TLLD470 8.30pm ToryDiary: Liberal Democrats squeezed in two post-Budget polls

6.30pm: Parliament: Simon Reevell stresses integration and John Stevenson localism in their maiden speeches

F&C 4.15pm ToryDiary: The Cabinet's most troubled relationship – David Cameron and Liam Fox

12.45pm Parliament: In their maiden speeches, George Eustice
invites the Government to harness a culture of enterprise and Matthew
Offord asks them to instill in people a sense of aspiration

Obama CameronNoon WATCH: The Louisiana oil spill is on the agenda for David Cameron's first talks as Prime Minister with President Obama

11.15am Parliament: Jack Lopresti, Steve Brine and Rebecca Harris all consider the forthcoming Strategic Defence Review in their maiden speeches

10am Steve Baker MP on CentreRight: Essential market analysis of the crisis

ToryDiary: Cameron wants out of Afghanistan as soon as possible

Andrew Murrison MP on Platform: The Government is acting quickly to deal with combat stress suffered by our veterans

Parliament: Conor Burns uses his maiden speech to highlight the absurdity that potential English language students from overseas have to learn the language before they can come to Britain… to learn the language

Local Government: Eric Pickles to axe the "weekly Town Hall Pravdas"


Lots of stories emanating from the Summit in Canada:

David Cameron says that not cutting the deficit is the biggest economic risk

"David Cameron will defend his decision to slash Government spending as he meets US President Barack Obama for one-on-one talks on the fringe of the G8 summit in Canada." – Press Association

"David Cameron said on Friday that he was not at odds with the United States over plans to cut deficits and that the G8 would conclude that countries with big fiscal problems should act. "The risk to us, and the Americans and others recognise this, is not taking action," he said. "I think that the G8 will actually conclude that those countries with the worst problems need to accelerate their action, which is what we have done." – Reuters

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper praises this week's UK Budget

Picture 12 "I'm delighted to have you here just off a Budget where you highlighted
the very fiscal consolidation that we're trying to steer the G20
towards. I appreciate your responsible and difficult decisions in that
regard." – What Stephen Harper told David Cameron, according to CBC News

David Cameron accuses leaders of dragging their feet over aid

"David Cameron last night hit out at his fellow world leaders after the G8 dropped the promise to meet the historic aid commitments made at Gleneagles in 2005 from this year's summit communique. European countries such as France, Germany and Italy are off track to meet their 2005 promises to increase aid to the world's poorest nations, and they led efforts yesterday to keep any mention of Gleneagles out of the summit's final agreement." – The Guardian

Cameron and Medvedev pledge to improve Anglo-Russian relationsAssociated Press

On Armed Forces Day, Liam Fox blasts 'hate-filled religious protesters' at troops' parades

Liam Fox Defence Secretary "Islamic extremists who disrupt the homecoming parades of British troops should be 'silenced', the Defence Secretary will say today. In a speech to mark the annual Armed Forces Day, Dr Liam Fox will express his revulsion at the sight of extremists screaming abuse at soldiers returning from tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. 'Let's silence the negative voices that attack our Armed Forces but gladly enjoy the security and freedom our Armed Forces provide,' he will say." – Daily Mail

"Towns and cities across the UK are preparing to show their support for the work of the UK's military personnel. Armed Forces Day is being hosted in Cardiff, but there are more than 350 other events planned across the UK." – BBC

"More than 350 events have been organised across the country to honour troops past, present and future, from the oldest veteran to the youngest cadet." – Press Association

Government to revive competitive games in bid to turn nation back into champions

"Competitive games are to be revived in schools in a bid to turn
Britain back into a nation of sporting champions. As the country holds
its breath over the World Cup and Wimbledon, ministers want their new
'School Olympics' programme to end the culture of 'prizes for all'…
As they launch the initiative [on Monday], Culture Secretary Jeremy
Hunt and Education Secretary Michael Gove will say it is intended to
ensure the 2012 London Olympics leave a lasting sporting legacy." –
Daily Mail

Theresa May to announce immigration cap on Monday

Theresa May Home Secretary "Thousands of foreign workers will be turned away from Britain next month when the Government introduces an immigration cap for the first time. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, is to announce a nine-month temporary limit to prevent a last-minute influx as workers from outside the EU try to beat permanent new controls due to come into force next April." – The Times (£)

