10pm ToryDiary: Tories 10% ahead in YouGov/Sun poll

8pm ToryDiary: New Harris poll puts Tory lead at 10% as Labour drop to 27%

7.30pm Tea with Pickles: "If you don't like the folks, don't be in our business"

Picture 37pm ToryDiary: George Osborne writes to Alistair Darling accusing him of hiding the truth about Labour's jobs tax from the British people

6.30pm WATCH:

6.15pm ToryDiary: Remember what happened eighteen years ago today?

6pm WATCH: Harry Cole aka Tory Bear talks to BBC News about the demise of his university pal Stuart MacLennan's parliamentary candidacy over his tweeting

5.15pm Latest posts on CentreRight:

4.30pm LeftWatch: Gordon Brown and Lord Mandelson echo Lord Adonis on tactical voting

Picture 34pm WATCH: Boris Johnson and David Cameron meet Chelsea Pensioners on the campaign trail

3.45pm Seats and Candidates: Conservative/UUP candidate steps aside in Fermanagh and South Tyrone to back independent unionist

3pm Matthew Palmer on CentreRight: How to win over the floaters who are “umming” on the doorstep

2.45pm Seats and Candidates: Wendy Morton gets a boost in Tynemouth as her Lib Dem opponent goes on holiday

1.45pm WATCH: Nick Clegg's interview on the GMTV sofa with John Stapleton from this morning

12.45pm Jill Kirby on CentreRight: Don't go back to 2005, Dave

12.30pm Local government: Council by-election results

12.15pm LeftWatch update: Statement from Scottish Labour confirming the sacking of Labour candidate Stuart Maclennan

Picture 29'High Noon', Nick Wood's daily look at the General Election campaign: David Cameron has made the weather in week one of the campaign – and he must not let up

Noon LeftWatch update: Stuart Maclennan "to be removed" as Labour candidate for Moray

Noon Local government:

11.45am LeftWatch update: Labour bloggers start calling for Tweeting candidate Stuart Maclennan to go

11.30am Photographs of David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Shaun Bailey added to ConHome's Election Gallery

11.30am LeftWatch update: Read some of the controversial Tweets from the Labour candidate who is now found to be directly breaching Gordon Brown's promise on candidates upholding the highest standards

11.15am ToryDiary: Theresa May announces plan for a crackdown on benefits fraudsters

10am LeftWatch: Labour candidate under pressure to quit over offensive and obscene Tweets

B9fd6938363b9ef93669a9b8dea5-grandeToryDiary: 'Like leaving Wayne Rooney on the bench'

Also on ToryDiary: Another poll puts the Conservatives 9% ahead

LeftWatch: Cabinet Minister, Andrew Adonis, argues that Labour and Liberal Democrats are natural coalition allies

Ross Carroll on Platform: The next Conservative Government must aid the development of a dynamic and sustainable private sector in Northern Ireland

ALetter International: Homosexuality, environmentalism and the real reasons why the British Conservatives are back

Seats and candidates: If the Tories get 1.5million more votes than Labour, Mr Brown would still win MORE Commons seats

Local government: The battle for Bristol, The battle for Sefton and Which councils could the Conservatives lose on May 6?

David Cameron: Public sector chiefs will be forced to take pay cut

Screen shot 2010-04-09 at 07.15.07 "Public sector chiefs earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a year would have their salaries cut back by a Conservative government under a radical scheme to link their earnings to the lowest-paid workers in their organisation, David Cameron announces today." – Guardian

> Last night's ToryDiary: Cameron says richest public sector worker should not get paid more than twenty times poorest public sector worker

Tory efficiency programme under scrutiny

"David Cameron’s efficiency chief has told him to cut the public payroll by up to £2bn within a year of the general election, a saving that could lead to the loss of up to 40,000 jobs across the public sector. In an interview with the Financial Times, Sir Peter Gershon, the former government adviser who has provided the blueprint for the Conservative leader’s efficiency plans, disclosed for the first time how the party’s proposed £12bn savings should be achieved." – FT

