5.15pm ToryDiary: George Osborne wants your ideas on how to cut the deficit

4.30pm Mark Wallace on CentreRight: The Sunday Trading laws should be abolished outright

4pm LeftWatch: The Green Party seeks state funding of political parties

2.45pm Parliament: Aidan Burley and Rehman Chishti discuss anonymity for those accused of rape in their maiden speeches

2.15pm Seats and Candidates: John Lamont MSP re-adopted for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire at next year's Scottish Parliament election

1.45pm ToryDiary: This Coalition will break down or drift Leftwards

Picture 121pm WATCH: David Cameron holds a web conference with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg about how the site's users can help come up with ways of saving public money

12.30pm Local Government update: Labour gain Welsh council seat from Independent in last of yesterday's council by-election results

11.45am Parliament: New Tory MPs raise concerns about the Government's proposal to grant anonymity to those accused of rape

9.45am Alex Deane on CentreRight notes three worthy early day motions

9.30am Local Government: No seats changed hands in yesterday's council by-elections

ToryDiary: The Tory Right in Parliament is getting its act together

Andrew Lansley wins Treasury battle – and revives GP fundholding

Picture 11 Also in ToryDiary: Andrew Mitchell has a solid plan to get more and more of UK aid to the poorest, hungriest people of the world

Stephen Crabb MP on Platform: Conservative volunteers with Project Umubano are leaving a lasting legacy in Rwanda – and you could still join us this summer

Seats and Candidates: First six candidates selected for next year's Scottish Parliament elections

Parliament: George Freeman contests that statist centralisation and dependence on the Whitehall handout has failed Norfolk in his maiden speech

Local Government:

Steve Baker MP on CentreRight:
A political economy popquiz

WATCH: William Hague calls on Iran not to stone to death a woman convicted of adultery

Cameron and Osborne set up another website for public to wield axe

Cameron and Osborne "David Cameron will today ask voters to direct the axe over public spending, calling on them for ideas on where to make cuts. The Prime Minister and Chancellor George Osborne will unveil a 'spending challenge' website where the public can provide evidence of waste and inefficiency." – Daily Mail

"We are asking everyone across the country to send in their views and ideas. Where is the waste? Is there anything we could be doing more cheaply? What are we doing well? Go to to contribute your ideas. It is open from today until the end of August. Your ideas will help us decide how to save money." – George Osborne writing in The Sun

Michael Gove apologises to council leaders over school rebuilding list errors

"Education Secretary Michael Gove has apologised to council leaders over mistakes on a list of schools affected by building cuts. The mistakes meant schools thought their plans would go ahead only for them to find out later that they would not. Mr Gove "apologised unreservedly" to council leaders meeting in Bournemouth, saying he was sorry for the confusion." – BBC

Axed school construction projects could cost government millions in legal fees The Guardian

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Gove cuts bureaucracy and bureaucracy undermines Gove

David Willetts to explain how science aids the economy

WILLETTS DAVID NW "Science Minister David Willetts is to say that there is an economic case for Britain to have a strong research base. In his first major speech on science at the Royal Institution, Mr Willetts is to argue the case for scientific research in an age of austerity. Under the previous government spending on science doubled in real terms." – BBC

Tory Right-wingers in 1922 committee probe 'our election flop'

"Conservative Right-wingers have launched a review of the party's election campaign, branding it a failure because the Tories failed to win an overall majority. In a challenge to David Cameron's authority, the backbench 1922 Committee will hold its own inquiry in parallel with a review being carried out by party bigwigs." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Graham Brady launches inquiry into General Election result

Tory lead now 7% over Labour Latest YouGov poll

Theresa May tightens stop and search criteria

Theresa May Home Secretary "The controversial use of counter-terrorism stop and search powers will be subjected to stricter conditions, Home Secretary Theresa May has said. Police will not be allowed to use the powers to stop and search individuals unless they "reasonably suspect" them of being a terrorist, she said." – Press Association

> Alex Deane yesterday on CentreRight reacted to Theresa May's statement on Stop and Search

Cameron will need political will to reform Whitehall

"Wielding power is far more seductive than giving it away; effecting this revolutionary new approach to government will require every ounce of political will that Mr Cameron can muster." – Daily Telegraph editorial