"Theresa May, the home secretary, is expected to announce that a maximum of 24,100 workers will be allowed into Britain from outside the EU before April." – The Guardian

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Britain needs an immigration cap this year

David Cameron could speak at Liberal Democrat conference as coalition cosies up

"Liberal Democrat and Conservative co-operation is to be taken to a deeper level by coalition cabinet members speaking at each other's party conferences, with the possibility that David Cameron will address the Lib Dems. The issue is due to be discussed at a joint political cabinet at the end of July, when the two parties will also decide how to co-ordinate policy announcements at their respective conferences and how to sell the success of the joint government's first few months." – The Guardian

Clegg to take charge of relations with China The Times (£)

Cameron will stay in charge as PM even when on holidayReuters

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Senior Tory and Lib Dem figures "will address each other's conferences" this autumn

Andrew Grice: Budget cuts mean the coalition charm offensive is over

"Fifty days into their coalition, David Cameron and Nick Clegg have been taking stock…The Tory and Liberal Democrat leaders have bonded and joke that they get on "20 times better than Tony Blair and Gordon Brown". Not their most difficult task, perhaps. But the coalition leaders guessed that the honeymoon would end with this week's Budget and it did." – Andrew Grice in The Independent

Picture 15 "Before Britain’s election he was widely depicted as “Boy George”, as a political opportunist with a shaky grasp of economics whose wealthy background and supposedly sneering manner made him a political liability. Lacking popular appeal, he played a low-key role in the Conservative election campaign. After less than two months, he has almost visibly grown into the job. On visits to Brussels and in a speech to City grandees at Mansion House , onlookers remarked that he seemed bigger than they had imagined. His office and the scale of his task have somehow magnified him." – George Parker profiles George Osborne in the FT

Liberal Democrat MPs back Nick Clegg despite benefit freeze and VAT riseThe Guardian

Accept cuts or we'll target pensions, David Cameron warns unions

"David Cameron will use the threat of cuts to public-sector pensions as a bargaining tool to counter trade union unrest over massive reductions in spending. The Prime Minister’s advisers believe that widespread industrial action can be avoided if public sector workers are offered a deal over pensions." – Daily Telegraph

The unions are itching for a fight – Philip Johnston in the Daily Telegraph

Cameron: I won't waste 10 years in power like Blair didDaily Mail

BP must not be destroyed, says Cameron as shares hit 14-year lowThe Independent

Top Tory donor becomes treasurer

"David Rowland, a financier who moved his business back to the UK last summer in order to become one of the Conservative party's biggest donors, has taken up the role of party treasurer. The financier, who made his estimated fortune of more than £700m in property and banking, has given nearly £3m to the Conservatives since he moved his business onshore from the Channel Islands in August 2009. At the time, he said he did so to help protect Britain's "liberty" and economic future." – FT

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: David Rowland to become Conservative Party Treasurer

Cash-strapped Scottish Tories sack communications chief

"The Scottish Conservative Party is facing an angry backlash from senior Tory figures in London following its decision to sack Michael Crow, its director of comunications. The former television presenter was dismissed from his highly paid post by the cash-strapped Scottish party after it admitted it could no longer continue to employ him." – The Times (£)

Lembit for London?

"A charismatic politician with an exotic heritage, a talent for
self-promotion and sufficient levels of public recognition to make a
surname surplus to requirements is once again plotting to win control
of London. Lembit Öpik, the colourful Liberal Democrat who lost his
Welsh seat last month, has said he will run for the job of London mayor
if he wins his party's blessing." – The Guardian

Michael Gove lists the schools that could become academies by SeptemberThe Guardian

Ed Balls seeks to block academies from cherrypicking pupilsThe Guardian

Shopworkers' union backs David Miliband for Labour leaderThe Independent

Ed Miliband backs a graduate tax to replace tuition feesThe Guardian

Former DUP MP Iris Robinson questioned by police over loan to teenage lover Sky News

And finally… Cameron and Merkel seek to watch the football together tomorrow

Merkel_cameron "David Cameron will roar on England tomorrow while he sits next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The two leaders will be at the G20 summit when their countries clash in the World Cup. And Mr Cameron said: "Let's hope it doesn't go to penalties. I'm not sure the collective hearts of the nations can stand it." The summit in Toronto will clash with the 3pm kick-off, but the PM said both he and Mrs Merkel will try to sneak out of the talks to catch the end of the last 16 match." – The Sun


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