10pm The Shakespeare Report: Beware of immediate post-debate polls

9.30pm WATCH: Boris talks to CCHQ staff and mounts the Tory scooter

9.15pm ToryDiary: Conservatives up to 41% in YouGov/Sun daily tracker

9.15pm Timothy Barnes on CentreRight: The unintended comedy of the Liberal Democrat manifesto

7.45pm Tea with Pickles: The black hole in the Liberal Democrats' manifesto

Screen shot 2010-04-14 at 19.25.29 7.30pm MyLabourPoster: Spoofs of Labour's new poster

4.15pm ToryDiary: The Tory manifesto, the 50p tax rate and the simplification of the tax system

4pm Martin Parsons on CentreRight: Three Labour ministers caught 'red handed' using parliamentary expenses for Labour Party campaigning

3pm Local government: The battle for Waltham Forest

Brown-War-1 1.45pm LeftWatch: Mandelson launches Class War attack on Cameron's "toffee nose"

1.30pm Local government: Manchester Labour leader resigns after a night in custody

Nick Wood's High Noon column: The Mail remains lukewarm in its support of the Conservatives but The Times appears ready to endorse Cameron

Noon David T Breaker on CentreRight: "Labour has always been on the side of pessimism, of socialism, and Conservatives almost always on that of optimism, of freedom."

Noon WATCH: Nick Clegg launches the Liberal Democrat manifesto

11am WATCH: Tories stole our kids' milk, starved our hospitals and look after the rich says Scottish Labour broadcast

DebateTips ToryDiary: Ten tips for Cameron ahead of the election debates

Also, on a busy ToryDiary:

Azeem Ibrahim on Platform: The stark truth of what the National Debt means for us all

Local government: The battle for Chorley and for Walsall

ConservativeHome's Election Gallery: More photographs uploaded including some beautiful snaps of Samantha Cameron


Screen shot 2010-04-14 at 07.47.18 It’s completely up to you how you do it – it can be as informal or formal as you like. You could just invite some friends to gather around your TV over pizza, or you could arrange an organised evening that is open to a large number of people…

More here.

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The overnight polls have the Tories 3%, 5%, 8% and 10% aheadToryDiary

"The Conservatives are winning the student vote on the UK's university campuses, a poll suggests. Three in 10 (30%) are planning to vote Tory in the upcoming election, compared with just over one in five (21%) who are backing Labour. The Liberal Democrats are just behind, with 19% of students planning to give them their vote." – Express

The ten best Tory policiesThe Sun

Business leaders give guarded approval to Tory manifestoTelegraph

The Conservatives on Tuesday matched Labour’s manifesto pledge to raise the basic state pension in line with earnings, rather than prices, from 2012FT

Editorial reax to the Tory manifesto

"We should rejoice at the Conservative Party's clearly stated belief that government spending, borrowing and taxation  -  all to prop up a vast, incompetent, self-reliance sapping state  -  must be reduced if Britain is to have a hope of prospering." – Daily Mail leader

"Manifestos are expected to be boring. This one is not. It is thought-provoking, imaginative and intelligent. It is worldly, open-minded and peppered with ideas from other countries." – Times leader

"Faced with the detritus of the largest financial collapse of the past 80 years, the Conservatives have little coherent to offer. Some reasonably strict constraints on the City and on bank profits coexist in the Tory manifesto with the gut conviction that the economy is in general over-regulated and business overtaxed." – Guardian leader

"Mr Cameron’s plan is attractive in its hostility to the suffocating state. His scepticism towards dirigiste industrial policy also hits the mark. But overall this is a manifesto drawn from a time of plenty, not one for a lean era. As with Labour’s manifesto, it falls short of a decisive plan to address the fiscal deficit. Voters do not know how either of the main parties would close the gap." – FT leader

> On ToryDiary yesterday we highlighted the reactions of ten pundits

Cameron's manifesto avoids electric policy in favour of theory – Tim Montgomerie in The Guardian

Ken Clarke talks to the Financial Times

CLARKE KEN ON ITN "The 69-year-old Westminster veteran applauded the party leader’s call for a “big society”, dismissing Margaret Thatcher’s insistence that there was no such thing as “one of her more foolish remarks”. He was adamant that his appetite for politics has not diminished. “I’m enjoying the campaigning, funnily enough – except I feel stiffer after walking the streets than I used to.” – FT

The Liberal Democrats launch their manifesto today

"The four main themes of the 103-page booklet are fair taxes, more chances for children, a fairer and greener economy, and cleaning up politics. Policies include a guarantee to protect the state pension, and more pay for members of the armed forces." – BBC

Only we are green, says Clegg – Independent

Gordon Brown has admitted he made a mistake in not introducing tougher bank regulation when he was ChancellorBBC

Lord Alan Sugar gives Labour £400,000 for campaignTelegraph

And finally…

The Daily Mail has photographs of Samantha Cameron's gothic toenails and growing bump.


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