"If instead the efficiencies are not there to be had, the Conservatives will have other awkward questions to answer. In particular, will they cut services such as schools? And if not, will they instead raise VAT, thereby taxing not just those who are in work, but also those without it?" – Guardian leader

The FT's verdict: "Can the Conservatives release the extra £6bn in cash they claim? Absolutely. They say they will cut the money off departmental budgets. But can they do it without reducing employment and halting some existing programmes? Absolutely not. As Uwe Reinhardt, professor of political economy at Princeton is fond of saying: "Every $1 of waste is $1 of someone's income"."

Allister Heath, Editor of City AM: Tories must rule out VAT hike

"The Tories need to beware: they are now the only party not to have fully and explicitly ruled out a hike in Vat after the election (they say they have no plans to put the tax up, but that isn’t quite the same thing). The Liberal Democrats have been quick to put out a vicious attack poster campaign claiming that a looming Tory Vat increase will cost everybody £389 a year. This is demagogic nonsense, as is their factually incorrect line that the only people who would get a tax break under the Tories are millionaires. This is simply not true. But there is only one sensible way forward. The Tories should go the whole hog and pledge not to put up Vat at all after the election – and if that means that all of the necessary fiscal tightening comes from reductions in expenditure, then so much the better. The tax burden is much too large already." – Allister Heath in City AM

LibDem_Tory_Bombshell_Ban Liberal Democrat poster warns on VAT bombshell if Tories win.

"Gordon Brown pushed through next year’s planned rise in national insurance against the advice of senior Treasury officials who argued instead for an increase in VAT." – Times

Deutsche Bank backs Conservatives to help economy

"Deutsche Bank said Conservative plans to cut public spending were more credible to financial markets than Labour’s proposals. In a comprehensive analysis, the bank said Labour’s failure to set out firm plans to cut government debts was unsettling the financial markets. If Gordon Brown were re-elected or in the case of a hung parliament, the cost to the Government of raising money could rise, bank analysts said." – Telegraph

A Tory spokesman says party largely happy with Digital Economy Bill and will not seek to change it should it gain power in the electionCity AM

Has Calamity Chris Grayling been cast into the cold? – Andrew Pierce in the Daily Mail

> ConHome Election Gallery: Chris Grayling lends his support to Kris Hopkins in Keighley and Ilkley

Scientists say Tory 'lack of vision' will damage economyIndependent

Brown AND Cameron have so far ducked the Jeremy Paxman challengeGuardian

Fink Tank model shows Tories winning 318 seats — short of majorityTimes

Anne Perkins of The Guardian dips her pen into the well of cynicism

"Mrs Cameron steps out on her own in a curious subset of what can only be called the Duchess of Cornwall role of being nice to poor people." – Anne Perkins in The Guardian

Is Balls heading for a Portillo moment?Independent

> Antony Calvert launches new fundraising website in his bid to give Ed Balls a "Portillo moment"

Petrol hits £6-a-gallon

Screen shot 2010-04-09 at 07.15.40 "The £6 gallon arrived at Britain’s petrol pumps yesterday as motorists continue to be hammered by Labour. Unleaded hit an average of 119.9p a litre for the first time ever, breaking the previous July 2008 record of 119.7p." – Express

Nick Clegg launches his consumers manifesto

"The Liberal Democrats are to pledge to stop banks charging excessive penalties for customers going over their overdraft limit. The party's manifesto for consumers will also contain measures to limit charges for bouncing a cheque and cap the interest rates on credit cards." – Express

Social networking website Facebook has been brought in to get unregistered voters into the polling boothBBC

And finally… Michael Caine backs the Tories on National Community Service

"It is believed the actor plans to marshal the youngsters into a fleet of Minis, from which they will pull off audacious feats of community service, before an Alpine coach trip with their elderly charges goes horribly wrong." – Marina Hyde in The Guardian

Michael Caine vowed yesterday to vote Tory in the General Election – The Sun


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