TMmeetsDC 11.45pm ToryDiary: My verdict on TM meets DC

ToryDiary: Main points from Trevor McDonald meets David Cameron

7.30pm ToryDiary: From the News of the World to the Wall Street Journal, George Osborne is winning endorsements

7.15pm WATCH: Theresa May says that Nick Clegg appears to be confused about his economic policy and his attitude towards who he would work with in a hung parliament


5pm ThinkTankCentral: Eamonn Butler and Madsen Pirie win the IEA's 2010 National Free Enterprise Award

2.30pm ToryDiary: What would happen if England voted blue – but the Government stayed red?

2.15pm WATCH:

1.30pm LeftWatch: Alistair Darling contradicts his deputy on tax

12.30pm Seats and Candidates: Former soldier Edward Legard explains why he wants to replace the retiring Alan Milburn as MP for Darlington

11.45am LeftWatch: Gordon Brown's words are cold comfort for the
mother of the unequipped solder killed in Afghanistan and the son of
the 86-year-old woman who died in her local hospital

10.15am Seats and Candidates: Zac Goldsmith accuses his Liberal Democrat opponent in Richmond Park of inventing a "Save Our Hospital" campaign for political advantage

ToryDiary: Liam Fox says Britain should stop apologising for its history and forge closer relations with countries beyond the EU

DAVIS DAVID official David Davis MP on Platform: Labour have failed to deliver a safe and secure society – and they have tried to cover this up by manipulating the crime figures

LeftWatch: Liberal Democrat bloggers have a nerve claiming their MPs are the most liberal and least authoritarian in the Commons

Seats and Candidates:

Local Government: Highlights from Boris's People's Question Time in Harrow

WATCH: Daniel Hannan says we don't need the EU to regulate our pets

George Osborne promises free financial advice for all and an end to 50% tax (eventually)

George Osborne down the line screen grab "A Conservative government will give every family in Britain the right to a free financial health check, giving them the advice they need to look after their finances, save for the future and get independent expert help on pensions, debt and other financial products… I regard the 50p rate as a temporary feature of the tax system. For a would-be chancellor to say temporary is a clear statement. But I can't say to the public sector we need wage restraint and at the same time cut the 50p rate. I couldn't even think of doing something about it while at the same time I was asking public sector workers to accept a pay freeze." – Shadow Chancellor George Osborne talks to the News of the World

Today's opinion polls

"The Conservatives (38 per cent) are seven points ahead of Labour (31 per cent) in the ICM survey for The Sunday Telegraph, down from a lead of nine points last month. The Liberal Democrats are up one point to 21 per cent… A surprising 34 per cent of voters think that Britain’s interests would “best be served” if the election resulted, as most polls now predict, in a hung parliament, despite warnings that such an outcome would gravely hamper the country’s ability to recover from its economic woes and record deficit." – Sunday Telegraph

"The Conservative lead has narrowed from five points to four during the past week, the poll of just over 1,500 people shows. The Tories have slipped by one point to 37%, Labour is unchanged on 33%, while the Liberal Democrats are also unchanged on 17%." – Sunday Times

> Last night's ToryDiary on the polls

David Cameron: "I wasn't airbrushed, I just have a babyface"

2010 Cameron poster face "The 43-year-old Conservative leader was ridiculed over the billboard posters which carried a giant picture of his face with what looked like suspiciously smooth skin. However, in Sir Trevor McDonald Meets David Cameron, to be broadcast tonight on ITV1, Cameron defends the “We can’t go on like this” campaign. “I wanted to say something very positive, very clear, very personal, very direct about what I stand for,” he says. “The picture was not actually airbrushed — I am afraid I have a baby face.” – Sunday Times

Fraser Nelson: How Sarah Brown and Samantha Cameron could swing the election for their other halves

"The Tory campaign is still in the doldrums. David Cameron can't seem
to put any zest in it. So it's time for his "secret weapon". At 10.45pm
tonight, his wife Samantha will join the election trail – appearing as
part of a Trevor McDonald interview with Cam. As the Tory leader says,
"watch out Britain". Our politics is about to have what the Americans
have had for decades: Wife wars." – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World

Mrs Cameron, Mrs Brown and Mrs Obama have all adopted the "my imperfect hero" strategyMail on Sunday

Chris Grayling accuses Labour of passing laws as a public relations exercise

"Under laws introduced by Labour, if you have failed to nominate a keyholder who can switch off your alarm you are guilty of an offence. You could be liable for a fine of £1,000 and could have to appear in front of a magistrate if you fail to pay a fixed penalty on time. This is just one of 4,300 offences created by the Labour government since 1997… Chris Grayling, the Tory spokesman on home affairs, said: “What Labour has been doing is using legislation as a public relations exercise. As a result we have ended up with far too many laws and far too much complexity." – Sunday Times

Janet Daley: David Cameron is selling a new Tory brand – but I'm not buying it yet

