10.30pm ToryDiary: David Cameron needs to keep repeating the key pledges until politicos are bored of hearing them

9.45pm David T Breaker on CentreRight: The Internet could decide the election

8pm WATCH: Key extracts from David Cameron's speech to the Brighton Spring Forum

7.15pm ToryDiary: Reaction to David Cameron's Spring Forum speech

4.45pm ToryDiary: More clues as to which of the Shadow Cabinet could expect to make the transfer straight into their roles in government

Picture 134pm WATCH: David Cameron tells the spring conference that he is going to need some salesmanship to sell Britain to the world after putting the country under new economic management

3.15pm ToryDiary: David Cameron tells the spring forum that today's Conservative Party has the responsible and radical policies to deliver the change Britain needs

1pm Melanchthon on CentreRight recommends a Conservative election campaign song

12.30pm WATCH: Sky News's Jon Craig analyses today's YouGov poll and compares it with the latest bookmakers' election odds

11.15am ToryDiary update: David Cameron responds to this morning's poll: "We have a real fight on our hands"

11am ToryDiary: This is the choice at the General Election

ToryDiary: Tory lead down to 2% in YouGov survey

Julia Manning and Pav Kahlon on Platform: People should know the real value of their NHS-funded medication

Front Local government: Tory councillors' immigration leaflet is disowned by local MP, Andrew Rosindell

Also on Local government: Battle lines drawn in Reading

LeftWatch: Rapid reaction Tory poster highlights Labour divisions


Michael Gove plans troops-to-teachers scheme to address 400,000 suspensions each yearSunday Express

Cameron blasts Labour's record in article for News of the World

"Last week Gordon Brown asked us to take a second look at Labour. All right then… here goes. They’ve doubled the national debt. Hit people with more than one hundred tax rises. Clobbered the poorest with the 10p tax fiasco. Sent our troops to war without the right equipment. Failed to control immigration, putting massive pressure on our schools and hospitals. Left one in five young people unable to find a job. Destroyed our pensions system. Allowed thousands of criminals out early. And let’s not forget the Prime Minister himself, who “unleashed the forces of hell” on his Chancellor in the middle of the longest and deepest recession since the war. We’ve had our second look, Prime Minister — and you don’t deserve a second chance." – David Cameron in the News of the World

Labour more trusted on economy in latest YouGov poll

"The most worrying aspect for the Tory leader and for George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, is that amidst the deepest recession since the Great Depression, and with the government borrowing an eighth of Britain’s national income this year, Labour is trusted more than the Tories to run the economy. Either Mr Brown’s propaganda has worked and voters genuinely believe that he saved the world from something much worse, or the Tories have simply sown too much confusion about what they would do in office. Voters, like the money markets, hate uncertainty." – The Sunday Times leader

Cameron will vow to carry on modernising

David Cameron will declare that he will not retreat into the "Conservative comfort zone" – The Sunday Telegraph

"The Tory leader will seek to revitalise his party by saying it is his 'patriotic duty' to oust Mr Brown from Downing Street. In his final speech to a party rally before the Election campaign gets under way, Mr Cameron will say: 'It is an Election we have a patriotic duty to win because the country is in a complete and utter mess – and we have to sort it out.'" – Mail on Sunday

Screen shot 2010-02-28 at 08.26.42 With stories like this you have to wonder if The Independent on Sunday is abandoning all objectivity: "As the Tory leader prepared for his final conference speech today before the general election with the slogan "vote for change", a battle at the top of the party over strategy appeared to have been won by those favouring a hardline core-vote agenda."

In the wake of the expenses scandal, voters want a rebel leader, the head of a resistance movement – Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Hague is constant voice of caution around Cameron

HagueChangeOrRuin "William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, is fast becoming a member of the tight-knit inner circle. Hague is no natural Notting Hill Tory, but Cameron has come to rely increasingly on his counsel because of his experience as former leader. Yet Hague’s growing power has irritated the modernising Tories. “Every time someone comes up with a bold idea that could make the weather, it gets killed off by Hague,” said one frontbencher. “Because of his bruising experience losing in 2001, he is hobbled by caution.”" – Jonathan Oliver in The Sunday Times

Janet Daley: Tories must fight for their beliefs

"When people say that they doubt the Conservatives' conviction (which is roughly what they mean by "I don't know what they stand for"), they are making this judgment on the basis of their own experience of human nature. They are assessing the personality of the leader based on his behaviour: is he acting like a man who believes so wholeheartedly in what he professes that he will stand his ground and defend it even in the face of attack? Or does he avoid confrontation, take a step backwards when he is challenged, retreat from the high ground when it begins to look dangerous?" – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

Peter Hitchens: Cameron isn't an angel

"it was silly for David Cameron to call grandiosely for an inquiry into gossip about Mr Brown’s treatment of subordinates. This is not proper politics, and it demeans us. I said on my blog on Monday that Mr Cameron had better watch out in case people started asking questions about his own actions.  And within hours, a person (whose identity I now know, though he has asked me to keep it confidential) posted the following comment: ‘Cameron is far from blameless. I had the misfortune to work for him for a couple of months just after he was appointed to the Shadow Education brief in 2005. ‘Rudeness and inconsideration were his stock in trade with repeated attempts to humiliate me in front of others.  Middle-of-the-night phone calls to pick up on adverse Press comment were not uncommon – much of it stemming from his own inability to clear a “line-to-take” in time for newspaper deadlines." – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

Catholic bishops will publish a report warning that Britain has suffered from "increased family breakdown" in recent years

"While the Church's 10-page document, offering advice to the country's four million Catholics, is not explicitly partisan, it will be seen as critical of Labour and as supportive of the Tories who have put marriage at the centre of their campaigning." – The Sunday Telegraph

Baroness Warsi is a tough talker ready to take on anyone from hardcore Islamists to the BNP – Interview in the Independent on Sunday

Which projects might the Tories cut?The Independent on Sunday looks at options

Key No10 figure tells how he was pushed and shouted at by the PM Mail on Sunday

Gordon Brown jokes about bullying allegations

"The prime minister attacked Tory plans to cut spending and said their biggest claim to being the "party of change" was they kept changing their mind. He also made a light-hearted reference to recent allegations of bullying. He joked that the only thing he had not yet been accused of was killing Archie Mitchell in the BBC's EastEnders." – BBC


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