InFullFlow 10.15pm ToryDiary: Obama-esque photographs of David Cameron from tonight's party rally

10pm ToryDiary update: YouGov puts Tories 5% ahead

7.45pm LeftWatch update: The TaxPayers' Alliance spoofs the Unison YouTube ad with examples of "non-jobs" that litter the public sector

7.15pm ToryDiary update: Second poll of the evening has Conservatives 11% ahead

Screen shot 2010-03-15 at 22.05.42 7pm ToryDiary: Was this David Cameron's soapbox moment?

6.30pm ToryDiary: Tory lead up to 9% in ICM/Guardian poll

4.30pm ToryDiary: It was never a choice between modernisation or no modernisation; but about the nature of modernisation

3.15pm WATCH: Philip Hammond, Emily Thornberry and Lord Digby Jones discuss Labour's reliance on union money

3pm ThinkTankCentral: Abolish the Arts Council and allow consumers to decide which theatres and museums get funding

12.30pm Seats and candidates: Labour's Laura Moffatt joins the Chicken run

Screen shot 2010-03-15 at 12.26.2212.15pm WATCH: The Drinkers' Alliance launches YouTube protest at prospect of higher alcohol taxes

Noon Seats and Candidates: Hammersmith PPC Shaun Bailey becomes first candidate to release an iPhone app

11.15am Seats and Candidates: Candidates selected for final three seats in Scotland

ToryDiary: 'The Tories need to forget about macroeconomics and focus on household economics'

LeftWatch: Labour draft 'five guarantees to voters'

Screen shot 2010-03-15 at 08.39.16 Also on LeftWatch: Union video warns that 999 calls will go unanswered if there are public spending cuts

Edward Leigh MP on Platform: What a Conservative government must achieve

Mark Wallace on Local government: Pay offs for council CEOs average £260,000

Seats and candidates: Robert Jenrick gives a flavour of what he is doing in his campaign to become the first Conservative MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme in 100 years

ThinkTankCentral: Policy Exchange proposes Financial Crimes Enforcement Agency to lead battle against £30bn fraud bill

International: The Wildrose Alliance provides right-wing challenge to Canada's Conservative Party

SamCam and MumCam are stars of Trevor McDonald meets David Cameron

SamCam "Turns out Samantha isn't super-posh like Dave. She calls dinner "supper", but she's more Emma Thompson posh than Princess Anne posh. And she does seem awfully nice. So does Dave, actually. And his mum. But before we get carried away cooing over the Cameron family album, let's not forget what this programme was really about. It opened and closed with footage of Cameron running. Running … now, might that be a metaphor for an election? "People want to know what the Conservative Party is about," Dave insisted. Still, he wasn't about to tell us just yet. In fact, I'm pretty sure I didn't hear a whisper of policy all evening. But hey, that's showbiz." – Tim Walker in The Independent

"Mary Cameron gave a Mothering Sunday interview in which she described how her experience as a magistrate had helped her to teach her son the difference between right and wrong. She also revealed that the young David was never short of an opinion even when he was only five – prompting friends to beg for him to 'shut up'." – Daily Mail

"Tory leader David Cameron last night hailed his disabled father as his hero – and said he had inherited his sense of optimism." – The Sun

In an age of complicated technical issues, voters are wise to put great store by a leader’s character – William Rees-Mogg in The Times

Melanie Phillips sees the deployment of waves as a debasement of politics – Daily Mail

> Tim Montgomerie's verdict

Ken Clarke says Tories must win over more 'liberal voters'

CLARKE KEN ON ITN "Ken Clarke, the shadow Business Secretary, said securing a clear majority would be a "tall order" for his party as the polls continued to close. "So many seats have to change hands," he said. "We have got to get through the glass ceiling by winning over more liberals."" – Independent

Clegg vows to maximise Liberal Democrat vote

"Nick Clegg today shrugged off the idea he would play the role of kingmaker in a hung parliament, telling the Liberal Democrats' pre-election conference that the party "could lead the next government" if it upped its share of the vote from one in four to one in three." – Guardian

The Telegraph quotes Nick Clegg's attack on Tory hung parliament warnings: ''David Cameron, George Osborne and Ken Clarke marched into the City of London the other day and declared that if voters didn't give them the result they want, the markets would tear the house down… 'It's a political version of the protection racket – do what we want, or else.''

ConservativeHome comment: "The Liberal Democrat leader is spending a lot of time attempting to reassure voters that Britain's finances will be safe in a hung parliament situation. With nearly twice as many voters wanting a clear majority for one party than wanting a minority or coalition government, he knows that fears of a hung parliament could end the hopes of many of his candidates in LibCon marginals."

In the Guardian, Fraser Nelson suggests that Nick Clegg would expect to be Home Secretary and Paddy Ashdown Defence Secretary in any LibCon coalition.

SAS hero Andy McNab last night backed the Conservatives in the General Election…

WhoDavesWins …and slammed Gordon Brown for "betraying" Britain's Armed ForcesThe Sun

Darling expected to delay spending cuts until after electionExpress

Balls-large "Ed Balls is leading a Cabinet charge to step up Labour's 'class war'
by more than doubling the number of people hit by the new 50p tax rate
in this month's Budget. Cabinet sources say the Schools
Secretary and his wife, Work and Pensions Secretary Yvette Cooper, want
the threshold for the new 50p top rate of tax to be reduced from
£150,000 to £100,000." – Daily Mail

One in five burglars let off with a caution under LabourTelegraph

Boris Johnson attacks Ed Balls' lack of support for Latin teachingTelegraph

Labour unveils radical plans to scrap 700-year-old House of Lords for elected 'senate'Daily Mail | LeftWatch

Alastair Campbell is playing the part of David Cameron as Brown rehearses for the TV debatesTimes

UK equalities watchdog chief Trevor Phillips has been criticised by MPsBBC

Sarkozy performs poorly in French local elections Telegraph


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