"Mr Cameron has to answer a question with which Labour grappled repeatedly while failing to produce a solution. What happens when key public services fail – and indeed fail as a result of choice and competition taking their business away. Does the state bail them out, close them, sell them, or get them taken over? If so, by whom? And what happens to the service in the meantime?" – Nicholas Timmins in the FT

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Cameron rolls Thatcher revolution on

Coalition tells top suppliers to cut the cost of services

MAUDE FRANCIS 2 "Francis Maude, the minister for the Cabinet Office, yesterday hauled in the bosses of blue-chip companies and asked them to cut the cost of the services they provide to the government… Maude told the bosses to prepare for a round of tough negotiations, designed to reduce the amount the government pays to private suppliers and contractors." – City AM

OBR under new pressure for cutting job loss forecast before Osborne's budget

"The government's new tax and spending watchdog was plunged into fresh controversy last night after it was revealed that the Office for Budget Responsibility slashed its forecasts for expected job losses from George Osborne's austerity package in the days leading up to last month's budget." – The Guardian

Female Tory MPs join attack on Government’s ‘rapist’ anonymity planThe Times (£)

Martin Kettle: Cameron has been good for Britain

"In these first weeks even opponents should concede that Cameron has played a blinder. He is showing himself as potentially the best all-round prime minister of the modern era. Labour's hopefuls should learn from him. No doubt about it, Cameron wins this season's political golden boot." – Martin Kettle in The Guardian

> Last night's ToryDiary: Cameron is "potentially the best all-round Prime Minister of the modern era"

Bagehot: William Hague is the McKinsey Foreign Secretary

William Hague happy 2 "Reputations can deceive. Consult those who know or work with him, and Hague-as-John Bull dies a quick death. Indeed, some are bewildered that so many have got him so wrong for so long. The man they know is more Parisian enarque than Rotherham tub-thumper: a supreme manager, a master of detail, a setter and getter of goals, but hardly a visionary. Indeed, he has a cool, MBA’s wariness of passions and worldviews." – Bagehot in The Economist

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: William Hague is not Right-wing

Steve Richards: The convulsive power of referendums

"The past is an unreliable guide. No one knows what will happen next,
and looking back for a route map is treacherous. There is, though, a
significant exception to this rule. Britain's only national referendum,
held in 1975, provides important lessons as leading players contemplate
a second national plebiscite next May." – Steve Richards in The

Clegg plans to soothe his MPs as voters feel pain of Budget cuts

"Nick Clegg will next week urge restive Liberal Democrat MPs to hold their nerve and show discipline when faced with public anger over the swingeing cuts being driven through by the coalition government. The Deputy Prime Minister is holding an “away day” for all 57 Liberal Democrat MPs in an attempt to rally morale among backbenchers uneasy about the austerity package facing the country." – The Independent

Vince Cable on collision course with business after attack on fat cat payThe Times (£)

Quentin Letts watches (fake) ermine-clad Lord Prescott take his seat in the Upper House

Picture 8 "He may once have attacked the Lords for its 'flunkery and titles' but here he was, spooning privilege into his pelican beak. Nothing's too good for a class warrior. Three hundred quid a day for doin' nowt…  Pauline  -  her ladyship  -  was upstairs, watching from under a broad, black, Ascot-races hat. The Cleopatra of Humberside had been given a paint job. Her eyelashes were so heavy with lacquer that her upper face must have muscles like Charles Atlas." – Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail

> WATCH: John Prescott takes his seat in the House of Lords

Millions to see private sector pensions reducedDaily Telegraph

Ed Miliband backs Kenneth Clarke over shorter jail termsThe Guardian

Clamour grows for non-dom peers to give up their titlesThe Independent

And finally… The World Cup final a challenge to Nick Clegg's other coalition

Miriam and Nick Clegg "Tensions will run high in the Deputy Prime Minister's house this Sunday evening when the Netherlands take on Spain in the World Cup final. Nick Clegg's wife, Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, who was born in the Spanish village of Olmedo, north-west of Madrid, will naturally be cheering on her homeland, along with her two football-mad eldest sons, Antonio, eight, and Alberto, five… But there will be no footballing coalition around the Clegg family television: instead Mr Clegg hopes it will be the Dutch captain, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, who will lift the Jules Rimet trophy in Johannesburg. Although he married a Spaniard – and speaks the language at home with the family – Mr Clegg is, as he puts it, "biologically half-Dutch". – The Independent


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