10pm Neil O'Brien on CentreRight: The coalition agreement lists 45 areas to "review", "investigate" or "consider"

5.45pm Iain Murray on CentreRight is "extremely impressed" by the deregulation section of The Coalition agreement

5pm Jill Kirby on CentreRight: Reading today's programme for coalition government feels like long walk
through some very mixed terrain – in typically British weather…

4.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron concedes on prison building, immigration and Europe in order to seal the deal with Clegg

Screen shot 2010-05-20 at 16.45.30 4.30pm LeftWatch update: Video of Diane Abbot explaining her leadership bid

3.30pm Melanchthon on CentreRight: Do Cameron and Clegg want a presidential system of government?

3.15pm WATCH: David Cameron and Nick Clegg launch final Coalition agreement

1.45pm Local government:

12.45pm ToryDiary: David Cameron fails to carry a majority of his backbench MPs

11.45am ToryDiary: David Cameron has won 1922 rule change by 168 to 118 votes*

FIELD MARK11.15am Mark Field MP on CentreRight: "Trust and respect must be the watchwords of the relationship between the Party leadership and its backbench followers. Whilst it is legitimate to question the status or composition of the 1922 Committee for the modern era, it would be wise for this to happen soberly, responsibly and with a proper period for consideration."

10.45am ToryDiary: The final list of the 37 pre-election Conservative frontbenchers who have not been made ministers

10.30am ToryDiary: Cameron and Clegg launch the full Coalition agreement

Osborne-HeadshotToryDiary: George Osborne sets out the ambitions of The Coalition

Peter Blair on Platform: We must always be the Conservative and Unionist Party

LeftWatch: Diane Abbott and Andy Burnham join Labour leadership race

Local government: Go ahead for council tax freeze and decentralisation and Norfolk councillor defects from the Liberal Democrats to the Conservatives

ThinkTankCentral: 'How will the coalition newly-weds address family policy?'

6a00d83451b31c69e20133ededdcfa970b-500wi Recommendation 6 of ConservativeHome General Election Review: The ground war team should receive a greater share of the party's revenues so that it can spend early and over the long-term


Cameron tries to ‘neuter’ 1922 committeeFT

> Jonathan Isaby: David Cameron seeks effectively to abolish the 1922 Committee of Conservative backbenchers

> Paul Goodman: Is Cameron's '22 move a ploy to swing its election next week?

Cameron to meet Sarkozy in Paris today; Merkel in Berlin tomorrowBelfast Telegraph

"David Cameron is urging Nick Clegg to use his contacts and foreign language skills as part of a charm offensive designed to convince other European Union countries that the coalition wants to be a constructive player in the EU." – FT

Tories claim victory in final Coalition deal

ConLibDem-Cake "Oliver Letwin fought off a last-minute effort by the Liberal Democrats to water down school and welfare reforms, Conservative sources claimed last night… Senior Conservatives were quietly claiming victory as the first details of the agreed programme emerged. Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, is likely to be pleased that there is no role for local authorities in enforcing fair school admission policies. Tory sources also pointed to a pledge to “simplify the benefit system in order to improve incentives to work”. The wording allows for reform on payments." – Times

Tory MPs unhappy at backtracking on Human Rights Act

"Conservative MPs yesterday angrily accused the Prime Minister of ditching a pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act and concerns were growing that the middle class will bear the brunt of looming tax increases to reduce the Treasury’s debt mountain." – Express

"David Cameron must know his party well enough to understand that the disquiet about tax and his capitulation on the Human Rights Act does not represent the ravings of the marginalised 'Tory Right'.
Many, many ordinary Tories are profoundly disturbed by what is going on and, if he won't listen to their voices, there will be trouble not very far ahead." – Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail

Vince Cable plans new attempt to privatise Royal MailGuardian

Screen shot 2010-05-20 at 07.43.51 Home Information Packs will be scrapped todayExpress

Home Secretary tells police service it will have to 'bear fair share of the burden' of coming spending squeezeGuardian

Labour's 24 hour drinking laws could be scrapped – Telegraph

"Gary McKinnon is to be saved from the threat of immediate extradition as early as today. Home Secretary Theresa May believes a court case to send the vulnerable hacker to the U.S. – due to begin in a few days – should be halted." – Daily Mail

Hunting ban vote will go ahead and Cameron appoints a minister for hunting and shooting

"A free vote on scrapping the hunting ban will go ahead despite opposition from many Lib Dem MPs, it emerged last night… In a separate sign of the new Government's intentions, Agriculture Minister Jim Paice will be responsible for hunting and shooting – the first time country sports have had a dedicated minister for decades." – Daily Mail

Conservatives should amend the legislation now making it virtually impossible to hold a legal effective strike – Seumas Milne in The Guardian

Annabel Goldie to reshuffle Scottish ToriesTelegraph

The Cameroons start briefing a defence of their failed General Election campaign

"The campaign stayed disciplined, its message remained consistent, and at times when it was tested it held its nerve. Mr Cameron has been telling his circle that the debates actually helped, by distracting Mr Brown from what would have otherwise been a relentless attack on Tory economic policy – Labour's assault, when it got going in the final week, notably on tax credits, did enough damage in some marginals to make a difference. The official inquiry into the result so far highlights three areas where the Tories failed: Scotland, seats with a significant ethnic minority population, and those with high rates of either welfare dependency or public sector employment." – Benedict Brogan in The Telegraph

> Read ConservativeHome's critique of the Tory campaign

Nick Clegg’s first big speech as Deputy PM was let down by evasion, contradiction and overblown rhetoric – David Aaronovitch in The Times

Eric Illsley, the Labour MP for Barnsley Central, will be the fifth politician to be charged with fraudulently claiming parliamentary expensesTimes

Labour MP Stephen Timms left hospital yesterday, saying he was "well on the mend"The Sun

And finally… Lembit Opik starts new career as a stand up comic

"His love of harmonicas, a soft spot for the Segway human transporter and his unlikely romance with a Cheeky Girl marked out Lembit Opik as one of Westminster's more light-hearted characters. Now, after the surprise of losing his seat at the election, the eccentric former MP has decided to try a career as a stand-up comedian." – Independent


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