Picture 2 9.45pm WATCH: David Cameron pledges that he would ensure that thousands of cancer sufferers in England get access to drugs they are currently refused

7.15pm ToryDiary: Labour drop below 30% in a YouGov poll for the first time since before Christmas

5.45pm ToryDiary: Angus Reid/Sunday Express poll has Tory lead at 11% as voters slam Labour's record on immigration

4.45pm Local Government: Lib Dem councillor in Mid Devon defects to the Conservatives

3.30pm ToryDiary update: David Cameron says the Conservatives' propsoed Cancer Drugs Fund will help thousands get treatment they are currently denied

Picture 4
2.45pm LeftWatch update: Conservatives unveil official rebuttal of the latest Labour poster

Picture 32.15pm WATCH: David and Ed Miliband struggle to defend Labour's new poster

1.15pm ToryDiary: Advocating the decriminalisation of drugs will do serious damage to UKIP

12.30pm ToryDiary: Conservatives announce plan to use NHS national insurance savings to fund cancer drugs

10.30am WATCH: Iain Dale and ex-Labour general secretary Peter Watt discuss the merits of the new Labour poster depicting David Cameron as Gene Hunt

Cameron and OsborneToryDiary:

Edward Staite on Platform: Harnessing the power of the Conservative crowd to secure a new politics

LeftWatch: Polly Toynbee's wish-list of policies for the Labour manifesto

Seats and Candidates: Annesley Abercorn uses personalised billboards to alert Hazel Grove commuters to his campaign

Local Government: A Magna Carta for localism – Reducing bureaucracy

WATCH: Michael Fallon sets out the Conservative message of change in a campaign video for his Sevenoaks constituents

David Cameron portrayed as TV detective Gene Hunt in new Labour poster
Labour Gene Hunt Cameron poster
"Labour will today portray the Conservatives as intent on throwing Britain back to the darkest parts of the Eighties with a new poster campaign. But rather than reaching for an expensive ad agency, it has instead called on a young party loyalist that would probably have been in nappies around the time in question." – The Independent

"It feels like an odd decision to depict David Cameron as a cult TV character. Wish we had thought of it." – A 'Tory source' quoted by Sky News

> Yesterday's LeftWatch: 'Cameron will take Britain back to the 1980s'

George Osborne: Labour is back campaigning on its 1992 platform

George Osborne 2010 Chancellors debate "Now you find the Labour party campaigning in a general election at war with business, undermining 15 years of work that New Labour undertook to rebuild the Labour party's relations with the private sector… [Labour is] actually campaigning on pretty much the same platform they fought the 1992 election on, which is a national insurance increase for people on middle incomes. I thought that betrayed a failure of the Labour party to understand something pretty basic: someone on £20,000 or £21,000 is not rich. They are the aspirational, hard-working majority." – George Osborne quoted in The Guardian

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: More business leaders back Conservative plans to scrap rise in national insurance

From boy George to St George: Osborne hailed as Tory saviour

"This weekend Mr Osborne is being hailed as the Tory saviour, the man whose rabbit-out-of-the-hat national insurance cut has put the party back on track. He has gone from being the weakest link to trump card; from boy George to St George, slayer of Labour’s biggest beast, Lord Mandelson." – Roland Watson in The Times

> Yesterday's ToryDiary'Buy George', shares in Osborne are on the rise

Tories pledge £1billion payout to Equitable Life victims

Picture 1 "Up to a million victims of the Equitable Life scandal will be compensated at last if the Tories win power… Tory Treasury spokesman Mark Hoban said: 'If more than 30,000 people had died waiting for justice in any other situation there would be rioting on the streets. Yet Gordon Brown's government has been happy to kick the issue of Equitable Life into the long grass. Today we make a firm pledge to compensate policyholders and dependants, with no means-testing. They have waited long enough for justice'." – Daily Mail

> Daniel Kawczynski MP wrote on CentreRight last summer that Justice for Equitable Life policy-holders must be delayed no longer

Too many new cancer drugs turned down, Tories say

"Too many new cancer drugs are being turned down or restricted to small groups of NHS patients in England, the Conservatives claim. Shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley said doctors should have a greater role in deciding which drugs to prescribe. The Party is calling for better deals with manufacturers to reduce prices." – BBC

