Liam Fox, Caroline Spelman and Vince Cable

Grant Shapps announces that all new homes must run on green power by 2016 or face £15,000 levy…

Screen shot 2010-08-08 at 08.00.54 "Where planned properties do not reach the highest level 6 standard – where their own green energy production offsets their emissions – developers would be charged a tariff of around £15,000 by the local council to fund infrastructure and local services. Part of this would also include contributing to a "buy-out fund" to pay for the construction of wind farms, solar panels or geothermal technologies in the local area, which would supply the new development with green power… The housing minister, Grant Shapps, said: "We are committed to being the greenest government ever, and an essential part of that is to ensure that all homes in the future will be built without emitting any carbon." – Independent on Sunday

…at the same time he promises a a cash boost for councils that allow development

"Cash bonuses will be given to town halls as part of a pioneering Government bid to get them to build thousands of new homes across Britain. Housing Minister Grant Shapps will tomorrow unveil a revolutionary approach by offering a payment for every new home in the UK. Local authorities will be allowed to use the New Homes Bonus for any purpose they wish, from improving frontline services like rubbish collection, to creating new facilities such as playgrounds or slashing council tax bills for residents." – Sunday Express

"If a council approves 100 average Band D homes, they will raise £863,400 to spend in the local area" – News of the World

Coalition is considering cutting scheme offering free milk for under-5s in nursery or daycare

Screen shot 2010-08-08 at 09.05.28 "Anne Milton set out the proposals in a letter to Scottish public health minister Shona Robison. She said there was no evidence the scheme improved health and it was too expensive to run." – BBC

Top GP backs Andrew Lansley's worries about many Britons recklessly neglecting their health

"Writing in today's Observer,
Field, chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners, backs
the controversial call by Andrew Lansley, the health secretary, for
Britons to take more responsibility for protecting their health. "The
truth is that too many of us neglect our health, and this is leading to
increasing levels of illness and early death," Field writes. Soaring
levels of diabetes, much of it caused by obesity, and the medical
consequences of heavy drinking, which are affecting ever-younger
people, illustrate this widespread failure, he adds."

 Clint Eastwood tells Osborne: make my day and save UK Film Council
The Sunday Times (£)

Sudden-impactJeremy Hunt: I've cut the UK Film Council so that money goes to the industry – The Observer

Putting time limits on council house tenancy would destroy sense of community – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

Nadine Dorries MP also addresses the issue in an article for the Mail on Sunday: "Our message to council tenants should be: ‘Do well and we will let you buy your home.’ Not: ‘Do well and we will kick you out.'"

Fifty communities trying to save their local pubs from closure have been dealt a major blow after the Government scrapped a multi-million pound grant to help fund their plansThe Sunday Telegraph

'Lord Ashcroft is set to deliver a withering verdict on his party’s election performance'

"His report, described as “moderate” in tone, analyses the impact of the party’s targeting of marginal seats and is said to indicate that without the huge resources thrown at such constituencies under Ashcroft’s supervision, Labour could have ended up as the biggest party on election day and might even have won outright." – The Sunday Times (£)

> Hear Lord Ashcroft at this year's Tory conference
> A summary of ConservativeHome's own election review

Zac Goldsmith accuses the Coalition of watering down the promise to 'recall' MPs

Goldsmith-Zac-on-Sunday-AM "What we’re being offered falls far short of true Recall. Instead of
handing the power of Recall down to the voters, the measure will pass
it up to MPs on the Standards and Privileges Committee. Its members
alone will decide if an MP has behaved badly enough to warrant being
‘recalled’.  The terms of reference are to be restricted to ‘serious
wrongdoing’. This is emphatically not a true Recall mechanism and nor
is it worthy of the name. Ironically, it could actually aggregate even
more power at the top by handing this tiny group at Westminster the
power to rid Parliament of troublesome MPs." – Zac Goldsmith MP in the Mail on Sunday

Voters fail to recognise 'invisible' Lib Dem ministers

"Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, who is usually named as one of the country's most popular politicians, was recognised by less than half (43 per cent) of those asked. Only 30 per cent knew what his job was. Danny Alexander, the Lib Dem chief secretary to the Treasury who is responsible for implementing billions of pounds worth of public spending cuts, was only recognised by 16.5 per cent of those questioned, with even fewer knowing his Cabinet title." – The Sunday Telegraph

Liberal Democrat Conference may adopt a policy calling for gay marriageIndependent on Sunday

James Forsyth's extended insider account of life inside the CoalitionMail on Sunday

Neil O'Brien spotlights Britain's failing education system

Obrienneil "A recent CBI survey found that two thirds of employers have trouble recruiting people in science, technology, engineering and maths. At the top end, our leading research universities are underfunded, forcing star scientists and great thinkers to look to America. At the bottom, duff courses are heavily subsidised, meaning that masses of kids are doing courses that are a waste of their time: an essay a term, minimal contact with academics, and a ludicrous drinking culture. There are six universities where between a fifth and a quarter of students drop out every year. Overall, one in 10 of students fail to complete their courses." – Neil O'Brien of Policy Exchange in The Sunday Telegraph

40% chance of double dip recession – Graeme Leach in the News of the World

Ed Miliband under attack from his own party over comments on 'lower benefits for Northerners'Mail on Sunday

A polemic, The Spirit Level, that blames inequality for most troubles in our society has energised Labour – Nick Cohen in The Observer


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