6.30pm Parliament: Nicky Morgan and Gavin Williamson stress the
importance of manufacturing as Kwasi Kwarteng uses his maiden speech to
accuse Labour MPs of being in "never-never land"

6.15pm Parliament: Robin Walker and Mark Pawsey pay tribute to the fathers in whose parliamentary footsteps they are following

5.30pm Parliament: In their maiden speeches Sajid Javid makes the
case for sound public finances and low taxation as Nadhim Zahawi argues
against increasing capital gains tax

4pm Melanchthon on CentreRight: Is Diane Abbott really a diversity candidate?

3.30pm International: Palin's Republican women triumph in primary contests

12.45pm LeftWatch update: Diane Abbot confirmed as nominated Labour leadership candidate

StGeorge2204_468x75012.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron promises protection of NHS budget, equalisation of constituency size and for St George's flag to fly over Downing Street during World Cup

10.30am ToryDiary: Should David Cameron defend BP?

10am On CentreRight:

9.45am Rolling LeftWatch blog for the day nominations close for the Labour leadership race; John McDonnell withdraws from race, backing Diane Abbott


ToryDiary: The state of the Conservative Right

Eamonn Butler on Platform: Ten international lessons on how to defeat the deficit

CLARK GREG OFFICIAL Local government: Councils to be empowered to reject garden grabbing

International: First Britain… then the Czech Republic… and now the Dutch are set to vote for fiscal conservatism

Nadine Dorries MP on Parliament: Why I want to chair the Health Select Committee

Sally McNamara on CentreRight: Cameron must say no to Europe pre-approving UK budgets

Alex Deane on CentreRight: Teaching children about Christianity should be a central part of British education – not marginalised, as Ofsted reports is happening currently


George Osborne outlines tough spending outlook

OsborneInCommons "Cuts in departmental spending, including some in welfare, tax credits and pensions, will total more than 15-20% through this parliament, the cabinet was warned today by George Osborne. It was the first time the government had formally said its fundamental review would look at the £280bn covered by those areas. The chancellor insisted the spending cuts presented "the great national challenge of our generation"." – Guardian

Government plans to cut the deficit 'distinctly weak', says Fitch ratings agency – Telegraph

"My once-in-a-generation cut? The armed forces. All £45bn of them." – Simon Jenkins in The Guardian

The Coalition should know what to do with the deficit without asking the public – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

"It is starting to look as if Osborne is serious about cuts – let us hope he is equally serious about creating a pro-growth tax system that allows the private sector to take the place of the retreating state." – Allister Heath in City AM

David Cameron invites a 'double-dip recession' if he insists on Greek
medicine for Britain's deficit – Danny Blanchflower and Elias
Papaioannou in The Telegraph

"A serious plan for reducing the deficit would include fostering a recovery and hiking taxes." – Guardian leader

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: George Osborne sets out how the Government's Spending Review will be conducted

Baroness Noakes, part of George Osborne's team until last month, attacks CGT rise Telegraph

Ministers will accelerate requirements for many immigrants marrying UK citizens to prove they have a command of EnglishBBC

Screen shot 2010-06-09 at 07.25.04 The Express quotes Theresa May on the policy: "I believe being able to speak English should be a prerequisite for anyone who wants to settle here. The new English requirement for spouses will help promote integration, remove cultural barriers and protect public services. It is a privilege to come to the UK and that is why I am committed to raising the bar for migrants and ensuring that those who benefit from being in Britain contribute to our society.”

British troops to stay in Helmand: Fox rules out a move to join new offensiveDaily Mail

David Cameron criticised for not making announcements to Parliament first

"David Cameron criticised Gordon Brown as 'a Prime Minister who
talks about restoring the authority of Parliament but is still going
around making policy announcements on the radio'. True enough, but
who's he to talk? His coalition has leaked the Queen's Speech, an
announcement on specific spending cuts and now Andrew Lansley's health
reforms before airing them in Parliament. Guy Fawkes might as well have
blown the place up for all its relevance now." – Daily Mail

David Willetts issues new guidelines for ministers to respect independent scientific advice

4624547316_9fb7da38c0 "Ministers have been told to respect independent scientific advice and to base more decisions on sound evidence, in a drive to transform the Government’s relationship with science. Principles that give expert advisers the right to disagree publicly with government policy have been incorporated into the code of practice for ministers, in an effort to repair the damage caused by the sacking of David Nutt as the chief drugs adviser. David Willetts, the Science Minister, told The Times that he had pressed for the step, both to reassure scientists of their value and to ingrain evidence-based policymaking in Whitehall." – Times

"Some “red Tories” hate the supermarkets. I don’t. I’m a Tesco Tory. A Ryanair Tory. A Sky Sports Tory" – Tim Montgomerie in The Times

"The Government should persuade Sir Terry that his next job is as chief executive of the NHS." – Times leader

Retiring or defeated MPs paid £10.5m 'golden goodbyes'Independent

And finally… Maggie is back!

Screen shot 2010-06-09 at 06.45.34 "The return of Lady Thatcher will make the most impression on jittery
financial markets. She was only glimpsed briefly on Sky News and, at
84, is past her prime. But even a glimpse will allow impressionable
bankers to sleep more soundly at night. Mother is back! She will save
us!" – Michael White in The Guardian

Yesterday's ToryDiary + Video + More photographs.

And finally 2… The Commons team that beat the Lords team in yesterday's annual tug-o-war charity contest

112706359 The match had to be retaken after it was discovered that on their firest victory the Commons had one too many tuggers on their side! They won fair and square in the re-match.


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