10pm WATCH: If Britain does not control its borrowing it will be on the "road to ruin", warns Osborne

8.15pm Steve Baker MP on CentreRight: Labour's legacy is a choice between unpleasant cuts in public spending, a sovereign debt crisis or currency debasement

Angela3.45pm Gazette (updated with tribute from Sayeeda Warsi): Former Tory MP Angela Rumbold has died

3.45pm About ConservativeHome: Introducing Paul Goodman

12.15pm Martin Sewell on CentreRight reflects on the White House's attack on the BP CEO for taking a day off with his son: Churchill painted, Blair played tennis, Macmillan famously went to bed with a Trollope (as did all of the Kennedys)

10am ToryDiary: George Osborne appoints former Labour Cabinet minister, John Hutton, to advise on public sector pensions

ToryDiary: The sun is shining on the UK economy and on the Conservatives, says Fraser Nelson

David Alexander on Platform: Increasing the tax on insurance would be a tax on prudent behaviour and send the wrong signal to responsible people

ThinkTankCentral: 'How to save the NHS £12bn in one year without stopping a single operation'

Adam Breeze on Local government: Time to privatise ‘Place Marketing’

David Cameron encourages whole nation to celebrate Armed Forces Day

Logo-afd-header "There is huge respect for the Armed Forces community out there, and I want that expressed more loudly and more proudly. As someone once said, silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone – so next Saturday I hope we see an explosion of red, white and blue all over the country. The truth is there is no hope of properly repaying our Armed Forces for the work they do, either through money or resources or gratitude. But we – as a country and as a government – must always do our best to show our thanks and our pride in them; just as they have always done their best by us." – David Cameron in The Sunday Telegraph

Click here to learn more about next Saturday's Armed Forces Day.

"David Cameron is to conduct job interviews for candidates to be the new head of the armed forces, a move unprecedented in modern times."The Sunday Times (£)

Article-1129817-05F458BC0000044D-69_233x423 The News of the World thinks the job has already been allocated: "General Sir David Richards [pictured] will become Chief of Defence Staff in the Autumn when Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup steps down. The man who saved Sierra Leone from a bloody coup and genocide and orchestrated a daring SAS raid to free British troops who had been captured by rebels is already close to the PM. In fact, his daughter worked as the Prime Minister’s diary secretary before he went to Number 10."

Osborne will cut welfare deeply but protect education, defence, transport according to Observer

"The chancellor believes that, by slashing the £180bn-a-year welfare bill, he can help protect spending in other areas, such as education, defence and transport, as well as safeguarding capital projects vital to the economy… The coalition government hopes to soften the impact of deep reductions in public spending – and deflect criticism from those who say the cuts will put economic recovery at risk – by presenting a parallel growth strategy for the public sector, based on safeguarding infrastructure projects, education reform and tax incentives for business." – Observer

Leader-writers at The Sunday Times (£) argue that there is plenty of fat to cut: "The advocates of big government would have you believe all that is spent on caring nurses, dedicated teachers and brave soldiers. The reality, as everybody knows, is that much of it is wasted on ridiculous public sector “non-jobs”, low productivity, pointless schemes and initiatives, benefits to those who should not need them and a culture of irresponsible use of other people’s money. Public spending is 48% of gross domestic product. The chancellor’s aim should be to get it well below 40%."

Get ready for £10bn in tax rises

1-homepage-carousel__36765aSunday Times graphic >>

"More than £10 billion of new taxes are to be unveiled by George Osborne this week in an emergency budget that risks making him the most unpopular chancellor for 30 years. Osborne will announce rises in Vat and capital gains tax on top of the Labour increases in National Insurance already in the pipeline. Alcohol and tobacco duty will also increase, along with the tax on air travel, as the chancellor seeks to close the £155 billion hole in the public finances." – The Sunday Times (£)

We will accept tax rises if they are truly fair – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

Osborne will unveil NI help for new businesses

"A new three-year scheme will see any company set up outside London and the South East not paying NI for the first 10 people it gives a job to for a year" – BBC

And Alistair Darling pre-buts…

"At the core of Tuesday's budget I expect the VAT rise the Tories always planned, cuts in benefits for which they have no mandate, and a fiscal policy that undermines fragile growth. An old-fashioned Tory budget, with compliant Liberals providing the walk-on part for the "new politics"." – Alistair Darling in The Observer

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Cameron and Clegg will jointly sell 'toughest budget for thirty years'

Osborne lunched with four former Chancellors at Number 11The Sunday Telegraph

Liberal Democrat MP Bob Russell: Only 'right-wing' LibDems got senior jobs from Tories

"A group of Liberal Democrat MPs say they are prepared to join forces with Labour and oppose big cuts in State benefits. Liberal Democrat MP Bob Russell told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I am not going to walk away from the people I have been fighting for for the past 40 years… Mr Russell said he was concerned that, with the exception of Vince Cable, most of the Liberal Democrats in senior ministerial positions were Right-wingers and not from the traditional social-liberal wing of the party." – Mail on Sunday

Nick Clegg sees off Simon Hughes plan to create LibDem 'shadow cabinet' – Sunday Express

In the Independent on Sunday John Rentoul questions whether Nick Clegg has got a good deal for LibDem voters.

Michael Gove reacts to News of the World claims that GCSEs are getting easier

"We asked 10 bright kids studying for their GCSEs to sit questions from the past – and their results crumpled. The youngsters sailed through last year's paper with flying colours, chalking up an impressive eight out of ten. But when they were asked to tackle an exam sat by youngsters in the 1980s their results nosedived with our "class" scoring barely four out of ten… Education Secretary Michael Gove was shocked when we presented him with our findings and promised action to make the exams system more robust… Mr Gove added: "We shall be sending a strong signal to exam boards that it's no longer good enough to say our GCSEs and A-levels are down in comparison with a few years ago. It's important that our exams are world-beating." – News of the World

Coalition ministers are considering a move to “Double Summer Time”, bringing Britain into line with much of EuropeSunday Express

Screen shot 2010-06-20 at 07.53.36 Chris Huhne confirms he is separating from his wife for another womanBBC | ToryDiary

"Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne last night admitted cheating on his wife with his former Press secretary. Lib Dem Huhne, 55, a close friend of deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, made the confession after the People confronted him and his lover Carina Trimingham." – People

Unknown entity used secret surveillance camera to spy on Caroline Nokes MPMail on Sunday

The Commons expenses scandal has been blamed for an apparent suicide attempt by Tory MP David RuffleyMail on Sunday

And on Father's Day, Frank Field urges £2,000 reward for loyal dads

2010-06-20 "Fathers should be paid up to £2,000 a year in tax credits to stay with their children, the Government’s new Poverty Tsar says today. Frank Field, the Labour MP who is leading the coalition’s poverty review, called for an overhaul of the tax credits system to end discrimination against traditional two-parent families. He wants tax credits to include a “Second Parent Premium” for married and cohabiting couples with children. Up to 1.8 million couples could benefit from the move." – Sunday Express

Peter Hitchens: we now have proof about Martin McGuinness

"We can now quote Lord Saville’s report as confirmation that the sinister and unrepentant Martin McGuinness was ‘adjutant of the Derry Brigade’ of the Provisional IRA. In other words, the man shamefully elevated into ministerial office by that modern-day Munich deal, the Good Friday Agreement, was the senior godfather of a criminal murder gang." – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

Obama's handling of the BP crisis is damaging relations between UK and US, says YouGov pollThe Sunday Times (£)


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