7.15pm ToryDiary: Eric Pickles writes about his pride in the Tory campaign, the party's candidates and the CCHQ stafff… and urges us all to help Get Out The Vote

AnyKindOfWin 7pm The Shakespeare Report: Any kind of win for the Conservatives tomorrow will be a significant achievement

5.45pm WATCH: David Cameron tells Sky News' Joey Jones what he has learnt during the course of the campaign

5.45pm Seats and Candidates: A thank you to all who joined the voluntary party's marginals tour

5.30pm ToryDiary: Tory lead is 8% in first poll of the evening

4pm Seats and Candidates update: David Cameron's campaign trip to Montgomeryshire means he has visited Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales in the last 24 hours

3.15pm Nicholas Bennett on CentreRight: How accurate will tomorrow night's exit polls be?

3.15pm Local government: Hackney Council tells voters: "There is no Conservative candidate."

 2.15pm WATCH:

Picture 301.45pm ToryDiary: The London Evening Standard declares for the Conservatives

12.45pm Matthew Elliott on CentreRight: The odds of a Lisbon re-ratification

12.30pm Nick Wood's High Noon: The measured and choreographed campaigns have left us pretty bereft of drama these past four weeks

Picture 2811.45am Michael Crowhurst, the teacher who asked the question on education at last week's Leaders' Debate, writes on Platform: Why I am drawn to the idea of empowering parents, communities and charities to set up new schools

11am Seats and Candidates: "Worcester Woman" defects to the Conservatives

10am Three WebCameron videos from the start of David Cameron's 24-hour campaign marathon:

9.45am WATCH: David Cameron's interview with GMTV in Grimsby this morning in which he says he is fighting for every vote right down to the wire

Seats and Candidates: If you want a Tory government, here are some seats that need your help in the next 36 hours

Picture 21 The Shakespeare Report: What the polls are saying about the parties issue by issue

LeftWatch: The complacency of the Labour minister defending an "ultra safe" 8,500 majority

Nigel Jones on Platform: Today the real rebels should be on the Right

Local Government:

WATCH: At a rally in East Renfrewshire, David Cameron accuses Gordon Brown of running the most negative and dishonest campaign anyone has ever fought

David Cameron chases votes through the night

Picture 17 "David Cameron urged voters to rally to the Conservatives as he embarked on a non-stop, 30-hour tour of 10 target seats across the British Isles to try to cement his support in the final hours of the election campaign." – The Guardian

"With time running out to capture millions of wavering voters, David Cameron dispensed with sleep and campaigned across the North of England through the night." – The Independent

"David Cameron’s last-ditch tour of the country is to take him deep into Labour heartlands to the seats that his party needs to secure an overall majority. The Tory leader was due to visit Wakefield and then Grimsby in the early hours of today as he travels south on the last stages of the campaign." – The Times

> Seats and Candidates update: The seats in which David Cameron has been campaigning overnight

> is also keeping track of David Cameron's movements during the final day of the campaign

George Osborne denies Tory plans would spark unrest

George Osborne 2010 Chancellors debate "An incoming Conservative government would have the mandate to carry out deep public spending cuts, according to George Osborne, shadow chancellor, who rejected suggestions that his plans could spark Greek-style social unrest. Mr Osborne told the Financial Times that he hoped the election would produce an outright Tory Commons majority, paving the way for an emergency Budget in June that would map a course for cutting the UK’s £163bn deficit." – FT

Osborne: ‘We’ll have a mandate for cuts’FT

Wise cuts are a duty of government – Mary Dejevsky in The Independent

Cameron promises to bolster the Union during campaign visit to Northern Ireland

"Mr Cameron was one of the first people to fly into Northern Ireland on Tuesday as the return of the volcanic ash cloud failed to cancel his campaign plans. The Tory leader touched down at Belfast City Airport early on Tuesday afternoon on his way to the political rally at the La Mon Hotel. Mr Cameron told Conservative/Ulster Unionist candidates and supporters at the event that if he became prime minister he would bolster the union." – UTV

Cameron would not target Ulster for cuts News Letter

Unionist deal could make David Cameron prime minister Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: David Cameron's commitment to the Union is demonstrated with an eve-of-poll visit to Northern Ireland

> WATCH: David Cameron's address to the campaign rally in Northern Ireland

Four in ten voters are still undecided

"Almost four in 10 people could still change their mind about how they will vote in tomorrow's general election, according to a new survey. The latest ComRes poll for The Independent and ITV News suggests that the contest is still wide open because 38 per cent of people said it was "quite possible" they would change their mind by tomorrow." – The Independent

YouGov's daily trackerThe Sun

> Last night's ToryDiary on today's polls

More media endorsements for a Conservative victory

Picture 18 "David Cameron has decisively won the case for change. But he needs a clear mandate. So the Daily Express urges readers to vote Conservative tomorrow. The future of our nation is at stake." – Daily Express editorial

"The Mail has had its doubts about David Cameron, sometimes wondering if he was another Clegg-like heir to Blair. But over the years and with every week of this campaign, he's grown in stature, displaying serious-minded conservative instincts and a tungsten determination to fulfil the Tories' traditional function of clearing up the mess left by Labour… The Mail urges readers to vote Conservative tomorrow. David Cameron is the best and perhaps the only hope on offer for Britain. And in this tightest of contests, he will need every last vote he can get. Don't waste yours." – Daily Mail editorial

