10.30pm WATCH: Andrew Mitchell promises to squeeze better value for money from aid spending

8pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: Is Britain's national debt the biggest threat to our security?

6pm Robert Halfon MP on CentreRight: The world must support Israel, as if she goes down, we all go down

MITCHELL ANDREW NW3.15pm ToryDiary: "Every day, 25,000 children die of diseases which we absolutely have the power to prevent."

1pm WATCH: We need Trident to protect Britain from nuclear blackmail, says Liam Fox

12.30pm International: Australia's new Labor PM is bolting to the polls

ToryDiary: Cameron to launch a 'Big Society Bank' to invest in new community groups

DitchedToryAd General Election Review: Tories ditched £300,000 election ads that included gay shower scene

Peter Lynas on Platform: We must Keep Sunday Special and reject attempts to liberalise Sunday Trading laws

Local government: Today is the day of the Big Lunch where street parties are being encouraged around the country to promote neighbourliness…

Graeme Archer on CentreRight: "It is unreasonable for the champions of the burqa to pretend that their use is merely some manifestation of liberal orthodoxy, supposedly culturally neutral, rather than a deliberate, petty and offensive message to the un-burqa'ed citizenry."

Immigration minister Damian Green says burka ban would be "unBritish"The Sunday Telegraph

Iain Duncan Smith "at loggerheads" with Treasury over benefit reform plan

DUNCAN SMITH DP "According to one source who has attended meetings between the two
departments, Duncan Smith is not prepared to accept anything less than
wholesale reform of the welfare system… Duncan Smith's central idea is to increase the
"work incentive" by ensuring that there is enough of a financial gain
for people on benefits to work. The difficulty is that the way to
address the issue is either to increase payments to those in work –
which would cost billions – or to withdraw benefits to those out of
work or in the lowest paid jobs – hurting the most vulnerable in
society." – Observer

Andrew Mitchell to announce that 40% increase in Afghan aid is his Department's top priorityBBC

"Mitchell will stress that an aid expansion to Afghanistan from £500m to £700m over the next four years will help the country stand on its own feet – improving stability, the economy and government, and allowing UK troops to come home within David Cameron's target of five years." – Observer

Troops out of Afghanistan by 2014 – Independent on Sunday

David Cameron orders Tory MPs to ensure 20 to 30 of them are in Commons at any one timeThe Sunday Telegraph

Barack Obama in crisis as David Cameron arrives for first state visit Observer

Cameron & Obama Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph reflects on Obama's failure to woo the hard working classes and warns David Cameron against doing the same.

David Cameron and Barack Obama meet this week as leaders embarked upon major reforms – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Cameron takes commercial flight to USA to save money – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

Liam Fox ready to take axe to defence projects

"Liam Fox, the defence secretary, is expected to read the riot act to defence companies this week, demanding they cut costs and warning them that contracts awarded by Labour could be renegotiated. Fox will make his demands in a speech on Tuesday at the Farnborough air show. He is expected to say that the coalition is half-way through its eagerly awaited defence review, and that he is prepared to take a radical approach to achieve savings, including the cancellation of contracts already agreed." – The Sunday Times (£)

'Poorest Scots will suffer most' under Tories' reforms, says SNPScotland on Sunday

Grant Shapps plans to "wipe out" rough sleeping by 2012News of the World

David Green: Ken Clarke is wrong about prison

CLARKE KEN ON ITN "Last week, Kenneth Clarke suggested that crime fell after 1993 not because Michael Howard added 16,000 people to the prison population, but because the government had brought prosperity. "No one can prove cause and effect," he insisted. "The crime rate fell, but was this the consequence of the policies of my successors as home secretary or, dare I gently hint, mine as chancellor… at the beginning of a period of growth and strong employment? We will never know." Actually, Mr Clarke, we already do know. Research by Professor David Farrington of Cambridge University has found that as personal consumption per head increased between 1981 and 1999, so did all types of crime, except vehicle theft and burglary. Prosperity, in other words, is neither the cure for, nor the cause of, crime." – David Green in The Sunday Telegraph

Boris Johnson ready to take DNA test over alleged love childMail on Sunday

Lord Ashcroft buys 23% stake in Dods political publishingThe Sunday Times Atticus column (£)

New Lib Dem MP Tessa Munt in probe over allegedly misclaimed single person council tax discountsMail on Sunday

"It is time for Labour to talk about Gordon. He was not the sole reason for their defeat, but he was an absolutely fundamental one." – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

John Smith's widow, Baroness Elizabeth Smith, backs Ed Miliband – Observer

Does Mandelson still want a job from Cameron?

In the News of the World, Fraser Nelson notes that his book is gentle towards the Conservatives: "He does NOT stick the knife into George Osborne, or reveal what they said over dinner in Corfu. David Cameron once told me the only job he'd give Mandy was "heading a Truth and Reconciliation Commission on New Labour." His memoirs could be an application for that job."

And finally… The cartoonists draw their weapons against Nick Clegg

Clegg-Drawn "Is Nick Clegg already doomed to go down in history as Little Clegg Riding Hood? As David Cameron's Eton fag, as the commanding officer's batman, as little boy lost? Look around and, only a couple of months into coalition cohabitation, you can see rival themes working. But, if you're Clegg, you'll naturally fear what may follow another few months on. Then one image will have trumped the rest. And, then, perhaps, it will begin to do real damage." – Peter Preston in The Observer


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