8.30pm ToryDiary: Three cheers for the Liberal Democrats

DEANE ALEX 6.45pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: Cabin crews of lemmings

6pm Lee Rotherham on CentreRight: Will George Osborne fold over the new EU hedge fund regulations?

5.15pm LeftWatch: With the contest to succeed Gordon Brown underway, LabourList has a great opportunity to flourish

3.15pm WATCH: 'I can unite Labour' says Ed Miliband

1.15pm Melanchthon on CentreRight: We must not re-ratify Lisbon

1.15pm WATCH: Talking to Andrew Marr, Cameron denies Coalition plans to increase VAT

12.45pm Seats and candidates: Farage, with moustache, claims UKIP stopped Tory majority

Lisbon470 Noon ToryDiary: Lisbon is set to be first big test of Coalition

10am ToryDiary: Highlights of David Cameron's first broadcast interview since becoming Prime Minister

ToryDiary: The number one electoral reason why Cameron wanted to get into government

Giovanni Spinella on Platform: Lessons from Europe on how to run a coalition government

MastheadReview Recommendation 1 of ConservativeHome's General Election Review: The creation of a functionally independent
Scottish Conservative Party on the CDU/CSU model able to develop a
distinctive centre right pitch for Scottish voters

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Local government: Olympics budget should be cut

WATCH: Ed Balls refuses to confirm leadership bid in BBC interview

Liberal Democrats lose support in first polling verdict on The CoalitionYesterday evening's ToryDiary

Frank Field and Will Hutton 'join The Coalition'

FIELD FRANK "Former Labour Minister Frank Field is to ‘defect’ to David Cameron’s new coalition Government by taking on the role of Britain’s ‘Poverty Tsar’, it was revealed last night. Social conservative Mr Field is to lead a major review into poverty as part of Mr Cameron’s promise to tackle what he calls ‘Broken Britain’ – social breakdown, rising crime and the benefits dependency culture… In another clear sign of the coalition’s political leanings, leading Left-wing political pundit Will Hutton is to be Mr Cameron’s ‘Fair Pay Tsar’, tasked with slashing the pay of public-sector fat cats." – Mail on Sunday

"The former Observer editor, Will Hutton, was closely linked to the New Labour project and is seen as a leading liberal commentator. He is also executive vice-chair of the Work Foundation, a high profile think-tank." – Observer

Controversial policy guru Steve Hilton was reportedly delighted that the coalition had enabled Mr Cameron to ‘bury the Tory Right-wing’

Hilton Large "Senior Lib Dem Lord Greaves said Tory Right-wingers would be horrified when they discovered how easily their team surrendered key policies – and how keen they were to dump them for Lib Dem policies.  He said: ‘The Tory Right-wing will be livid but they are trapped and can do nothing about it. It is an extraordinarily good deal for the Lib Dems. We got around 35 items from our manifesto agreed by the Tories.’ A fellow Lib Dem said: ‘It seemed the Tories were under strict instructions from Cameron to do a deal whatever the price. The talks were supposed to be about each party’s red lines, but the Tories forgot to bring their red marker pen with them." – Mail on Sunday

"If Cameron is so feeble under pressure from Nick Clegg, how would he react to the pressure from the enemies of this country, or in any kind of national crisis?" – Melanie Phillips in The Spectator

Boris could become a rallying point for Tories who feel betrayed by the deal Cameron has done with the Lib DemsThe Sunday Express

In The Sunday Telegraph Matthew d'Ancona blasts critics of the Coalition: "At the margins, Left and Right, there is already an informal counter-coalition of the callow, the irreconcilable and the Jurassic, determined not to give Cameron any credit for the remarkable gains made by the Conservatives in the election, or to show Clegg any respect for the colossal risk he has taken. Plenty of Conservatives are longing for the deal to fail, principally because it beckons them so far outside their comfort zone."

Clegg "begged" Brown to continue with LibLab talks

Nick Clegg begged Gordon Brown to persevere with talks about a Lib-Lab coalition just two hours before David Cameron was confirmed as Prime Minister, it was revealed last night. The Liberal Democrat leader spoke to Mr Brown four times on Tuesday, pleading with him to keep alive the chance of their two parties joining forces to destroy the Tories for ever. But Mr Brown refused, suspecting Mr Clegg was using him in a cynical ploy to force yet more concessions from the Conservatives." – Mail on Sunday

Lord Ashdown says Lib-Lab deal frustrated by David Miliband – Independent on Sunday

Screen shot 2010-05-16 at 07.14.54 Why I couldn't support Clegg's deal with the Tories – Charles Kennedy in The Observer | BBC

We want the 55% rule because Britain needs stable government – Oliver Letwin and Danny Alexander in The Observer

Eurosceptic Tory MPs eye new opportunity to scupper Lisbon

"A new amendment to the treaty – expected to be rubberstamped by EU leaders in June – will require ratification at Westminster. The Foreign Office says it is only a technical adjustment. But some Tories are set to use the process to call for a vote, despite David Cameron already ruling one out." – BBC

> Matthew Elliott raised this 're-ratification' issue last month and the opportunity it represents for Eurosceptics

Europe is the third member of the Clegg-Cameron marriage – Julia Hartley-Brewer in The Sunday Express

Vince Cable tried to block George Osborne from becoming Chancellor and then refused to serve as his deputyNews of the World

Public finances are worse than Labour pretended says Coalition chorus of Cable, Maude and Willetts – The Sunday Times

> Yesterday evening's ToryDiary: George Osborne accuses the defeated Labour Government of having "brought Britain to the edge of bankruptcy"

Cameron's inner circle

Screen shot 2010-05-16 at 06.28.31Go to the bottom of this Mail on Sunday page for a rare photograph of Cameron's inside team.

From election-night tension to heading for the Palace to see the Queen – The News of the World has exclusive behind-the-scenes photographs of Cameron's wait for the keys to Number 10. 

My first week as an MP – Charlotte Leslie in The Observer

And finally… Can Britons tell new Prime Minister and his Deputy apart?

The Sunday Telegraph tests voters.


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