10pm ToryDiary: YouGov puts the Tories at 41% and 10% ahead

8.15pm ToryDiary update: Opinium/Express poll has Tory lead at 10%

7pm ToryDiary: Tory lead down to 4% in ICM poll

6.45pm ToryDiary: Eric Pickles writes his first daily election report for ConservativeHome

4.45pm Seats and candidates: Let's raise £1,000 for Brenda Porter, our Southport candidate

3pm LeftWatch: Vince Cable is a serial flip-flopper

2.30pm WATCH: Homemade video depicting Brown returning Britain to the strikes of the 1970s

12.30pm Seats and candidates: Can we raise £1,000 TODAY to help Philippa Stroud oust a Liberal Democrat MP

Noon ToryDiary: Labour taxes and debt will crush the economy warns new Tory poster

Screen shot 2010-04-05 at 11.02.0611am WATCH: Samantha Cameron makes her YouTube debut


Zach Johnstone on Platform: Britain is broken – and those who say it isn't must look at it from a new perspective

Seats and candidates: Search for 100 Peers: Iain Dale

Local government: Magna Carta for localism: Fighting crime

Parliament: David Curry uses final Commons speech to highlight very difficult years ahead for local government

ThinkTankCentral: The IEA and TPA condemn Cameron's plan to train 5,000 community workers

ConservativeHome is five today

Read about our plans to launch if the Conservatives win the General Election and download a copy of our souvenir brochure.

Three messages will dominate this week's Tory campaigning

  • A married couples’ tax plan that could save families £25 a week.
  • A £200million drugs fund proposal to give thousands of cancer sufferers expensive life-saving drugs
  • A pledge to stop all moves towards British participation in EU plans for a European public prosecutor – who could issue arrest warrants for British citizens.

More in The Express.

The Daily Mail has more information on the Conservatives' marriage pledge. It is expected to focus on couples with young children before being extended to all couples as the economy recovers.

Chris Grayling: Under 16s must be punished if they offend

GRAYLING-OPEN-SHIRT "Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said anyone under 16 who gets in trouble with police will be punished, even if it is their first offence. They could be grounded, placed under curfew or forced to do some other community punishment, such as picking up litter, to shock them away from a life of crime. If their parents fail to enforce the punishment they too could be hauled before the courts." – Daily Mail

Chris Cook: Sack Chris Grayling

"Chris Grayling, his serially hapless shadow home secretary, said last week that bed-and-breakfast owners should, contrary to current law, be allowed to turn away gay customers. Even if this story gains little traction, the Tory leader should sack him. This is a golden, high-profile opportunity for Mr Cameron to show the depth of his commitment to changing his party." – FT

A B&B is a private space, not a public one – Chris Grayling's logic is perfectly reasonable, says Melanie McDonagh in The Telegraph

Dominic Grieve may reopen probe into Dr David Kelly's 'suicide'Daily Mail

Adequacy of Merlin software questioned by Tory activistsFT

Boris Johnson backs George Osborne's National Insurance pledge

JOHNSON BORIS 8 "Labour's decision to hike National Insurance is a direct attack on employment in all firms, large or small. It is sugar in the tank of the British economy; it is paraquat on the seedlings of recovery, and the Tories are right to cut that tax because, in the end, governments cannot end recessions, and chancellors cannot end recessions. It is businesses that end recessions when they have the confidence to take on more people and expand – and they will have that confidence only if they are not going to be hit with extortionate payroll taxes." – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

"Gordon Brown was yesterday accused of hammering hard-working Brits with a series of sneaky tax rises. Tory figures showed average National Insurance receipts have risen five times faster than income tax since 2001. And the average family has seen its NI contributions soar by twelve times as much as its income tax bills." – The Sun

Conservative plans to start cutting the UK's deficit this year risk a "double-dip" recession, warns BrownBBC

Wayne-rooney The Prime Minister compares the economy to Wayne Rooney: ""I know everyone will be hoping he's fit for the World Cup but after an injury you need support to recover, you need support to get back to match fitness, you need support to get back your full strength and then go on to lift the World Cup. So with the economy – we're not back to full fitness, we need to maintain support," he said. "If we try and jump off the treatment table as if nothing had happened we'll do more damage to the economy – and frankly that means we risk a double-dip recession. I think that's a risk we can't afford to take."" – ITN

Mandelson warns that a Tory government would impose a "hefty" increase in VATGuardian

Ed Balls compares Michael Gove to Santa Claus

"The shadow schools secretary Michael Gove is like Santa Claus. He's going round the country promising any group of parents who want a new school, even where there are already surplus places, that they can have one whatever the cost. But he isn't telling parents that the only way he can pay for this is by cutting the budgets of all the other schools in the area." – The Schools Secretary quoted by the BBC

Britain's highest decorated serving soldier REFUSED to shake Gordon Brown's hand in a protest

15594398 "Brave Victoria Cross winner Johnson Beharry turned and walked off – incensed by what he sees as shabby treatment of the military by the PM." – The Sun

Labour's election line-up too male dominated, Harriet Harman saysGuardian

Labour Lords will 'run the country' during election campaign

"Lord Adonis and Lord Drayson, two of the most senior peers in government, may step in to make key decisions and keep the country running once parliament is dissolved, under a little-known convention whereby ministers who are members of the Lords take on extra responsibilities during election campaigns." – Guardian

Liberal Democrats plan to take £3bn out of road spending and put it into rail BBC

Rise of LibDems should worry Cameron

LIBERAL-DEMOCRATS "This apparent Liberal Democrat advance will worry David Cameron. An eight-point lead over Labour might just be enough to secure the Tories a narrow overall majority if, as several polls suggest, they secure an above-average swing in marginal seats held by Labour. But it will not be sufficient if at the same time the Liberal Democrats manage to fend off the Conservative attack on their key marginal seats." – John Curtice in The Independent

BBC grants BNP an election interview on Today programmeIndependent

And finally 1… Guy behind Labour's 'Back to the 80s' poster leaves a Facebook status message

'Jacob Quagliozzi has drunk too much wine, smoked too many fags, is listening to the Beatles … and can't believe people really want David Cameron as PM. He's a c**k.'

Quoted in The Daily Mail.

And finally 2… Labour poster and the mis-spelling of 'wiindow'

Kindly submitted by Brandon Lewis, our candidate in Great Yarmouth.


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