10.15pm ToryDiary: David Davis assails Ken Clarke's prison plans – for the second time in a week

5pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: The 2010 Times Guide to the House of Commons is out – and this year it's mischievous

4pm WATCH: Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss says that a reckless attitude has allowed spending to get out of control under the Obama administration as US national debt hits $13 trillion

3.15pm Jonathan Isaby on CentreRight: Are ticket touts entrepreneurs or criminals?

12.15pm Tory Diary: Many people on benefits want to work – but the system won't let them.

ToryDiary: The 1922 Committee moves to sink AV

WIlliams Susan Susan Williams on Platform: Whether it relates to wearing a crucifix or a niqab, religious freedom must be protected

LeftWatch: Diane Abbott lambasts Ed Balls for his role in "aggravating" the recession

Parliament: Esther McVey and Stephen McPartland address global poverty in their maiden speeches

Local Government:

WATCH: Chilcot Inquiry hears that Tony Blair was waned about long-term damage to the armed forces unless Britain cut troop number in Iraq

Conservative and Labour MPs bid to disrupt voting reform

"Nick Clegg's plan to reform the UK's electoral system was caught in a pincer movement between Conservative backbenchers and elements of the Labour party, who both want to change the date of the referendum and potentially derail it. The executive of the Tory 1922 backbench committee and the shadow justice secretary, Jack Straw, are laying plans to amend the legislation setting up a referendum on 5 May." – The Guardian

"Labour supporters of the current system will also play a prominent
role in the No blitz. They include Labour MPs Ian Davidson, Sir Stuart
Bell and Kelvin Hopkins. The No brigade hope to persuade John Prescott,
the former Deputy Prime Minister, to join them." – The Independent

Eleanor Laing "I
understand why we have to have a
referendum as it was part of the
coalition agreement, which is fair
enough.  But we have not even started to
discuss the terms of the referendum,
the date and the all important
issue of thresholds, which are
normal in a referendum on constitutional
matters." – Eleanor Laing MP quoted in the Daily Mail

"I will certainly oppose a referendum. This isn't the most important
thing facing the country. We have a horrendous deficit, the economy is
in ruins, our troops are fighting wars. We need to get our priorities
right." – Andrew Rosindell MP quoted in The Sun

“While we are honour-bound to support the principle of a referendum, there needs to be a frank and open conversation between the Conservative parliamentary party and the Government about the details, like date and threshold,” said Bernard Jenkin, a Tory MP. Mr Jenkin, who has been asked by the 1922 Committee to marshal opposition, said that timing the referendum to coincide with elections in Scotland and Wales was an obvious attempt to “stoke turnout”. – The Times (£)

Northern Ireland council elections may move to avoid referendum clash – BBC

> Yesterday's coverage on ConHome

Osborne’s cuts yet to slice his popularity

George Osborne Budget Day square "George Osborne was surprised to learn this week that he is the most
popular Conservative chancellor since Ipsos/Mori began testing public
opinion on the issue in the 1970s. But he knows that the warm feeling
may not last. Mr Osborne’s Budget last month heralded £113bn of
spending cuts and tax rises, an austerity package whose necessity seems
to be appreciated by the public, who have yet to see what it means in
practice." – FT

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Tory members approve of most Budget measures

Gove puts brakes on school rebuilds

"Michael Gove, the education secretary, will next week halt plans to rebuild 700 schools largely scattered across Conservative constituencies, in the most politically painful spending cut announced so far. The decision to put the brakes on the bulk of the Building Schools for the Future programme will save more than £1bn a year but infuriate scores of MPs and cost thousands of construction jobs." – FT

Teachers to be able to confiscate mobile phones from disruptive pupilsDaily Telegraph

Sick-note reforms ‘are in danger of collapse’

"The academic behind a new benefits system designed to end Britain’s sick-note culture warns today of an impending crisis if radical changes are not made. He says that ministers should postpone plans to move 2.5 million incapacity benefit claimants on to the new employment and support allowance (ESA) in October until serious errors have been rectified." – The Times (£)

Ministers consider scheme to hand out food vouchers to unemployed

"The government is considering plans to distribute food vouchers to people on the dole as part of a wider drive to empower charities to supplement the support provided by the welfare state." – The Guardian

Theresa May say the Coalition will stick with Labour's Equality Act…

Theresa May Home Secretary "The government is pressing ahead with Labour legislation which could require employers to disclose whether they pay women as much as men. Home Secretary Theresa May said the Equality Act, passed in April, would be implemented next October." – BBC

…as she promises tough action on knife crime

"When we were in opposition we were concerned that although Labour had brought in new legislation relating to knife crime, the maximum sentence had only been used twice. We thought we needed to be tough on those who are committing knife crime. We currently have a review of sentencing taking place, and this will be part of that review, but we want to give a clear message to people that if you go with a knife intending to commit crime, we will deal with you toughly." – Theresa May quoted in The Sun

Government considers options on below-cost alcohol ban

"The Government has put forward four options to ban below-cost selling of alcohol and is planning to take the proposals to a public consultation within weeks, it has been reported." – Press Association

Lord Ashcroft keeps Tories waiting on his departure date

"Lord Ashcroft is keeping David Cameron in the dark about when — or even if — he will resign as Tory deputy chairman… A spokesman for the Conservative Party was initially unable to say whether he remained deputy chairman but later said that he was still in post, and could not say when he would stand down." – The Times (£)

Matthew Parris: Start the double-dip propaganda machine

"What will our Tory-Lib- Dem coalition do by way of public explanation, if it turns out Britain is heading for a double-dip recession? They told us we must make sacrifices for the sake of a better tomorrow: what if it turns out we’re making sacrifices for the sake of a worse tomorrow?" – Matthew Parris in The Times (£)

Tories come out in force for 2010 Pride

LGBT Tory logo "How things change: today, eight years after Alan Duncan became the first Tory MP to come out of his own volition, Nick Herbert, the openly gay Conservative policing minister, will give a speech at Pride London about "how the Tories have come a helluva long way". – The Guardian

"Many gay people are instinctively right of centre. Perhaps it is safe for them to come out as Conservative at last." – Julian Glover in The Guardian

Religious gay "marriage" a step closer Daily Telegraph

Conservatives defend aid spending from rightwing onslaughtThe Guardian

Blair meets Hague over Middle EastPress Association

David Cameron puts more money and resources into Pope’s visit Daily Telegraph

Parliament Square protesters win eviction reprieveThe Guardian

And finally… Texting is the key to Nick Clegg and David Cameron's unlikely alliance

Nick Clegg David Cameron Downing Street "It is a modern relationship — the two leaders frequently sent each other text messages to help keep the coalition ticking over. But beneath the informality is a toughness on both sides… The texts winging back and forth between the Prime Minister and his deputy illustrate how comfortable they have become working together; they also bypass civil servants, who like to keep a record of talks between politicians. The pair use a secure network to avoid hacking." – The Times (£)


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