10.30pm WATCH: Lord Tebbit tells the BBC that Conservative members should be under no obligation to support John Bercow

5pm Seats and candidates: Zakir Khan selected for Bethnal Green and Bow

4.45pm WATCH: Liam Fox is interviewed by Andrew Marr

4.15pm International: Will another Texas Governor be the next Republican President?

3.45pm Seats and candidates: Cameron's gay candidates

1pm WATCH: Brown uses troops as political props, says John Major

LessRedToryism 11am ToryDiary: It's time to stop apologising for being Conservative

TEBBIT NORMAN RECENT9.15am Seats and candidates: John Bercow doesn't deserve Tories' automatic support, says increasingly independent Tebbit

LeftWatch: Guess what? The unions are spending more in the marginals than the Conservatives

Philip Booth on Platform: Why I have reservations about the "Nudge" philosophy

"No one is ever beyond the pale"; Melanchthon reflects on Jon Venables

Seats and candidates: Twenty good reasons to vote Conservative… in Halifax

Glyn Gaskarth on Local government: Eliminate the tiers but keep the same number of councillors


 Tory lead at 2%, 5% and 9% in two Sunday newspaper polls

259> Yesterday evening's ToryDiary summarises the three polls

Michael Dobbs offers sound advice to the Tory leadership: "Above all,
the Tories must not panic. Leave that for Labour. If Cameron and his
Conservatives show belief in themselves, the country will, too." – The Sunday Telegraph

Screen shot 2010-03-07 at 08.37.44 Did Samantha Cameron vote Labour?

Perhaps, says the Mail on Sunday; no, no, no says CCHQ and the original source, Ed Vaizey MP.

Cameron, Clarke, Hague, Gove and Hunt will be five main faces of Tory election effort

"The Tories deny that Mr Osborne or Mr Grayling have been snubbed. They say Mr Osborne will concentrate on his behind-the-scenes role as the Tories’ Election mastermind and will make occasional public appearances. However, privately, they admit that Mr Osborne gets low ratings in confidential Conservative polls and was damaged by reports of how he was entertained on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s yacht in Corfu." – Mail on Sunday

The Sunday Telegraph describes Ken Clarke as the Tories' "secret weapon" as he becomes central to the Conservative Party's election campaign.

Tory candidates able to use immigration in election leafletsThe Sunday Express reports on Friday's ConservativeHome exclusive

Tory adviser, Sir Alan Budd, says Cameron cannot avoid raising taxesObserver

How will David Cameron keep the lights on?

Neither of the main parties seems to have any idea how we are to meet the looming shortfall in power, warns Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph

Lord Ashcroft plans to reinvent himself as a media tycoonThe Sunday Times

The Independent on Sunday speculates at the divisions within Team Cameron about Lord Ashcroft.

Nadine Dorries attacks Mark Oaten for taking £3,700 for appearing in Tower Block of Commons

"Shame on him. He was paid almost £1,000 per episode to cry and emote whilst living in the home of someone who lived on £150 per week." – Nadine Dorries' blog | Also see News of the World

David Cameron's body language more attractive than Gordon Brown'sThe Sunday Telegraph

John Major accuses Gordon Brown of using armed forces as political props

MajorJohn "Gordon Brown was embroiled in a furious row when former prime minister John Major accused him of using British troops as a "party political prop" on a surprise visit to thank soldiers in Afghanistan. Major condemned Brown's decision and said he had orchestrated a "cynically-timed political stunt"." – Observer

WATCH Sky report of Brown's visit to Afghanistan | Yesterday's attack by Defence chiefs on Brown's underfunding of the military

Liberal Democrats would work with Labour but not BrownThe Sunday Times

'Try something new,' Nick Clegg tells Sunday Express readers.

And finally… On your bike, minister

"The Conservatives plan to tell their own frontbenchers to ‘Get on your bike’ under plans to slash the ministerial chauffeur budget if they win the General Election. In an echo of the tough message given to the unemployed by former Tory Minister Norman Tebbit in the Eighties, the Conservatives will ‘expect’ Ministers to cycle around Westminster in order to help cut the Ministerial car fleet by a third." – Mail on Sunday


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