After midnight ToryDiary: A LibCon government would be undesirable

11pm LeftWatch: Labour attacks Liberal Democrats as wanting to give the vote to murderers and rapists

8pm ToryDiary: Liberal Democrats move ahead in YouGov poll; LD 33%, Con 32%, Lab 26%

6pm Andrew Mitchell on Platform: We can end global poverty

VILLIERS THERESA NW 3.45pm ToryDiary: Theresa Villiers launches eight point plan to deal with flight standstill

3.15pm LeftWatch: Rattled Lord Mandelson makes extraordinary attack on Sarah Brown

2.15pm WATCH: Cheryl Gillan represents the Tories in Welsh General Election debate

Nick Wood's High Noon: Time to fire up the attack dogs (but Cameron must stay positive)

11.45am WATCH: The election debate in 15 seconds

22measures 11.45am David Green on CentreRight lists 22 measures to halt industrial decline

10.15am WATCH: Gary Barlow's joint appearance with David Cameron

ToryDiary: Are these the five key policy keys to Downing Street?

Hasan Afzal on Platform: The Conservatives should not let populism get in the way of principles when it comes to free trade

Local government: The battle for Bury

Northkoreald LeftWatch: I've never voted Liberal Democrat before but…

Harry Benson on CentreRight: "Gordon Brown's tax credits disincentivise
work. They discourage commitment . They encourage fraud. They
exaggerate earnings variations."

Election gallery: Francis Maude, an Audi and a new defector from the Liberal Democrats

The Conservatives are down to 34%, 33%, 31% and 31% in four overnight polls ToryDiary

"Professor Colin Rallings of Plymouth University, the elections expert, said the Lib Dem surge was putting serious pressure on the Tories. “At this level of distribution of votes there is no situation where Lib Dem strength benefits the Tories. They would need to be topping 40% before they would benefit from the Lib Dem resurgence,” he said." – The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times: Mr Cameron's agreement to debates may have turned Britain into a three party state

Debates "Mr Cameron perhaps believed what his spin doctors were telling him, that his style and debating flair would allow him to wipe the floor with his opponents — a tired prime minister and a lightweight minor party leader. It did not turn out like that and this could turn out to be the biggest political gaffe since Mr Brown’s failure to call an election three years ago… He needs to raise his game and win — win big — in the remaining two debates. Otherwise we really will be talking about a massive political miscalculation and a three-party state." – The Sunday Times leader

Cameron who has the scope and the ability to do better in the next two debates – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

The Sunday Express warns Cameron that attacking individual Nick Clegg policies misses his appeal

"Cameron is right to shed critical light on the Lib Dems, their devotion to the EU and their plans for taxation and defence, for example, but he must not ignore the fact that much of the support for Clegg has come despite Lib Dem pledges.  Clegg says he wants change and that is a message that strikes home with floating voters and many of those disgusted by the expenses scandal." – Sunday Express

The News of the World lists the conflicting messages of different Liberal Democrat leaflets in different parts of the country.

Cameron writes an extended Op-Ed for The Observer about his big society idea

"The Big Society will take the welfare state into the 21st century, with public services tailored to the needs of their users. They will be cheaper to deliver, with waste and inefficiency driven out. And it gives us the chance to tackle the deepest social problems while bringing communities together. It might even restore people's trust in the political process. One day, we will look back in amazement at the idea that the state clung on to its data, ran a near monopoly for schools and was so flat-footed in the face of crime and poverty. It will seem as antiquated as the days when we had to wait months for a telephone line because there was a state-run phone company. So let's stop hanging around and get the people off the hook of state control." – David Cameron in The Observer

Police chiefs threaten to resign over Tory plan to make them democratically accountable

SECURITY "Senior police officers have launched a ferocious attack on David Cameron's law and order plans, warning that they will corrupt the traditions of British policing and undermine public confidence in the justice system. Influential figures including Sir Hugh Orde, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, former Scotland Yard commissioner Sir Ian Blair and the head of the Police Superintendents' Association (PSA) have condemned Cameron's plans for directly elected police chiefs, a move that reflects the Tories' desire to decentralise control to local communities." – Observer

Former charity leaders attack Conservative international aid policyObserver

No immigrants means no NHS – Carole Cadwalladr in The Observer

77% of voters want Britain out of Afghanistan but all three parties support the campaignIndependent on Sunday

Growth of 0.4% in Q1 is expected to be announced this weekSunday Express

"More than 225,000 public sector jobs cuts are quietly being forced through by councils, the NHS and police forces, despite Gordon Brown’s pledge to protect frontline services." – The Sunday Times

Former employee of John Prescott paid 'more than £50,000' of taxpayers' money to keep quiet Sunday Telegraph

Mandelson is dominant in the Labour campaign – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

Secret 7-page document details claims of bullying by Gordon Brown’s hardman Charlie WhelanMail on Sunday

An extract from Sarah Brown's election diary

"I don’t think I will ever forget the man at the Vauxhall factory who walked up to Gordon and said: “I owe you my job – you’ve helped us, now we want to help you.” – The Prime Minister's wife writing in The Sunday Mirror

And finally… Scottish minister Jim Murphy uses fake image of himself at anti-BNP rally

Article-1266854-092C712A000005DC-916_468x319 The Mail on Sunday has the full story.


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