7pm ToryDiary: The next OBR Chief should publish forecasts that recognise that some tax rises reduce revenue

6.15pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: I see no reason not to have women bishops

Screen shot 2010-07-11 at 09.44.562.45pm WATCH:

Noon ThinkTankCentral: Civitas warns against Lansley's NHS reorganisation plans

ToryDiary: We under-regulated banks in the boom and are over-regulating them in the recovery, warns Redwood

David Amess MP on Platform: It is time for us to actively support the organised Iranian opposition

Cllr Peter Craske on Local government says the challenge of budget cuts should prompt a rethink about what local government is for: Councils should welcome cuts

WATCH: Republican Congressional candidate compares Obama's healthcare plan to slavery and Auschwitz

Fraser Nelson: The cuts aren't being explained properly

Nelson Fraser IDCC "Cameron needs to implement the cuts without cock-ups, almost impossible because of the chaotic government machine. The Irish have adopted Canadian rules: Cut quickly and competently. Don't ringfence anything. Cam is taking a more dangerous path, dripping his cuts over the summer, handled by bungling civil servants, with NHS and aid protected. People accept the need for cuts in principle, as we saw in the warm reaction to last month's Budget. But botched, ill-explained cuts will test a nation's patience to the limit." – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World

In The Observer, Andrew Rawnsley reflects on the school buildfing cuts and the bigger storms to come: "This relatively tiny cut impacting on a very small proportion of the public has handed ammunition to the opposition, aroused much agitation on the government's own side, and forced two apologies from one of the key members of the cabinet. You do not need much imagination to see the opposition that will confront the coalition when they start to implement the big cuts which will impact on large numbers of voters. The turbulence around the education secretary is but a light squall compared to the dark tornadoes of trouble coming over the horizon."

Michael Gove: We will continue to invest in school buildingsBBC

"The under-fire Education Secretary ignored warnings from his senior
officials and "rushed out" an error-strewn list of more than 700 axed
school building projects." – The Sunday Telegraph

"The £216,000-a-year quango chief at the centre of the school cuts
debacle is set to lose his job as Michael Gove, the education
secretary, prepares to face a fresh Commons onslaught. Tim Byles, chief
executive of the body in charge of school building programmes, is being
blamed by Whitehall sources for the series of errors which forced Gove
to make a humiliating Commons apology. A government dossier was passed
to The Sunday Times this weekend drawing attention to the size of
Byles’s salary and the £30m annual cost of his quango’s sprawling
bureaucracy." – The Sunday Times (£)

Ed Balls launches in an article for The Sunday Mirror

> Yesterday evening's ToryDiary: School building WON'T stop under the Coalition

I'm terrified about finding a good state school for my kids – David Cameron in the News of the World

Conservatives 42%, Labour 34%, LDs 17%YouGov

Osborne demands one of the three new EU "super-regulators" be based in LondonSunday Telegraph

Alan Budd's successor will still have to annoy the government to re-establish the OBR's credentialsObserver

Andrew Lansley to cut thousands of jobs in purge of NHS 'bureaucracy'

LansleyOnQT "Andrew Lansley, the health secretary, raises the spectre of heavy job losses in the NHS today as he pledges to cut £1bn a year in "central bureaucracy". The plans include bringing down the axe on several health quangos – it is believed that the Food Standards Agency, which employs 2,000 staff, will be abolished. Lansley says the savings will be equivalent to the salaries of more than 30,000 nurses and will be reinvested in frontline services." – Observer

"The future lies with a combination of state provision and private contribution: that is a lesson that both Britain and the US – coming from polar opposite ends of the debate – need to accept." – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

David Cameron: The UK government will not rest until those responsible for the Srebrenica massacre are brought to justiceBBC

I was too drunk to vote on Budget, confesses Tories' Mr RecklessMail on Sunday

"MPs have been accused of exploiting new expenses rules by prolonging a debate past 1am in order to claim up to £130 each for staying in hotels. It has been called 'the 1am club’… The nine-and-a-half-hour debate also prompted extraordinary scenes at the House of Commons, where MPs were seen by observers “getting very drunk indeed” in subsidised bars before returning to vote in the chamber, where they were accused of being “well-refreshed”." – The Sunday Telegraph

Liam Fox profiled by James Forsyth

FOX-LIAM-C&N "Those who say there are no characters in modern politics have clearly not met Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary. He walks with his shoulders pushed back, primed for verbal combat, ready to put a bit of stick about. In the Right-wing social calendar, Fox's parties, generally graced with an appearance by Baroness Thatcher, are one of the highlights. They draw a very different crowd from Cameroonian lasagne parties. They also require a guest to clear their diary for the next morning." – Mail on Sunday

Alex Salmond urges Cameron to rethink timing of AV vote, thinking it might overshadow devolved issuesBBC

Kenny Farquharson: Toxic Tories must get used to life on fringe

"I understand the frustration of those on the centre-right of Scottish politics. Scots, after all, are a small-c conservative people. But conservatism is not their defining political characteristic. Scots seem happier signing up to concepts of social justice (Labour) or national identity (the SNP), even if they share other instincts with Tories. Maybe the Tories have to face up to an unpalatable truth. At this point in history, the only role for them in Scottish politics is on the fringes." – Kenny Farquharson in Scotland on Sunday

Nick Clegg will take his 57 MPs on an "away day" to address concerns that his support for the Tories may cause irreparable damage to his partyIndependent on Sunday

Matthew d'Ancona: Labour's taunts are pushing the Coalition partners together

"Labour’s taunts are more than compensating for the undoubted tensions within the Coalition. “It’s like a genteel couple on the top deck of a bus being shouted at by a lager lout,” as one senior Tory source puts it." – Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Labour must leave a door ajar for Clegg – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Where was the Robocop police army when 'Mister' Moat was busy selling drugs? – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

Leading doctors want 'fat tax' and cigarette-style warnings on unhealthy foodObserver

Palin will be the Republican nominee – Andrew Sullivan in The Sunday Times (£)

And finally… Lord Forsyth will spend New Year's Eve in -35c temperatures on the planet's most inaccessible mountain

Forsyth Michael QT "The Tory peer once caricatured as the most unpopular man in Scottish politics aims to raise £250,000 for Marie Curie by scaling the 16,077ft Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica… Lord Forsyth of Drumlean's attempt is his third major climb after his ascents five years ago of the 22,831ft Mt Aconcagua in Argentina and Mt Kilamanjaro in Kenya. Friends have already helped Forsyth to raise £130,000, but he is aiming to reach the target of £250,000 by Christmas." – Scotland on Sunday


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