10.30pm ToryDiary: Liberal Democrats down to just 12%

6.30pm WATCH: David Miliband claims David Cameron's comments about Pakistan have "enraged people"

6pm Local Government: Camden Tories steal Lib Dem placards

12.45pm ToryDiary: Charity Director slams quango for bullying

Screen shot 2010-07-31 at 12.50.43 ToryDiary: Francis Maude declares the Coalition Government as more radical than Thatcher in her first term

Andrew Bridgen MP on Platform: Communities need to be protected from the effects of inappropriate opencast mining – as is already the case in Scotland and Wales

Seats and Candidates: Former MP Angela (now Baroness) Browning to co-chair the Board's Committee on Candidates

Gazette: Two more party vice-chairmen appointed; CCHQ appoints a Chief Operating Officer; More Board sub-committees announced

Local Government:

Mark Field MP on CentreRight: The looming threat of protectionism and just what it tells us about the path ahead

WATCH: Eric Pickles features in a BBC report on his plans to give people power to veto council tax rises  in local referendums

David Cameron to go on road to sell coalition

David Cameron at Cameron Direct "David Cameron is to spend the start of his summer holiday holding public meetings around the country in an attempt to win voters over to the Coalition Government. He will take part in a series of “PM Directs,” based on the successful “Cameron Directs” which he used in Opposition to give ordinary voters the opportunity to grill them on matters important to him. Other ministers, including Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, and his fellow Liberal Democrat, Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, will also be holding a series of public events during August, as part of a drive by the Government to dispel what they see as lingering doubts among the public about the Coalition." – Daily Telegraph

David Cameron is ready to engage with public over cutsThe Times (£)

Pakistan vents its anger at Cameron

"Diplomatic relations with Pakistan were dealt a severe blow last night when its powerful intelligence agency cancelled a visit to London and President Zardari wavered over an official trip to meet David Cameron. “The visit has been cancelled in reaction to the comments made by the British Prime Minister against Pakistan,” a spokesman for the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) told The Times." – The Times (£)

David Cameron's outspoken comments about Pakistan smack of hypocrisy and grandstanding -  Charles Moore in the Daily Telegraph

Cameron's approach to foreign relations is a breath of fresh air – Andrew Grice in The Independent

> WATCH: David Cameron defends his comments about Pakistan's record on "exporting terror"

Liam Fox's Atlantic Bridge forced to suspend activities

Picture 16 "A charity founded by Defence Secretary Liam Fox had to suspend business this week after a damning report by the Charity Commission found it had breached rules on political activity for seven years. Atlantic Bridge, which promotes relations between Thatcherite Tories and American neo-conservatives, was ordered to “cease immediately” all current activities and given a year to change its programme and appoint people from more diverse backgrounds to run its “educational” activities." – Tribune magazine

Tory dining clubs put defiance on the menu

"Soon after 6pm on Monday, September 6, David Cameron may find out just how far his party is prepared to go in support of the coalition government. Conservative backbenchers will congregate in a meeting room behind the Commons debating chamber to determine their response to that evening’s vote on a referendum bill for electoral reform. If they decide en masse to oppose it, or more likely, vote for one or more spoiling amendments, it is likely to bring the government’s first Commons defeat. And it will be largely down to a new spirit of co-operation among the party’s influential dining clubs." – FT

> Recent ToryDiary: The Tory Right in Parliament is getting its act together

Theresa May to roll out Sarah's law alert scheme

Theresa May Home Secretary "A "Sarah's Law" sex offender alert scheme is to be extended across the country, Theresa May, the Home Secretary, will say tomorrow. The scheme, which gives parents the right to check with police if anyone with regular, unsupervised access to their children has a criminal conviction for child sex offences, will initially be spread to half the country after a successful pilot. Parents in 24 police force areas will be eligible by the end of the year with plans for the whole of England and Wales to be covered by next March." – Daily Telegraph

Andrew Lansley accused of U-turn on hospital cutbacks

"Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, has launched a stinging attack on health secretary Andrew Lansley's "U-turn" over his promises to reconsider the possible closure of hospital wards and accident and emergency departments." – The Guardian

