10.30pm Timothy Barnes on CentreRight: Some schools deserve special treatment on BSF cuts

MAY Theresa (blk jacket)5.45pm ToryDiary: Theresa May launches "rapid review" of Labour's counter-terrorism powers

3.30pm Parliament: Four of the new Tory intake call for "reform or abolition" of Early Day Motions

3.15pm WATCH: Darling concedes that Labour would keep George Osborne's Office of Budget Responsibility

1pm WATCH: Election victory was virtually impossible under Brown says Mandelson's memoirs

12.45pm Lee Rotherham on CentreRight is worried about tinkering with the Lords: Peerless

12.30pm ThinkTankCentral: Centre Forum recruits Boles, Tyrie and Willetts to its Board

Cameron-heart-tshirt-2ToryDiary: How Cameron can show more ♥ to his party

George Freeman MP on Platform: Prince Charles is leading the way with a new model of funding rural community regeneration

Harry Phibbs on Local government: Gove's free schools could be scuppered by School Admissions Code

Mark Wallace on Local government: Council officer on £155,000 writes poem on evils of money

Also on Local government: Government condemns LGA's call for higher councillor allowances

Liam Fox: UK 'must keep war fighting edge'

Secretary Liam Fox is to argue for the UK having well-equipped armed
forces, capable of intervening abroad whenever necessary. In a speech
to the Chatham House policy think tank in London, he will say the UK
must retain its "war-fighting edge"." – BBC

"Dr Fox will acknowledge “tough economic times” but say that the SDR
will be “watched closely by our adversaries and allies alike” and that
Britain cannot afford to retreat into isolationism or significantly
curtail its military capabilities if it is to remain credible." – Times (£)

"A clear majority among the general public and leading
opinion-formers wants a cheaper alternative to Britain’s nuclear
deterrent, either by reducing the number of submarines in the system or
scrapping it altogether." – FT (£)

Andrew Lansley's NHS reforms

health secretary announced on Monday that he will scrap the 10
strategic health authorities by 2012 and the 150 primary care trusts by
2013. An independent board will regulate and supervise the hundreds of
new consortia of general practitioners that will take over
commissioning of care." – FT (£)

"Family doctors will have to make life-or-death decisions about how
to treat their patients under one of the biggest upheavals in the
history of the NHS. Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, was accused
of making GPs the “engine of cuts” yesterday after announcing that they
would be given responsibility for organising local health services at
the same time as budgets are set to shrink." – Times (£)

"Mr Lansley proposes the demolition of the administrative structure put
in place by Labour, with the phasing out of strategic health
authorities and primary care trusts. The £80 billion a year for primary
care will go straight to GPs. This is a gamble, since it is by no means
clear how many of the country's 35,000 family doctors have either the
inclination or the expertise to commission the care that their patients
need. Those that have both will do an excellent job; those that have
neither will need a new set of managers to assist them – probably the
same people made redundant by the NHS at considerable cost. The
Government, which has ring-fenced the health budget, believes savings
of £20 billion can be made by 2014 – though every previous reform has
proved to be expensive." – Telegraph leader

Can the Coalition triumph on the public reform battlefield where Tony Blair was beaten? – Fraser Nelson in The Telegraph

This Tory bonfire of food health regulations lets the rich foul the poor with impunity – George Monbiot in The Guardian

The Sun gives its backing to Michael Gove

Secretary Michael Gove gets an early taste of the battle he faces to
free schools from Leftie control. The teaching establishment, egged on
by Labour bully Ed Balls, is ganging up on Mr Gove over his sensible
decision to axe unaffordable school building projects. As the Education
Secretary says, he is clearing up an expensive shambles created by
Bigmouth Balls. Stay strong, Mr Gove. Parents are on your side." – The Sun Says

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: The lessons of The First Battle in The War of the Cuts

Coalition is ready to impose a new supertax on banks

are facing a new multi-billion pound 'supertax' in order to compensate
taxpayers for the vast sums lost in the financial crisis, it emerged
last night. The Treasury is drawing up plans for a 'financial activity
tax' which would hit bankers' bonuses and excessive profits." – Daily Mail

"I can announce that we will consult on a remuneration disclosure
regime in the financial services sector. We are actively looking at the
introduction of a financial activities tax and will explore the costs
and benefits of such a tax on profits and remuneration. We are also
asking the Financial Services Authority to examine further options in
the forthcoming review of its remuneration code. We strongly support
the work of central banks and regulators in developing new global rules
on capital, liquidity and leverage for banks. They must be ambitious,
but phased in a way that supports the economic recovery." – Mark Hoban,
the Financial Secretary to the Treasury in The Guardian

Cable and Osborne summon banks to crisis summit

"I have learned that the chief executives of the major British banks
have been summoned to a meeting later this week with George Osborne and
Vince Cable as the Government intensifies pressure on the industry to
increase lending and reform pay practices." – Mark Kleinman for Sky News

Short jail terms 'meaningless' says CameronDaily Mail

"A system of first and second degree murder could be introduced
after it was revealed Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary, is
“sympathetic” to proposals first raised four years ago. It would mean
an end to mandatory life terms for all murderers because courts would
be allowed to set the length of prison sentences for those guilty of
the lower tier murder." – Telegraph

Why I'm concerned about the direction the Coalition is taking – Norman Tebbit in The Telegraph

Jonathan Steele: Cameron must make the case for talks with the TalibanGuardian

"David Cameron’s signal of a five-year timetable for withdrawing
British troops from Afghanistan risks encouraging the Taliban to step
up their attacks on Western forces, the head of Nato has said." – Telegraph

Andrew Mitchell discusses his ambitions for the UK aid budgetIndependent

The Government opened the door yesterday to stripping peers living abroad of their titles and coats of armsIndependent

Worries about UK growth

& Poor's thinks there is a one-in-three chance that George
Osborne's s austerity budget won't save the UK's top-notch credit
The government could lack the political bottle to push through its
programme of cuts. Or growth could be so mediocre that the tax receipts
won't arrive in time." – Nils Pratley in The Guardian

Doubts over UK private sector grow – Wall Street Journal

You can't trust UK growth statistics – Allister Heath in City AM

BLUNKETT "Peter fell in love with himself at an early age. His tragedy is that he rarely heeds the wise advice he gives others."
– David Blunkett in the Daily Mail

Ed Balls attacks Miliband family

"Ed Balls last night launched an astonishing public attack on Labour
leadership rivals, David and Ed Miliband. The former Schools Secretary
mocked the pair, sons of Marxist intellectual Ralph Miliband, for their
upbringing in Hampstead. “I didn’t sit with senior politicians when I
was eight and nine at north London parties but, you know, that’s a
difference for me. I’m not sure whether it’s a strength or a weakness,”
he said drawing a contrast with his own “provincial” childhood in
Norwich and Nottingham." – Express


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