DALEY JANEY BLOG "I started voting for the Conservatives in 1979 because they seemed to me to have a profound belief in the value of individual achievement and the fulfilment of personal potential. When I pointed that out to a dedicated Tory moderniser his eyes brightened and he said, "Yes! It's just like the shampoo advert: Because you're worth it." And my heart sank. How could it have come to this? The party that had won every political and economic argument worth having in the post-war period was now trading in frivolous marketing slogans." – Janet Daley in the Sunday Telegraph

Labour plans last ditch announcement on House of Lords reform

"Plans to abolish the House of Lords and replace it with a 300-strong, wholly elected second chamber are to be unveiled by ministers in a key political move ahead of the general election… The proposals, which have been leaked to The Sunday Telegraph and which are expected to be announced soon, would sweep away centuries of tradition and set ministers on a collision course with the current 704-member House of Lords, which is resolutely opposed to having elected members." – Sunday Telegraph

> Last night's LeftWatch: Labour to annouce plans to abolish House of Lords and replace it with a 300-member fully elected second chamber

Labour will lurch leftwards as union barons bag safe seats

"Research by The Sunday Times into Labour candidates selected for safe seats shows that more than half are either members of trade unions or linked to left-wing party groupings. One in five is a current or former union official. Most worryingly for the new Labour wing of the party, the left-wing candidates are concentrated in the safest seats — the ones the party will retain even in a severe election defeat." – Sunday Times

Michael Gove 2010 "In a major speech on Tuesday, Michael Gove, the shadow education secretary, will attempt to use the Unite links to paint Brown's Labour as a throwback to the days when the union barons ran the show. "Under the guise of 'moving on' from Blair, Labour has in fact regressed," Gove will say. "It is a massively underappreciated fact that Labour has once again become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the trade union movement." – Sunday Telegraph

> Last week in LeftWatch: Three unions have given £25 million to Labour – and have now secured more than 100 parliamentary candidacies

On Mothering Sunday, do mothers hold the key to election victory?

"Britain's eight million mothers of school-age and young children are to be offered a major extension of family-friendly working hours as Labour does battle with the Conservatives for the votes of women at the election. As a debate raged over the role of leaders' wives in the political frontline, Labour stepped up its targeting of "mainstream mums" who it believes could keep Gordon Brown in power." – Independent on Sunday

"Mothers living in marginal constituencies are to be sent personalised postcards detailing Labour’s childcare policies as the battle for women’s votes intensifies. This weekend, Labour is targeting 100,000 mothers in 53 areas across Britain following research indicating that they could hold the key to victory at the general election." – Sunday Times

The fight for the Lancashire and West Midlands marginalsIndependent on Sunday

Nick Clegg tries to pacify his party over talk of pact with Cameron

CleggGloomy "Nick Clegg yesterday tried to calm fears in his party that he would plunge into a post-election pact with David Cameron after the threat of a major rebellion by left-wingers in his ranks. The Liberal Democrat leader was forced to row back on remarks in which he praised Margaret Thatcher for her tough stance against the unions, as his spring conference was dominated by talk of which party he would support in the event of a hung parliament." – Independent on Sunday

"Agony aunt and leading party supporter Claire Rayner tore into Mr Clegg for trying to ‘butter up’ David Cameron to secure a deal with the Conservatives in a hung Parliament. She told The Mail on Sunday she was ‘appalled’ to hear Mr Clegg last week praising Margaret Thatcher and pleaded with him not to get into bed with Mr Cameron’s party." – Mail on Sunday

"The Liberal Democrats have distanced themselves from the Conservatives by warning they would not support plans to cut public spending too early in the next parliament. The party's leader, Nick Clegg, said early deep cuts would be "economic masochism".- The Observer

Tories accuse Channel 4 over attempt to lure them into fake lobbying jobs

"Impressionist Rory Bremner’s TV show was last night linked to an elaborate attempt to entrap Tory MPs into accepting cash for ‘fixing’ lucrative contracts if David Cameron wins the Election. Five Conservative MPs were invited to meetings with a lobbying company which offered them £35,000 a year for just a few days’ work a year if they agreed to exploit their links with friends in a future Tory Government… Last night, after The Mail on Sunday established that the company was set up last month by a producer who works on Mr Bremner’s programmes for Channel 4, the Tories accused the station of a ‘desperate waste of money’." – Mail on Sunday

Edward McMillan-Scott: Defending Europe cost me my place with ToriesThe Observer

Shock, horror: some parliamentary candidates work in lobbyingThe Observer

Lord Paul replays £38,000 in expensesSunday Telegraph

Pressure grows on Tories to identify MP who sabotaged vulture fund billThe Observer

"Hug a hoodie" and other quotes that politicians never actually said – Nigel Farndale in the Sunday Telegraph

And finally… David Cameron reveals how a prostitute helped him find his future wife

Samantha and David Cameron "It could all have been so different. A young David Cameron lost on the streets of Bristol and trying to get to his first date with Sam Sheffield stopped to ask a young woman for directions. Then as she popped her head into his car window he realised she was a street worker hoping to ply her trade. With images of his political future, let alone his love life, destroyed by false allegations of kerb-crawling he beat a hasty retreat. The Conservative leader recalls the eventful run-up to the first date with the woman who was to become his wife ­during an in-depth ITV documentary on the couple, to be screened tonight." – Sunday Express


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