10.30pm The Shakespeare Report: What to make of a 6% poll lead?

10pm ToryDiary: First details emerge of tomorrow's Conservative manifesto

10pm ToryDiary update: Tory lead 6% with YouGov and 7% wirth ComRes

9pm LeftWatch: The Conservative rebuttal of Labour's manifesto

8.15pm ToryDiary: David Cameron should say no to Jeremy Paxman

Eric Pickles 2 20108pm Tea with Pickles: Someone’s sunrise is someone else’s sunset

7.45pm ToryDiary update: Latest Opinium poll for the Express has the Tory lead at 8%

7.15pm WATCH:

6.45pm ToryDiary: ICM also has the Tories 6% ahead

5.30pm ToryDiary: Tories pledge that they would stop MPs facing charges over expenses from accessing legal aid

5pm Lee Rotherham on CentreRight has some advice for the next Prime Minister and his Europe Minister: tell it straight, and drop the customary flannel

SPECSPOOF 4.15pm MyLabourPoster: Spoofs of Labour's manifesto cover

4pm Local government: Conservatives fight every ward in London

4pm LeftWatch update: Francis Maude writes to Cabinet Secretary over Labour's use of a hospital for its manifesto launch

3.45pm Seats and Candidates: Snapshots of the first week of the campaign from ConservativeHome's panel of candidates – Part two

2.30pm WATCH: Speaking to workers at Fuller's Brewery in the top target seat of Brentford and Isleworth, David Cameron continues to focus on the issues of the economy and jobs

2pm LeftWatch: Today it's payback time for Labour's paymasters in the CWU over Royal Mail's future

Picture 81.15pm WATCH: Gordon Brown launches Labour's manifesto

1pm LeftWatch: Labour accused of breaking rules by using NHS hospital for manifesto launch

12.45pm ConservativeHome's Election Gallery: Labour's manifesto cover (it's begging to be spoofed)

Nick Wood's High Noon: Gordon Brown's new-found aversion to spending commitments is as believable as the cartoon drunk vowing never to touch another drop of alcohol

12.15pm Daniel Hamilton on CentreRight analyses the result of the Hungarian general election: Fidesz's unhappy challenge

Screen shot 2010-04-12 at 11.45.4611.45am WATCH: Animated video summarising Labour's manifesto pledges

11.15am LeftWatch update: Labour contacting doctors via confidential work email addresses to pressurise them into backing Labour

10.30am LeftWatch: Lib Dem attempt to infiltrate Zac Goldsmith's campaign is exposed

10am LeftWatch update: Tories launch website where voters can demand apology from Labour over scaremongering cancer postcard campaign

9.30am ToryDiary: ConHome's new weekly General Election survey is live

Picture 7 ToryDiary: The Tory plan for a fuel duty stabiliser will be a welcome relief for drivers as petrol prices hit an all-time high

Matthew Cashmore on Platform: Why this son of the Welsh Valleys is now voting Conservative

LeftWatch: The "Blairite" Labour manifesto is reportedly targeting Middle England – but can we believe it any more than the 2005 manifesto?

Seats and Candidates: Snapshots of the first week of the campaign from ConservativeHome's panel of candidates – Part one

Local Government:

Mark Wallace on CentreRight: The Debt Clock goes on the road

WATCH: David Cameron gives a flavour of what tomorrow's Conservative manifesto will say

Gazette: Marriage of Alex Deane and Felicity McMahon

David Cameron prepares to target "ordinary" Britons in optimistic manifesto

David Cameron 2010 smiling open neck "David Cameron will tomorrow unveil a Tory election manifesto packed with policies to make life better for ordinary Britons. His campaign will be built on the rallying cry: "We're all in this together – government and people"… Mr Cameron will place stress on government and people working together. He will insist: "There is no law that says we must accept decline. We have the energy, the ideas, the ambition to get Britain back on track. And that includes everyone in Britain, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances. If we join together, if we act decisively and move forward with optimism, we can start to fix the economic, social and political problems that threaten the nation." – The Sun

"David Cameron will claim that voting for the Tories will lead to a fundamental change in political philosophy over the way the country is run. In a foreword to his party's manifesto, the Tory leader will try to strike a more optimistic note in an effort to counter criticism that the Conservatives have been too downbeat about the problems facing the UK as it pulls out of recession. The manifesto theme will be "We're all in this together".- The Guardian

