7.15pm ThinkTankCentral: ExxonMobil funds climate change sceptics

4pm ToryDiary: Cameron defines his Big Society "passion"

2pm Lee Rotherham on CentreRight: Estonia's government are rushing headlong into the fire, charging into the Eurozone with unparalleled and unfathomable zealotry

1pm Tim Yeo MP on Platform: The Coalition should introduce Personal Carbon Trading

6a00d83451b31c69e20133f26371f3970b-150wi12.45pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: Why France, and Philip Hollobone, are wrong on the Burka Ban

11am Paul Goodman's Memo to Ed Miliband on LeftWatch: Don't make Balls your Shadow Chancellor

10.45am Charlie Elphicke MP on CentreRight: Big Society could be really… Big

ToryDiary: Five tests for Cameron on delivering real social justice

Tony Lodge on Platform: How developing countries can help themselves and boost UK energy security

Roger Helmer MEP on CentreRight: Why France, and Philip Hollobone, are right on the Burka Ban

Steve Baker MP on CentreRight: Much needed health reforms will positively challenge private hospitals and trade unions

ThinkTankCentral: Volume of hate legislation is threatening freedom of speech, warns Civitas

Screen shot 2010-07-18 at 22.45.26 WATCH: Abbott promises to stop taxes and "stop the boats" in first election broadcast of the Auistralian election campaign

Damian Green confirms Coalition's ambition to cut net immigration to tens of thousands

"Today sees the introduction of the first ever limit on immigration into the UK. It is a small but historic step forward towards reducing the tensions surrounding immigration policy. For too long we had a Government in denial about the effects of unlimited immigration. The current Government is taking a more balanced approach, recognising the benefits of immigration but ensuring that the levels of immigration do not place a strain on our public services or the ability of individual communities to cope with change." – Damian Green in The Telegraph

David Cameron will seek to forge a “realistic, sensible and practical” relationship with President Obama

"The Prime Minister will aim to recast the special relationship away from what he regards as the “needy” approach of the Blair-Brown years into one focused more on results." – Times (£)

Freeing Megrahi 'wrong', Cameron will tell Obama – Independent

The Daily Mail calls on Cameron to fight for Gary McKinnon in his talks with Obama.

Cameron's two-day US visit also includes meetings with Joe Biden, John McCain and Nancy Pelosi – Guardian

Ministers turn their attention to cutting old and superfluous quangosTimes (£)

Caroline Spelman under fire for making feminist case for the burqa

Burkas "I don't, living in this country as a woman, want to be told what I can and can't wear. I've been out to Afghanistan and I think I understand much better as a result of actually visiting why a lot of Muslim women want to wear the burka. It is part of their culture, it is part of understanding that they choose to go out in the burka and I think those that live in this country, if they choose to wear a burka, should be free to do so. We are a free country, we attach importance to people being free and for a woman it is empowering to be able to choose each morning when you wake up what you wear." – Caroline Spelman in the Daily Mail

"Caroline Spelman described being able to chose to wear the burka as "empowering". For many Muslim women, forced to cover themselves on some spurious religio-cultural grounds, this is the one thing it isn't. Some choose to do so; many others are required to. That is not empowerment." – Telegraph leader

Britain trails China in dash to 'Green Gold' economy, warns Tim Yeo MP

Yeo-Tim "Yeo
says in an interview it is a great mistake to assume China is
"completely off the page" on climate change. "They are using this
period furiously, while their economy is growing, to invest in
low-carbon technology. They are rolling out a high-speed rail network
in very short order, so that will cut the demand for domestic flights
in China; they are investing quite heavily in renewable energy; they
have got quite demanding vehicle standards; they have a quite
impressive tree planting programme." – Guardian

Green Gold: the case for raising our game on climate change – Tim Yeo in The Telegraph

Jeremy Hunt is Number 9 in The Guardian's list of 100 powerful mediacrats

HUNT JEREMY NW "A passionate advocate of local city television, Hunt appointed Lazard banker Nicholas Shott to oversee a review of local broadcasting. He ruled out privatising Channel 4 and reluctantly backed controversial anti-piracy measures passed as part of the Digital Economy Act, saying to block them would cause too much damage to the creative industries." – Guardian

Mail Editor Paul Dacre is Number 13 in The Guardian's list: "A longtime admirer of Gordon Brown – even though he stood for many of the things that Mail readers hate – Dacre spared the former prime minister the sort of personal attacks that he was subjected to in the Sun. If it took a while for Dacre to warm to the Tories under Cameron, whom he was said to "dislike viscerally", then its attitude to Clegg remains ice-cold."

Downing Street Communications Head, Andy Coulson, is Number 32: "The
last time Andy Coulson appeared on this list we said he had made the
Conservative party electable again. Well, we were almost right. Despite
failing to win an outright majority David Cameron made it to No 10 and
Coulson followed him as Downing Street's new director of
communications, earning more than Cameron's deputy, Nick Clegg." – Guardian

Save Aunty Beeb from Jeremy the Philistine – Janet Street Porter in The Daily Mail

The real issue for Mr Hunt in 2012 is not the level of the licence fee, but its survivability – David Elstein in The Times (£)

> Saturday's ToryDiary: Jeremy Hunt puts the BBC on notice that it should expect the licence fee to be cut next year

Whitehall 'unhappy' at Eric Pickles' policy on household waste

Pickles "Mr Pickles annoyed officials in Defra, the environment department, within weeks of arriving in his post at the Department of Communities and Local Government by announcing an end to “bin taxes” and fortnightly recycling." – FT (£)

Grant Shapps saves £15m by axeing local government 'opinion surveys'Telegraph

Gove rushes Academies Bill past MPs Press Association

Millions more to wait to 68 for pension as government speeds up plans to raise retirement ageDaily Mail

'Betsy told me it was cancer; her words took my breath away'

Iain Duncan Smith talks for the first time about his wife's illness in an interview for The Daily Mail.

Vince Cable accuses banks of "ripping off" customers on unauthorised overdraftsExpress

Ed Miliband raised £8,000 in low value contributions in 24 hour online fundraiserTelegraph

The Commons is being revitalised under the Coalition and John Bercow – Julian Glover in The Guardian

And finally… Can bald people succeed in politics?

"Forget about race and gender: baldness is the real victim of prejudice today, the last taboo, if you will. And now that politics is such a televisual event, I'm afraid baldies have no chance – something Silvio Berlusconi knows, he of the possible hair transplant and of the definite combover. The man might be rich enough to buy the country, but even he knew there is not enough money in the world to buy off the baldism of the people." – Hadley Freeman in The Guardian


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