7.45pm Seats and Candidates: The seats which would change hands on Ladbrokes' current projection of a Tory majority of 33

6.30pm Melanchthon on CentreRight: Five ways to avoid throwing the election away

4.15pm Seats and Candidates: Final six for Hayes and Harlington

2.45pm LeftWatch: Labour special advisers exposed for using the civil service to create anti-Tory attacks

12.45pm WATCH: Andrew Marr puts a visibly unnerved Alastair Campbell on the spot about the Iraq War

12.15pm Seats and Candidates: Should it matter whether or not a candidate is "local"?

ToryDiary: Liam Fox says military force must remain an option in 2010's confrontation with Iran

ConservativeMPs Seats and candidates: The extent of the increase in women and ethnic minority Conservative MPs at the general election

Gareth Johnson on Platform: Labour's scandalous early release of prisoners demonstrates the need for honesty in sentencing

LeftWatch: Gordon Brown's electoral reforms would INCREASE Labour's advantage

Local government: How Boris could treble River transport

ThinkTankCentral: CSJ proposes that houses with new granny flats should be exempt from Capital Gains Tax

Tories 9% ahead in new ICM poll The Sunday Telegraph | Yesterday evening's ToryDiary listed five reasons why the Conservatives will get a better majority than projection models suggest

Things may not be going well for Cameron but he is the Houdini of politics, writes John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

The Queen's advisers draw up guide to her role in event of hung parliament – The Sunday Times

Cameron will tomorrow spell out his vision for reforming Britain’s “broken political system"Sunday Express

WATCH: Cameron urges emergency legislation this week to reduce power of whips

New schools may not face normal planning restrictions under Tory proposalsBBC

John Redwood: Tories must cut early and deep

REDWOOD JOHN MASTHEAD NEW "Events can move swiftly and force you into unpleasant choices, undermining your living standards rapidly," he warns. "Then you may have to cut things you really should not be cutting. To avoid this happening to us, we need to start controlling soon. It's not a case of excessive deficits keeping the economy up – they will bring it crashing down if we do not act now." – John Redwood quoted in The Sunday Telegraph

Read his full article.

John Redwood sets out a mission for any government: "Our government
should control our borders, keep us safe, cut the spending and the
debt, and allow savers and job creators to keep good rewards for their
efforts." – Mr Redwood writing in The Sunday Express

Will Hutton says the Tories are inching towards a new economic philosophyObserver

"The Tories were disoriented by the financial crisis. They resisted measures – bank nationalisation, fiscal stimulus, quantitative easing – that are now generally accepted as having been vital. Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne still haven't got their story straight about the role of government in using public money to cushion the economy when the private sector collapses. They oppose it on principle, it seems, except when it works. And even then they are late converts." – Observer leader

Criminologist Roger Greaf backs Tories on crime statistics

"Mr Graef said: 'We did our own survey of 1,800 schoolchildren aged
14 and 15. One in three had been kicked or hurt. One in four admitted
to kicking or hurting somebody else in a month and that's not recorded
anywhere." – Mail on Sunday

> Friday's ToryDiary: Conservatives will continue to judge crime statistics on police records rather than an opinion survey

Cameron must be Cameron

Daley-Janet-black-backgroun "At some point soon, he is going to have to do a Martin Luther – "Here I stand, I can do no other" – on the major economic questions and then refuse to blink: embrace whatever he actually believes (and I am as much in the dark on this as anybody) and stick to it, so that what the voters see is honesty and courage, rather than ambivalence and surrender." – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

Tensions inside Team Cameron should not be exaggerated – Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Tell us your policies, Mr Cameron – Jimmy Young in The Sunday Express

Six members of shadow cabinet are climate change sceptics, claims ConservativeHomeObserver

Tory candidate Adeela Shafi has her home repossessed over £324,000 debtMail on Sunday

JAVID SAJID Sajid Javid set to be Tories' first Muslim MPMail on Sunday | Yesterday's Seats and candidates

Gordon Brown weeps on TV as he talks about death of JenniferMail on Sunday

Brown confessed for the first time yesterday that Tony Blair DID backtrack on a deal for him to take over as PMNews of the World

Brown attacks "scandal" of Ashcroft donations to the Conservatives

"A Conservative spokesman said: "This is a pathetic attempt to distract attention from the fact that three Labour MPs are facing criminal charges for their fraudulent expenses. Donations from Lord Ashcroft's family and companies associated with him average less than 5% of donations received by the Conservative party since the last election."" – The Observer

Harriet Harman described Tory plans for a married couples allowance as the "John Terry tax" Independent on Sunday

Clegg talks of reluctance to join forces with Labour in event of hung parliament

""I've looked very carefully at my predecessors," he told The Daily Telegraph. "Look at how Ming got led up the garden path. Look at the way Paddy was left at the altar. I've spoken to people. Paddy is vociferous about it. He says, 'Just don't go anywhere near them again. It might have made sense then, but don't [do it].'" He added: "It was a conspiracy of Blair's mendacity and Brown's obduracy."" – Quoted in the Independent on Sunday

'Motorway Man' holds key to general election victory

"Key voters in marginal seats live near motorway networks and are young, childless and in negative equity, say pollsters." – Observer


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