2.15pm ToryDiary: UK foreign policy takes on an Asian flavour

1.30pm ToryDiary: World finance ministers back George Osborne's deficit reduction policy

ToryDiary: Frank Field will help David Cameron to find effective ways of fighting poverty

Mark Clarke on Platform: If we want to get more rape convictions, the police should stop using women as bait

Goodman2Miliband LeftWatch: A letter to Ed Miliband

Local government: Eric Pickles has written to councils calling on them to publish all spending over £500

Local government: Labour London borough leaders backing Livingstone for Mayor

Cameron hails 'incredible tales of bravery' in CumbriaIndependent | Video

Conservative MPs warn George Osborne of major rebellion if capital gains tax is increased to more than 25%Telegraph

OSBORNE GEORGE BLUE "Leading businessmen who backed Tory plans to rein in Labour's National Insurance rises have turned on the coalition government over looming hikes in capital gains tax. Captains of industry told the Daily Mail that tax increases drawn up by the Liberal Democrats for next month's emergency Budget could have a 'chilling' effect on the economy." – Daily Mail

Tories accused of U-turn on NHS database vow

"A controversial database of personal health records will continue to be rolled out despite Government pledges on civil liberties. Campaigners accused the coalition of a U-turn over a system they say people are bullied into signing up to and is too hard to opt out of." – Daily Mail

> Alex Deane blogged about the U-turn on CentreRight

More signs that the Coalition is retreating from BBC reformTelegraph

Holyrood anger as Caroline Spelman backs GM cropsScotsman

Tories ready to reopen Dr David Kelly suicide inquiryDaily Mail

The Scottish Conservatives are expected to announce a formal review into the future direction of the partyBBC

"David Cameron is to become the first Prime Minister to address MSPs at the Holyrood Parliament, The Herald can reveal. Michael Moore, the Scottish Secretary, is to speak to all the Scottish Parliament’s committee conveners while Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, will appear before Holyrood’s Finance Committee. Dates for all three appearances are currently being worked out, but it is likely Moore and Alexander will be cross-examined before the summer recess while the PM’s visit is expected to take place later in the year."

The Times: The Coalition has started well

"These are early days. Mr Brown began well, too. But it should be said that the coalition, precisely by not playing to the gallery, has made an effective start. Its coalition document is intelligent and clear and it is showing the appetite to be an unflashy government that gets things done." – Times leader

OBORNE In The Daily Mail Peter Oborne also welcomes the early days of the Coalition. He contrasts Cameron's handling of the Cumbrian crisis with how Blair would have attempted to dominate the stage. Oborne welcomes the speedy resignation of David Laws, contrasting it with the way Labour ministers hung on to their jobs. Analysing the Downing Street operation he also says Cameron is adopting a much less controlling relationship with Cabinet ministers. Read the full piece at the bottom of this link.

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: The Coalition's early achievements

The Guardian calls for an MPs' expenses amnesty

"Only an amnesty can stop the destructive cycle by which the parliamentary standards commissioner is constantly called upon to mount complex (and expensive) inquiries. Some of these, at least, are being generated by enemies of democracy like the BNP. A Commons resolution, or a one-line law supported by all three main parties, should bring this to a close. The expenses scandal is over." – Guardian leader


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