7.00pm ToryDiary: David Cameron writes an end of term report

6.15pm WATCH: William Hague reflects on his visit to Herat in Afghanistan

3.45pm Matthew Sinclair on CentreRight: Turning aspirations to reform benefits into reality

2.45pm Local government: Council byelection results from yesterday

2.45pm ToryDiary: David Cameron's most important pronouncement from last night's BBC documentary

Picture 121.30pm WATCH:

12.45pm Seats and Candidates: Russell George to stand in Montgomeryshire at the Welsh Assembly election

11.45am Local government: Boris launches cycle hire scheme

10.30am WATCH: Iain Duncan Smith explains the thinking behind his plans for welfare reform

Iain Duncan Smith speaking

ToryDiary: The Treasury holds the key to Iain Duncan Smith's welfare reform plan – the most radical simplification in modern times

Alec van Gelder and Timothy Cox on Platform: Opening up markets to competition will improve Africans' access to life-changing communications technology (whereas Western aid propping up telecommunications monopolies will not)

Local Government:

LeftWatch: Latest YouGov poll suggests David Miliband will still beat his brother for the Labour leadership



Osborne tells Fox he will have to find the money for Trident from the Defence Budget

Liam Fox Defence Secretary "Liam Fox has lost the first big battle of the Government’s spending review after George Osborne refused to help pay for a replacement for the Trident nuclear system. Mr Fox, the Defence Secretary, has been waging semi-public hostilities in Whitehall that have been aimed at forcing the Treasury to meet the start-up costs of a new nuclear deterrent. But Mr Osborne made clear yesterday that Mr Fox would have to find the money — about £20 billion over several years — from his own budget." – The Times (£)

"Defence sources have warned that the decision could lead to Britain’s nuclear deterrent being downgraded. In recent weeks Dr Fox has warned that the defence budget will be crippled if it is forced to pay the full cost of Trident." – Daily Mail

"Defence Secretary Liam Fox has warned of the risk of a "new nuclear arms race" as he defended the renewal of Trident as the most cost-effective way of maintaining Britain's deterrent." – Press Association

RAF Tornado fleet 'faces axe' in bid to save £7.5 billionDaily Mail

Fox to appoint retired judge to head new inquiry into Chinook crashDaily Record

David Miliband attacks Cameron over Pakistan comments

"David Cameron was yesterday accused of being a "loudmouth" by David Miliband, the former foreign secretary and Labour leadership contender, over his claims that elements of the Pakistani state are responsible for exporting terrorism abroad." – The Guardian

David Cameron defends 'frank' comments about PakistanBBC

> WATCH: David Cameron defends his comments about Pakistan's record on "exporting terror"

Lib Dems fear guilt by association with Osborne

Picture 10 "Liberal Democrat ministers have warned that the Conservatives will inflict lasting political damage to Nick Clegg's party if voters think the coalition Government is relishing the task of cutting public spending. Although the Cabinet has agreed to try to blame the cuts on its inheritance from Labour, senior Lib Dems are worried that some Tory politicians – including George Osborne, the Chancellor – give the impression they are on a Thatcherite mission to shrink the state." – The Independent

Clegg ally warns Osborne to tread carefully over cuts The Herald

It now seems almost certain that Labour did NOT promise the Lib Dems voting reform without a referendum. So who lied to who?

"For many Conservative MPs  -  even those who have found themselves pleasantly surprised by how well the Coalition Government is working  -  the question has become all- consuming as they face the prospect of just such a referendum next May. Mystery surrounds the seismic events that unfolded on Monday, May 10  -  the day when Mr Cameron finally persuaded his party to back a deal with the Lib Dems that included voters getting the chance to decide whether Britain should adopt the alternative vote electoral system." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Nick Clegg seems to clear David Cameron of the charge of having lied to the '22 in order to form the Coalition

> Highlights from BBC2's review of the Coalition negotiations

Backbench Tory rebellion on AV referendum growing

BALLOT BOX 1 "The Tory backbench rebellion against electoral reform gathered pace yesterday, amid renewed claims that David Cameron was bounced into promising a referendum on the alternative vote system. More Conservative MPs are planning to oppose the referendum on changing the voting system for national elections, with their numbers now at 54." – Daily Mail

David Cameron looks to reassure backbenchers with letter of thanks

"David Cameron has reached out to disgruntled Tory MPs by writing an end-of-term letter in which he hails the coalition agreement for delivering key Conservative policies. Amid rising discontent, particularly on the right of the party, the prime minister thanked his MPs for their support as he reeled off a series of Conservative manifesto commitments now being delivered." – The Guardian

Cameron: I'm True Grit, not BrokebackThe Sun

Over 150 schools apply to become Academies

"About 150 top schools in England have applied to become academies. The schools want to opt out of council control and become funded by central government. The government had previously said about 2,000 schools had expressed an interest. It is thought dozens of schools will convert in September." – BBC

"Michael Gove, the education secretary, faced renewed attacks today when it emerged that only 153 schools had applied to become academies – despite his claims that more than 1,000 had done so." – The Guardian

A-Level reforms may cut number of pupils taking mathsPress Association

Second home owners to lose tax breaks Daily Telegraph

Extremist who egged and abused Baroness Warsi is jailed

Warsi egged "A Muslim convert who pelted a Tory peer with eggs was jailed for six weeks yesterday. Gavin Reid, 23, targeted Baroness Warsi as Islamic extremists shouted abuse at her, including 'Cameron's bitch', in a 'planned and deliberate' confrontation." – Daily Mail

Jeff Randall's end-of-term report on the new class at Cabinet College

"Cable V – Exceptionally sulky. Clearly unhappy with new classmates; Clarke K – Mature student. Bad influence. Likes to smoke behind the bicycle sheds; Laws D -  Problem child. Expelled after pilfering petty cash from the tuck shop." – Jeff Randall in the Daily Telegraph

Paul Goodman: Which putative Labour leader would worry Tories the most?

"The leadership of the people's party, in a triumph of the hereditary principle, is being fought out between two scions of Labour's intellectual aristocracy. It's tempting to compare and contrast, but the task to be accomplished is within the grasp of either. Blair said of the Tory 2005 leadership contest that the candidates' backstory didn't matter, but where they were going did. What matters isn't which brother wins, it's whether either can beat this coalition by creating an electoral force with the breadth of the one that Blair used to crush the Tories for 13 years." – Paul Goodman writing for The Guardian

Boris Johnson to launch London's new bike hire scheme this morningPress Association

Big spender Boris should spend a little less on Londoners like me – Simon Jenkins in The Guardian

And finally… Has anyone seen the key to Ken Clarke's red box?

CLARKE HAPPY "Lord Chancellor Ken Clarke was forced to admit losing the key to his red box containing official papers as he took a day off to watch cricket at Trent Bridge. Mr Clarke said that officials at the Ministry of Justice would suspect him of faking the loss so he could enjoy the first day of England's Test match against Pakistan. But in a message to staff via BBC Radio's Test Match Special, he assured them: ''If they are in the office listening to this programme – honestly, if they send the key, I will do the papers tonight.'' – Daily Telegraph


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