LIBERAL-DEMOCRATS 10pm LeftWatch: The Liberal Democrats set out their four demands for keeping a minority government in power

10pm Melanchthon on CentreRight: "These days in politics we must know about the Prime Minister's wife's contraceptives, whether David Cameron's teenage auto-eroticism involved Mrs Thatcher, how many women Nick Clegg can remember sleeping with, and whether Gordon Brown joined the mile high club…"

8pm James Bethell on CentreRight: The BNP may have surrendered to the legal need
to abandon its 'whites only' membership policy but BNP members were
hostile to the change

6.45pm LeftWatch: Labour talk about a cross-party consensus on
elderly care in London… but in Bolton (and in other marginal seats)
they play dirty with the issue

Punch1 6.15pm WATCH: George Osborne fights back at Sky's Tim Marshall

Punch2 4.45pm WATCH: Under pressure from Andrew Lansley, Labour's Health Secretary refuses to rule out £20,000 death tax to pay for elderly care

12.30pm WATCH: Government ad spending hits record level (and just before an election)

OSBORNE GEORGE BLUE10.30am ToryDiary: Top economists back George Osborne's economic strategy

ToryDiary: Tory plan to scrap automatic funding of unions could "bankrupt" Labour

Parliament: Tory plan for equal sized seats will change [almost] every constituency boundary

Nick de Bois on Platform: How we should use transferable tax allowances and childcare vouchers to support working families

Glyn Gaskarth on Local government: The Government's plan to nationalise Council's IT

Tories 11% aheadIndependent on Sunday | Yesterday evening's ToryDiary

A hung parliament might be better than a very small majority – Julia Hartley-Brewer in The Sunday Express

"The Conservatives realise there is a problem. They’re in mild panic and having endless debates about what strategy to take. Positive, or negative? General, or specific? Cautious, or radical? They’re trying to be all six." – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World

Sunday Express: Conservatives must focus on Labour failure

"Brown’s Labour administration has presided over a decade of
decline. our economy is wrecked, we have unprecedented levels of
peacetime debt and record numbers out of work. Schools, hospitals and
social services are struggling. Broken Britain is Labour’s legacy.
Cameron must not allow himself to be dragged into a debate that
distracts voters from Blair and Brown’s failures." – Sunday Express

Health Secretary Andy Burnham in 'you shafted me' attack on Tory Andrew Lansley

Lansley.ashx"Several MPs heard Mr Burnham shout at Mr Lansley in the Commons: ‘You told me you wanted to reach a consensus on this, and now your lot make wild allegations against us. You have bloody shafted me and you should be bloody ashamed of yourself. You’ve blown it.’ …Mr Lansley insisted he had not deceived Mr Burnham and Tory MPs claimed the Minister’s outburst was ‘contrived’. Mr Lansley denies he was reprimanded by Mr Cameron for taking part in the secret talks." – Mail on Sunday

The BBC reports that Mr Burnham will attempt this week to re-establish cross-party talks on care for the elderly.

Meanwhile Conservatives say Labour is considering a new 10% death tax on every estate as a way of funding care for the elderly – The Sunday Times

Tory MPs ordered to use photographs of David Cameron on election literature and to get CCHQ approval for all campaign materialsMail on Sunday

Joanne Cash's allies blame nasty attacks on her pregnancy for last week's turmoilMail on Sunday

David Cameron's decision to back Joanne Cash in a
local party skirmish suggests that there is now one rule for his
friends, another for the old guard – Melissa Kite in The Sunday Telegraph

The Observer: Cameron failing to enthuse Tory base

"It is hard to find a Tory MP gushing with enthusiastic loyalty to Cameron these days. Most remain sullenly disciplined through gritted teeth. As the economy has emerged from recession and polling day nears, Labour's morale has lifted. In turn, the Conservatives' confidence in their own party, and its leadership, has dipped." – Toby Helm in The Observer

RAWNSLEY "Many Conservatives are resentful, suspicious and sulky about the duo at the top. This is partly style. As successful bids for power often are, the Cameron project is run by a vanguard, the leader and the small clique around him. Tory MPs who do not have the gold swipe card that accesses the inner circle – which is nearly all of them – grumble about his remoteness and arrogance. That is echoed by discontent among Tory activists in the country." – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

Tory top brass frustrated by mystery over Michael Ashcroft's tax statusObserver

Ashcroft has used data protection laws to obtain 3,700 documents relating to him held by the Labour Party – The Sunday Times

Michael Spencer to resign as Tory Treasurer in the autumnSunday Telegraph

"Taxes should be simple, low and fair. Then everyone will pay them."Mail on Sunday leader on the failure of the 50p tax rate

After Gordon Brown's tears, emotional David Cameron tells TV of his regrets following son's death

"Mr Cameron’s remarks came after reports that he had decided to reject an offer to follow Mr Brown on to Mr Morgan’s show and would avoid any criticism of the Prime Minister’s show of emotion. Mr Cameron, who took two weeks’ leave after Ivan’s death, said he now wished he had taken a longer break to get over the shock. ‘I took some time off. Probably not enough, actually. I probably should have taken a bit longer and had a good stop to think about everything,’ he told Scottish TV channel STV." – Mail on Sunday

Nigel Lawson bites back at The Independent on Sunday's attacks on his climate scepticism

Lawson-Nigel "If we are to embark on a programme of rapid and drastic decarbonisation, how much will that cost, not only in economic terms but in human terms, too, through the diversion of resources that might otherwise be used for economic development, the relief of poverty, the eradication of disease, and so on? And since decarbonisation makes sense only on a global basis, is a binding global agreement a practical proposition?" – Lord Lawson in The Independent on Sunday

Hospitals less likely to close in marginal seatsObserver

BBC has 382 staff earning more than £100,000Sunday Telegraph

And finally…

A new by Peter snowdon, Back from the Brink, reveals how Cameron nearly abandoned his leadership campaign in 2005; “David very, very nearly pulled out because he didn’t want to be humiliated.” Serialisation in The Sunday Times.


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