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Tories use Sunday newspapers to preview three more manifesto policies

David Cameron and Kenneth Clarke 'most likely to steer British economy back to health'

"David Cameron and Kenneth Clarke have been voted by business leaders as being the most trusted politicians to steer Britain back to health. A survey of 540 senior business figures by DLA Piper, the law firm, found that more than a third of respondents felt the Conservative leader was the best politician for the economy, followed by the shadow business secretary, who attracted 21pc of the votes." – Daily Telegraph

104 business leaders have now signed the letter opposing the NI rise The Guardian

George Osborne wants early sale of state bank stakes

George Osborne 2010 Chancellors debate "A Conservative government plans to rush through a competition inquiry into concentration in the British banking sector, paving the way for the possible initial sale of stakes in the state-owned banks next year. George Osborne, shadow chancellor, wants to make quick progress in selling its stakes in Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland, with the aim of realising billions of pounds of potential profit before an election in 2014-15… Mr Osborne has suggested to City figures he is eyeing a sale of some of its 70 per cent stake in RBS in 2012. “There is no timetable,” an aide to Mr Osborne said. “But we will do it as early as possible to get a good price.” – FT

Labour face apology call over cancer election leaflets

"David Cameron has called on the prime minister to apologise for Labour leaflets sent out on cancer policy, calling the tactic "sick". Leaflets saying the Tories would scrap a Labour guarantee on how quickly patients would see a cancer specialist were sent to 250,000 women last month. Some recipients said they had cancer, and felt they had been targeted." – BBC

> Yesterday's LeftWatch: Labour's shameful cancer postcard campaign

Tory lead 6% in daily tracker The Sun

> Last night's ToryDiary: Conservative lead down to 6% in YouGov/Sun tracker

Tories will 'consider gay marriage'

"The Tories would be "very happy" to consider same-sex marriage if elected, George Osborne has told gay activists. The shadow chancellor met gay rights leaders including Peter Tatchell ahead of a protest outside Conservative campaign HQ by equality campaigners." – BBC

"David Cameron attempted to woo the pink vote yesterday with a pledge to quash convictions made under 'outdated' gay sex laws… Under Mr Cameron's proposals, those convicted of gay sex offences which are no longer illegal will effectively have their convictions quashed." – Daily Mail

> Greg Hands MP on CentreRight yesterday: In praise of Peter Tatchell

Jeremy Hunt: The bias in the electoral system make this an unfair fight

HUNT JEREMY NW "We suffer the imbalance in the system and hopefully boundary changes will make that fairer in the next parliament… We didn't complain then (in 1997) about the electoral system unlike Labour who was happy with it until this death bed conversion they've had. It isn't fair. But we don't want to change the first by the post election results that have given us clean results." – Jeremy Hunt interviewed by the Daily Telegraph

Bruce Anderson: It's Cameron's authenticity that could prove decisive

"Tomorrow Mr Cameron publishes his Manifesto. It will not be as dramatic as the 1834 version. But its objectives are similar: a reassertion of British values in modern circumstances. Mr Cameron will be saying that if anyone believes in Britain, the family, hard work and common sense, they should vote for him, irrespective of their class, their creed or their colour. It is a strongly-argued message and a deeply-felt one." – Bruce Anderson in The Independent

Boris Johnson: At last, people are tuning in to David Cameron's ambitious message

"The other day a paper had a headline saying "The Cameron question", above an article about voter hesitations. Whatever the Cameron question may be, the answer should be an emphatic yes. He has produced a wholly benign transformation in the Tory party, and should be given the chance to do the same for the country." – Boris Johnson in the Daily Telegraph

David Cameron fights back tears in ITN interview as he recalls death of son

"The loss is very tough and it takes a very long time to even start to get over it. It's a sort of journey between understanding what you're missing, what you've lost and being grateful for what you had. It just takes a very long time." – David Cameron quoted in The Guardian

Lord Mandelson to run 'spin room' at TV debateDaily Telegraph

Poland continues to mourn the death of President Kaczynski The Times

Weston family breached charity law over Tory donationsThe Times

Nick Clegg attacks Labour over 'unfair' record on taxBBC

Car bomb explodes near Northern Ireland army baseBBC


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