10.15pm ToryDiary: Samantha Cameron has NEVER voted Labour

7.30pm ToryDiary: Tory lead back up to 9% in ICM poll

6.30pm WATCH: Geert Wilders tells Newsnight that Europe has enough Islam

4.15pm WATCH: John Stevens explains why he is standing against John Bercow

Screen shot 2010-03-06 at 15.41.543.30pm WATCH:

12.45pm ToryDiary: Good government costs less with the Conservatives, says David 'Sainsbury's' Cameron

Noon Parliament: Is General Election Night as saved as we thought?

11.45am WATCH: David Cameron attacks Labour's wastefulness in his latest YouTube broadcast

10.15am LeftWatch: Clegg fears Liberal Democrats will split if he backs minority Tory government

Labour-megaphone9.30am Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Did the Today programme decide that day six of the Ashcroft story was a bigger story than day one of the military chiefs' attack on Brown for dissembling?

ToryDiary: Gove will invite best minds to draw up a traditionalist core curriculum for Britain's schools

WIlliam Norton on Platform: How a Sinking Fund could stave off a gilts strike

LeftWatch: "Not true," Mr Brown, Defence chiefs accuse the PM of starving the armed forces of funds

Seats and candidates: Janice Small puts her face on the back end of a bus

Local government: Conservatives crucial in achieving Council Tax freeze in Brent

Matt Sinclair on CentreRight disagrees with Lucy Parsons' recipe for addressing the budget deficit

Patrick O'Flynn: Cameron must communicate his existing policies with more passion and discipline

CameronBroadcast "The country is looking for a strong, straightforward leader who knows what he believes in and responds well under pressure. With polling day just two months away it is too late for Cameron to reinvent beliefs, policies and priorities. Instead he must communicate the ones he already has with passion, vigour and discipline. If he offers a false or half-baked prospectus voters will see it as a telling sign of weakness." – Patrick O'Flynn in The Express

David Cameron has been personally telephoning voters in marginal constituencies to ask them to vote for the ConservativesTelegraph

Attacks on Lord Ashcroft continue

"Michael Ashcroft was right to say he will resign as deputy chairman of the Tory party after the election. His presence has been an embarrassment. If you wish to own a political party in Britain, you should at least have the good manners to pay all your taxes in Britain.' – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph

"One backbench Tory MP told the Financial Times he was angry that the “Ashcroft issue” had been allowed to “blow up” so close to a general election. “He only provides about 5 per cent of our funding, so why have Cameron and others bent over backwards to avoid questions about him for so long?” he said."

HAGUE WILLIAM official "Michael Ashcroft has forced his party leader and William Hague, one of his best friends, to endure years of uncomfortable questions and, now, a calamitous scandal at a bad moment. He continues to require them to act as a human political shield for him. This is not what a friend does. If Mr Hague and David Cameron have only known Lord Ashcroft’s tax status for weeks, then for years he allowed them to defend him while knowing that the whole truth, when it finally emerged, would be very embarrassing to them. Again, this is not what a friend does." – Times leader

Only a new law that bans non-doms from parliament can restore public confidence and trust in our political institutions – Matthew Elliott in The Guardian

The Guardian takes a critical look at the training of young activists by the Young Britons FoundationGuardian | The Young Britons' Foundation

The three main political party leaders yesterday declared they would NOT be taking the MPs' pay riseThe Sun

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: David Cameron refuses to take his MP's pay rise – and ministers in any government of his would have to follow suit

Prime Minister at pains to distance himself from the errors and evasions of Iraq warIndependent

"In the same seat where five weeks earlier Tony Blair had accepted responsibility for the Iraq war but expressed little remorse, Gordon Brown did almost the opposite. Although he supported the invasion as “the right decision for the right reasons”, he was full of regret for mistakes made and lives lost. The tragic consequences of war “makes us very sad indeed”, he said." – Times

MOORE Charles Moore tells how Michael Foot took money from the KGB in the 1940s, 50s and 60sTelegraph

Gloria De Piero's effort to succeed Geoff Hoon as Labour MP for AshfieldIndependent

Head teachers will be asked to "raise their game" as part of a £2.5bn funding deal proposed by the Liberal DemocratsBBC

Chris Cook: Dangers of a hung parliament are exaggerated

"Blowing up a budget would destroy the government and trigger a general election, leaving the UK in pre-election campaign mode as gilt yields rose. A disaster. But any party blamed for such a crisis would be caught in the fallout and punished at the ballot box. So why would they?" – Chris Cook in the FT

Dutch MP Geert Wilders defies protesters to screen anti-Islamic film in House of LordsDaily Mail

"Yesterday’s visit was at the invitation of UK Independence Party peer Lord Rannoch and Baroness Cox, a former Tory peer. A Home Office spokesman said the Government regretted the peers’ decision to bring him back to Britain. Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, is on course to win most Parliamentary seats in the country’s June 9 election. Yesterday he branded Islam a “violent and retarded” culture." – Express


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