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WATCH: 'Let's win it for Britain' says David Cameron at last event of his marathon election campaign

General Election Gallery: Tories buy the main ad space on the YouTube homepage for General Election Day, and images of Cameron campaigning

The final General Election polls still point to hung parliamentYesterday evening's ToryDiary

UK bonds reach highs as markets gamble on Tory election triumph – FT

Tories could win the most seats but be at mercy of Scottish and Welsh MPs – Daily Mail

David Cameron will probably be able to make it through with around 300 MPs – Michael White in The Guardian

Another endorsement for the Conservatives

Yp-endorsement-060510-ed Vote Conservative or face Greek crisis says the not-very-subtle Daily Mail

Mail0605.JPG "Britain was given an election wake-up call today after Greece's battle with massive debt erupted in blood and anarchy. Three bank workers died yesterday after a mob protesting against spending cuts set their building ablaze. As polling stations around Britain opened at 7am today, latest UK opinion polls suggest David Cameron is within touching distance of achieving a working majority. But while polls still pointed to a hung Parliament, economists warned that Britain could ill-afford a period of political uncertainty." – Daily Mail

See a montage of all of today's frontpages.

Don't vote for a hung parliament says easyJet founder

"The colourful founder of easyJet, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, has become the latest business leader to sign a Tory-backed letter warning voters of the dangers of a hung parliament." – Telegraph

"The Conservative party is psychologically and practically better equipped than either of its two main rivals to take the necessary action. But it needs to be given the tools to do the right thing, which means a working majority. A hung parliament, which is what all of last night’s final polls suggest, would be a recipe for confusion, delay and ultimately a bitter crisis." – Allister Heath in City AM

"Buckingham Palace has indicated to senior civil servants that the Queen will not bow to pressure and see any politician claiming to have won a close-run election before 1pm on Friday."Telegraph

David Cameron will tear up the constitution to block a Lib-Lab pact – Martin Kettle in The Guardian

Five possible result scenarios for the ConservativesTelegraph

Nigel Morris in The Independent also looks at scenarios.

City bosses on standby to join Tory departments

MAUDE B:W "Francis Maude, the MP in charge of the Tory's Implementation Team, has contacted a raft of FTSE 100 directors from across industry with a view to appointing them in an advisory role to each department. The businessmen have been chosen from company chairmen and operating officers and would be tasked with improving efficiency, performance and accountability across the Government." – Telegraph

Treasury starts work on £6 billion Conservative cutbacksTimes

"The general election has seen Cameron lacking a key leadership skill
needed to cajole a country into supporting swingeing cuts – he isn't
– David Hare in The Guardian

Gordon Brown has said it is important that Labour gets as many votes as possible, and not just seatsBBC

And finally… Good weather today may favour David Cameron

"If, using British Electoral Facts, by Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher, you check the pattern of election day weather since 1918, a tentative conclusion could be that good weather today might benefit David Cameron. On the seven election days since 1945 where the people threw the government out, five took place in fair or good weather. To put it another way, of nine elections in the same period where the weather was fair or good across most of the country, six saw the incumbents ousted." – Guardian leader


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