6pm Alex Deane on CentreRight: The Telegraph's Con Coughlin is a disgrace

Goodman470 3.30pm ToryDiary: A Conservative government can leave Conservative-hating quangocrats in place, drawing out the pain, or it can institute a night of the long knives

Local Government: Boris Council Tax freeze approved by London Assembly and Labour councillors silenced by spin doctors named.

12.30pm ToryDiary: Brown refuses to rule out £20,000 death levy in clashes with Cameron

12.30pm Patrick Nolan on CentreRight: Fairytales like a ‘Robin Hood Tax’ won’t help anyone

11am On CentreRight:

NEVERToryDiary: Cameron says "Never to the Euro"

Also on ToryDiary: Jonathan Isaby deserves congratulations for his considerable role in Saving General Election Night

Cameron Watt on Platform: The Conservatives must act to stop vexatious applications to protect village "greens" – which are wasting millions and denying people homes

Parliament: Dominic Grieve leads parliamentary attack on Labour's plan for voting reform

Seats and candidates: Finalists for Bethnall Green and Bow

Last night's post on the reinstatement of Joanne Cash as Westminster North candidate has been updated with three links explaining a 24 hours of massive CCHQ intervention to save her candidacy.

Local government: Councils denounce the Government for misleading the elderly


George Osborne's lack of experience rattles CityGuardian

Hector Sants makes elegant exit but pressure mounts on Tories to fill the gap

"If you have been chief executive of the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the UK's primary financial regulator, why would you want to become second fiddle in the event of a merger with the Bank of England?" – Telegraph

"A senior source said Sir George Young had 'mis-spoken' when he told the BBC that Ashcroft was a 'non-dom'"

ASHCROFT Michael "A senior source said Sir George Young had "mis-spoken" when he told the BBC that Ashcroft was a "non-dom" – allowing him to avoid paying British tax on overseas income and assets. The admission provoked immediate accusations that David Cameron, the Tory leader, was making a mockery of his claims to be a reformer and forced the party to say that the peer's tax affairs were a private matter – a day after Cameron had insisted this approach was out of date." – Guardian

Tories' Treasurer, Michael Spencer quizzed by regulator on IPGL strengthTelegraph

Simon Jenkins: Does Cameron mean what he says about devolving power?

"The Tory leader, David Cameron, has a problem. He talks the talk. His speeches drip with shifting control from the state to society, with cutting quangos and devolving "power to the front line". The cliches are hoary, concocted from old PPE essays, aerated with accountability, responsibility and localism and with a Tory topping of family values. Blessed are those who believe in smaller government, for they shall inherit the ballot box. But no one is sure that Cameron believes a word of it, because no one is sure the people do." – Simon Jenkins in The Guardian

Cameron's crowd of youthful activists in East London University 'are not our students' says union headGuardian

Swedish-style 'free schools won't improve standards'Guardian

Scottish Labour's attack on SNP budget restraint may give a clue as to how Labour will oppose a Tory governmentBBC

"David Cameron today accuses Alex Salmond of “taking people for fools” and dismisses his portrayal of an independent Scotland as a utopia with no debts or budget deficit as “tosh”. In an exclusive interview with The Herald ahead of the Scottish Tories’ one-day conference in Perth on Friday, the Conservative leader also appeals to Scots not to judge the modern Conservative Party by its Thatcherite past." – The Herald

Gordon Brown’s care plan misleads the elderly, say councilsTimes

Death-tax > Yesterday's ToryDiary: Tory poster targets Labour's 'secret plan' to introduce £20,000 death tax

Lib Dems' arts policy marred by spelling errorsGuardian

John Bercow to receive more than £28,000pa from renting out a flat on which he claimed more than £100,000 in expensesTelegraph

Who in their right mind will bail out the poor relations of Europe? – Simon Heffer in The Telegraph on Germans being asked to make an $8bn bailout of Greece

"With the euro now under siege and the financial markets betting heavily that Greece's crushing debt could drag down the existing single currency system, it is possible that the world would actually be a better place without the Eurozone. Just imagine: the main national currencies would still have their independence and command respect. Admittedly, Italy and Greece would be suffering financial problems – which would have old sages sighing and saying they never much liked the lira or the drachma anyway, nor perhaps the Spanish peseta. But the rest of the world would get on as best it could. But by having signed up a basket of dubious currencies, the Eurozone provided a classic example of how the weakness of one nation's finances can spread to another." – Andrew Alexander in The Daily Mail

A case for a directly-elected head of government – Daniel Finkelstein in The Times


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