9.30pm Local government: Conservatives gain seat in Isle of Wight Council byelection

6.15pm Paul Goodman on CentreRight: David Laws was apparently offered a new pot plant for his Treasury Office when he arrived there for the first time…

HOWARD-MICHAEL 4.45pm Parliament: Michael Howard, John Maples, Shireen Ritchie are among new Tory peers; John Prescott, Sue Nye and Quentin Davies become Labour peers

4.30pm Tom Greeves on CentreRight objects to being asked about his faith, gender, sexuality…

4.15pm WATCH: Cameron discusses the economic challenges facing Britain and the eurozone

3.15pm ToryDiary: Cameron promises to build dynamic economy

12.30pm ToryDiary: What do you think of the Cabinet? What do you think of David Davis? Do you think the Coalition is a good thing overall?

11.30am Local government: Councils stop work on CAAs

10.45am Mark Wallace on CentreRight highlights a new TaxPayers' Alliance video: From 9am to 1.21pm – working for the tax man

ToryDiary: Who should be on BBC Question Time panels in this age of Coalition government?

Ben Rogers on Platform: A Wilberforce agenda for the Coalition’s Foreign Policy

W&M Liam Maxwell on Local government: Windsor and Maidenhead goes further on transparency

Seats and candidates: Anne McIntosh secures comfortable victory over Liberal Democrats in Thirsk and Malton

Parliament: Zac Goldsmith uses maiden speech to declare that Conservatives are the party of the environment

LeftWatch: Simon Hughes could be the man – one day – to tell Nick Clegg that the Coalition is no longer in the Liberal Democrats' interests

Graeme Archer on CentreRight: How The East Was Lost

Cameron to focus on economy in first major speech as PM

CAMERON LOOKING UP "David Cameron will outline plans to "transform" the economy in his first major speech as prime minister. Mr Cameron, who will speak at an event in Yorkshire, will claim the economy has been heading in the wrong direction under Labour for years. He will also talk of rebalancing the economy in favour of manufacturing, business and the private sector." – BBC

"Mr Cameron will say that his Government’s priority is to transform the economy, starting with action to tackle the £156 billion deficit. He will signal cuts to business tax and red tape, and the creation of a simpler tax system." – Times

Cameron admits efficiencies fell short but defends coalition's £6.2bn spending cutsDaily Mail

City AM and Telegraph launch campaigns against Coalition plans on Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax rise to punish prudent savers – Telegraph

Bringing together senior business leaders, City AM launches a campaign against higher CGT.

"Vince Cable, the Lib Dem business secretary, urged Mr Cameron not to yield to pressure from Tory backbenchers, arguing that CGT reform was essential in the interests of “fairness”." – FT

Times and Sun welcome IDS' welfare reforms

DUNCAN SMITH DP "Mr Duncan Smith has spent six years at the Centre for Social Justice exploring the links between welfare dependency and social breakdown. Few politicians know more about poverty and its causes. Above all, he understands that welfare must be reformed at a philosophical level: it should be remedial, not merely ameliorative. The Government must have the courage and tenacity to follow through his thinking and his proposals." – Times leader

"Mr Duncan Smith aims to replace Labour's complicated rules with a single welfare-to-work programme. We also need tax changes so work pays. Today, someone looking at a £15,000 job is better off on the dole: which is why 670,000 households are on benefit of at least £15,600 a year. Tackling welfarism will be hard with high unemployment. But no one can say Mr Duncan Smith lacks courage or vision." – The Sun Says

The FT's leader-writers are sceptical about Iain Duncan Smith's reforms.

Gove's claim to be 'freeing' schools is a cloak for more control from the centre – Simon Jenkins in The Guardian

David Cameron 'facing English backlash over Scottish spending'Telegraph

"According to the IPPR, Northern Ireland gets £6,120 in public spending per head of population compared to £4,827 in England, £5,506 in Wales and £6,016 in Scotland. Its calculation, which does not include social security spending, puts the province 26.7% ahead of the English level. The UK average was £4,997 per head of population." – Belfast Telegraph

Tory Right is not really so fearsome – Frederick Forsyth in The Express

Ed Miliband to call for large rise in minimum wageTimes

And finally… the Camerons move into Downing Street as a family

"David Cameron has moved into Number 10 Downing Street with his wife Samantha and family, more than two weeks after he became Prime Minister. After enjoying a "last breakfast" on Thursday morning at his west London home, the family started moving boxes, furniture and belongings into vans." – ITN


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