"The Tories deserve the chance to become Britain’s next government and to begin the task of rebuilding the nation, downsizing the state, eliminating the deficit and liberating entrepreneurial forces. A fresh team is required to drag Britain out of the desperate mess we have allowed ourselves to fall into. We urge all our readers to vote Conservative in tomorrow’s election." – Allister Heath's editor's letter in City AM

Amanda Platell: David Cameron has won me over

"David Cameron is not perfect. He has much yet to learn. But after watching him over the past few weeks and hearing him outline his vision in person, I've come to believe that he is a true Conservative." – Amanda Platell in the Daily Mail

Electoral Commission publishes donation figures for the first quarter of the year

"The Commission's accounts revealed the Tories had raised more than £16.6m – three times the amount that the Labour Party have raised. The Tory fundraising effort has dwarfed Labour's donations with a total £12.3m raised in the first quarter of the year, and a further £4.3m since the election was called. Labour raised £4m during the first quarter of the year with over 70 per cent coming from the unions and a further £3.6m after the election gun was fired. Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats raised £1.9m during the first quarter of the year and £204,000 after the election campaign was launched." – The Independent

Unite gives Labour £1m but City money is on a Tory winCity AM

> Yesterday's LeftWatch: Labour's reliance on the trade unions for cash is starker than ever

Brown continues scaremongering about a Tory Government

Gordon Brown square “I have got no doubt that under the Conservative policy that would be implemented in this emergency Budget in June, that you are moving into a period where you have higher unemployment, higher business failures, lower growth and a danger of a double dip recession" – Gordon Brown interviewed in The Times

Labour in turmoil as supporters told to vote tactically

"Labour was in turmoil last night following desperate calls by senior ministers for party supporters to vote tactically to stop the Tories at tomorrow’s General Election. Gordon Brown’s closest ally Ed Balls and Welsh Secretary Peter Hain broke ranks by suggesting that Labour supporters should ­consider voting Liberal Democrat in marginal constituencies… But a furious Prime Minister insisted Labour needed every vote and warned he was ­concerned that tactical voting could push his party into third place in the overall vote." – Daily Express

Labour's tactical Balls-up – Trevor Kavanagh in The Sun

Tony Blair says don't vote tacticallyThe Guardian

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Thank you Ed Balls and Peter Hain for reinforcing the Conservative message

Brown's legacy may be a party never again able to rule alone – Donald Macintyre in The Independent

Gordon Brown is 'worst PM ever' says Labour candidate

Manish Sood Lynn News "Gordon Brown has been described as the worst Prime Minister in history by a Labour candidate. In another embarrassing self-inflicted wound for the party, Manish Sood claimed immigration was making the country “bigger and messier” and that ministers were “corrupt”. He told a local newspaper that Mr Brown’s administration was a “disgrace” and that he should apologise “to the people and to the Queen”, then repeated his views on national television. " – Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday's coverage of Manish Sood's interview:

Tower Hamlets Labour candidates register extra voters to their homes

"A dozen voters have been registered to the home of a Labour candidate in an East End of London borough where police are investigating allegations of electoral malpractice. The number registered to vote at the home of Khales Uddin Ahmed, running to be a councillor in Tower Hamlets, has risen from five to twelve in recent weeks. But a neighbour said that only three people live in the maisonette on a council estate in Bromley-by-Bow." – The Times

Police investigate electoral fraud claims after journalist is beaten upThe Independent

> Last week on LeftWatch: East End Tories urge police to probe Labour vote fraud claims

Clegg will use strong poll result as mandate for electoral reform

TV Debate Nick Clegg "Nick Clegg will tell voters today that he will use a strong Liberal Democrat poll result to secure electoral reform as he issues his "personal guarantee" to deliver a fairer voting system. The Liberal Democrat leader has shied away from suggesting that ending the first-past-the-post system is a pre-condition for working with another party in a hung parliament. But, in a pledge made in newspaper adverts and leaflets today, Mr Clegg says he will use the support he earns on polling day to "deliver fairness". – The Independent

Storm at Lib Dem "no nuke" plan vow The Sun

Lib Dem activist arrested over vandalism of Tory posters

"A Liberal Democrat volunteer has been arrested on suspicion of vandalising Tory party posters, according to Sky sources. The volunteer was arrested after a row between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives about damaged posters in the closely-contested constituency of Eastbourne." – Sky News

> Last night on LeftWatch: Lib Dem activist arrested and held over alleged vandalism of Conservative election posters in Eastbourne

EU wary of Conservatives but expects pragmatismReuters

Ann Widdecombe on life after the Commons

"I think life will be very, very different. At the moment, when I've seen something I haven't agreed with, or I've been shocked at an injustice, I've been able to say I'll take that up, and I've had a means of doing so. That's disappeared so in future I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do. I shall write it in my Express column, I expect." – BBC

> Seats and Candidates: Ann Widdecombe deserves a seat in the House of Lords

And finally… Simon Cowell declares for David Cameron

Picture 20 "I have met David on two occasions. I liked him immediately. I trust him and he was very quick to commit to helping with a serious funding deficit for a children's hospice charity I am involved with. I have always trusted my gut instinct – and this was a guy who I thought would do the right things for this country. I believe he is the Prime Minister Britain needs at this time. He has substance and the stomach to navigate us through difficult times." – Simon Cowell writing in The Sun


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