"In November 2008, amid public outcry at the failure of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) to approve drugs on cost grounds, Alan Johnson, the then-health secretary, promised more medicines would be made available… Since then however, research by the Conservatives shows t
hat not a single new drug has been fully approved by NICE." – Daily Telegraph

Andrew Grice looks at the likely new intake of Conservative MPs

"The face of the party is certainly changing. Tory officials calculate that if Mr Cameron won an overall majority of one, the number of women Tory MPs would rise from 18 to about 60 and the number of black or Asian members from two to between 12 and 15. Gay Tories are confident their ranks will grow from three to about 17… Yet the political views of many of the Tories' standard-bearers at next month's election may be rather more traditionalist than the Cameroons would have us believe." – The Independent

> Click here to read ConHome's extensive coverage of the next generation of Conservative MPs

We'll put common sense into policing, say Tories

Chris Grayling 2010 square "The Tories have said they will give police 'common sense' powers designed to stop the scandal of criminals making malicious allegations against their victims. Yobs who have attacked a lawabiding member of the public will sometimes claim falsely that they were themselves assaulted… Conservative home affairs spokesman Chris Grayling said he wanted to introduce a 'healthy dose of common sense in policing, and not the rule-driven political correctness we have at present'." – Daily Mail

Chris Grayling on the chaos of government drugs advisers

"Ministers are ploughing on with plans to ban dance drug mephedrone
despite the resignation of another government drugs adviser over the
issue… Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling said: "After all the
chaos of the last few months, it finally looked as if Alan Johnson
might be getting things back into shape again. The decision on
mephedrone was the right one, but this latest resignation suggests
pretty clearly that the Home Secretary has been completely unable to
restore his relationship with the experts who advise him." – Press Association

> WATCH: Eric
Carlin explains that he has quit as a member of the Government's
advisory council on the misuse of drugs over the way in which
Mephedrone has been criminalised

SamCam lends a campaign hand

Samantha Cameron ITV documentary "Hand-in-hand David Cameron and his pregnant wife Samantha hit the campaign trail together for the first time. The Conservative leader chose yesterday to deploy Samantha – his “secret weapon” – having said how she wanted to “get out there” and help in the run-up to the General Election." – Daily Express

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Samantha Cameron makes her debut on the campaign trail – and as a blogger

Mandelson: Cameron is no heir to Blair

“Tony Blair took a risk in saying to the old Left: change with me or get left behind. David Cameron has decided to take his right wing with him rather than face them down. That is a fundamental difference in outlook and courage. Cameron is certainly not the ‘heir to Blair’.” – Lord Mandelson quoted in The Times

Labour revolt as Mandy's pal gets a safe seat in 'Blairite stitch-up'

"Labour activists are in revolt after a celebrity friend of Lord Mandelson's was parachuted into a safe seat. Television historian Tristram Hunt, 35, has been selected for rock-solid Stoke-on-Trent Central in what insiders claim is a Blairite stitch-up to ensure David Miliband becomes party leader. He may now have to take on the local Labour Party's constituency secretary, Gary Elsby, who is threatening to stand as an independent in disgust." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday's LeftWatch: Will Stoke-on-Trent Central be Labour's next Blaenau Gwent?

The Mail makes another vain attempt to stir up trouble in Surrey East Daily Mail

> Last weekend in Seats and Candidates: Sam Gyimah knocks back attempt to undermine him

Tomos Livingstone: Even if there's a Tory Commons majority, Cameron may have to do deals with the minor parties

"A small Conservative majority may not, in practical terms, turn out to
be very different from a hung parliament. In order to get important
business through the Commons, Mr Cameron may well have to rely on the
Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the SNP to ensure he doesn’t have to
give too many concessions to his own right wing. So the wish-lists
drawn up by those three parties needn’t go straight in the bin if the
Conservatives win an overall majority." – Tomos Livingstone in the
Western Mail

Housing crisis set to intensify

"The housing crisis in England is set to intensify, with insufficient numbers of homes having been built in every region since 2002, a campaign group has said. The National Housing Federation said a record 4.5m people were on housing waiting lists and 2.5m people lived in overcrowded conditions… Shadow housing minister Grant Shapps said the NHF figures revealed a "catastrophic failure". "The result is that fewer homes are being built now than during any peacetime period since 1924." – BBC

Spring of discontent spreads to classrooms as militant teachers threaten wave of strikesDaily Mail


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