Coalition faces Lib Dem revolt on free schools

Michael Gove pensive 2010 "September's Lib Dem conference in Liverpool will be a pretty tame affair, I predict, since most Liberal Democrats are still on cloud nine over the fact they are now in government for the first time in 65 years. The biggest controversy, I reckon, could well be over a motion denouncing Michael Gove's radical policies on free schools and academies. The resolution has been specifically picked by Lib Dem conference organisers for a substantial debate." – Michael Crick of BBC's Newsnight

Theresa Villiers condemns decision by Gove to refuse Academy status to a school in her constituencyThe Guardian

Benefits for workers may be scrapped altogether in welfare revolution

"Ministers are considering scrapping benefits altogether for those who work, under radical proposals unveiled yesterday. They are looking at giving people simple income tax rebates rather than paying them a bewildering array of benefits and tax credits." – Daily Mail

Iain Duncan Smith on Breakfast "At least four Labour work and pensions ministers over the last couple of years thought a single benefit system was an excellent idea, but none of them could get past the challenge of the upfront costs of creating a new system and none of them, I suspect, had the appetite for the huge upheaval. So hats off to Iain Duncan Smith for taking on the challenge and for bringing these ideas forward." – Kate Stanley in The Guardian

"When individuals on benefit take a job the new policy will ensure that they will be at least 25 pence better off for every pound they earn. Superficially it sounds like a good idea. But it is likely to be very costly without achieving its intended effects. Work should be a personal and civic obligation, not something we will only do if we are incentivised by the Government." – David Green in the Daily Telegraph

"There are serious dangers in the Government's overall approach to benefits reform. The Chancellor, George Osborne, has said that he is looking for benefit reform to save considerable sums of money which can then be used to ease the burden on other government departments. But removing disincentives is likely to entail hefty up-front costs. And if it is done on the cheap, the most vulnerable are likely to suffer."  Independent editorial

Why must the middle classes be the hardest hit when his axe falls? – Paul Goodman in the Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: The Treasury holds the key to Iain Duncan Smith's welfare reform plan – the most radical simplification in modern times

> Matthew Sinclair on CentreRight yesterday: Turning aspirations to reform benefits into reality

> WATCH: Iain Duncan Smith explains the thinking behind his plans for welfare reform

The Daily Mail rails at MPs pre-election junkets

Aeroplane "MPs squandered hundreds of thousands of pounds on junkets to exotic
locations during the dying months of the last government, the Daily
Mail can reveal. They travelled to dozens of far-flung locations
including Abu Dhabi, New York and Sao Paulo on ‘fact-finding’ missions
for Commons committees. Ludicrously, many of the most frequent fliers
were on committees whose remit is purely national. MPs on the Welsh
affairs committee, for example, enjoyed an all-expenses-paid trip to
the Baltic ports on ‘digital inclusion’." – Daily Mail

Richard Bennett: The asbo is an icon of New Labour's negligence The Guardian

Simon Heffer: Our overseas aid bill could pay for Trident Daily Telegraph

Boris's bike plan hits the road

"A cycle hire scheme was launched in London yesterday with Mayor Boris Johnson hailing it as a "new dawn for the bicycle in the capital". The Barclays Cycle Hire project has 400 docking stations across central London which store 6,000 bikes in total." – The Sun

> Yesterday in Local Government: Boris launches cycle hire scheme

> WATCH: Boris Johnson talks to Sky News about London's new bike hire scheme

Politicians to face criminal trial over expenses claims

"Three former Labour MPs and a Conservative peer face criminal trials over alleged expenses fraud after the Appeal Court ruled that parliamentary privilege could not protect them from prosecution. David Chaytor, Elliot Morley, Jim Devine and Lord Hanningfield had argued that their cases should "lie within the hands of Parliament". – The Independent

Prescott doubted 'tittle-tattle' in Iraq invasion intelligenceThe Guardian

> WATCH: Lord Prescott tells the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War he was nervous about the limited nature of the intelligence on Iraq's weapons

And finally… How the EU forces us to fly its flag

EU-FLAG "Whitehall has finally admitted that it is forced by law  -  on pain of fines  -  to boost European Union propaganda and fly the European flag. Until now, civil servants have been coy about confessing we may not even choose nowadays which flags to run up our state flagpoles. The Coalition is proving far more open about such matters. William Hague wants everyone to know about this outrage. His Foreign Office this week disclosed that we are compelled to fly the European flag, and promote the EU logo, owing to something called EC Regulation 1828/2006, Articles 7(2) and 9." – Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail


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