9.30pm Seats and candidates: Joanne Cash resigns as Tory candidate for Westminster North

8pm ToryDiary: Tories 10% ahead in new Populus poll

Screen shot 2010-02-08 at 19.52.477.45pm WATCH: A one minute video summarising Labour's "achievements"

5.45pm Paul Goodman MP on CentreRight: The Tories' electoral mountain may not be so steep after all

4.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron urges Fleet Street to give MPs fairer coverage

4.30pm WATCH: Three segments of Cameron's 'cleaning up politics' speech

2.45pm Alex Deane on CentreRight welcomes Cameron's petition pledge

1.45pm: ToryDiary: Fox sees more arms exports as part of way out of defence spending squeeze

12.15pm ToryDiary: Cameron promises to curb power of political lobbyists

Noon Parliament: The amendment that would Save General Election Night has been tabled in the Commons

Screen shot 2010-02-08 at 11.47.0910.30am Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: The green police are coming

9.30am Dan Hamilton on CentreRight: The folly of EU protectionism


Leon Hadjinikolaou on Platform: Why I, as an immigrant, hate the way Labour has used multiculturalism to undermine the British national culture

Local government

Seats and candidates: Former
policeman George Lee describes a busy week on the campaign trail as
candidate for Holborn and St Pancras – including a visit from David
Cameron and George Osborne

CENTRE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE ThinkTankCentral: The Centre for Social Justice announces new work programmes on reoffending and Britain's ageing population 

International: Sarah Palin becomes queen of America's anti-government protestors

About ConservativeHome: Another milestone in ConservativeHome's displacement of 'Torygraph' as party's in-house journal

WATCH: Alastair Campbell defends Gordon Brown in advance of a TV interview in which the Prime Minister cries about death of daughter

Tories plan to start deep spending cuts in 2011

"David Cameron and George Osborne are drawing up plans to impose real-terms spending cuts that would see Britain's public services slashed by billions of pounds during the next parliament. Senior Tory sources have told the Guardian that the party leadership is determined to press ahead with cuts that go dramatically further than Labour's plans for an overall spending freeze –already likened to a return to the 1970s – from next year." – Guardian

Ireland's suffering offers a glimpse of Britain's future under the Tories – Larry Elliott in The Guardian

Budget ‘pencilled in’ for late March suggests May 6 election – Times

Strong link between opinion polls and bond markets

Screen shot 2010-02-08 at 06.52.38 "Markets like certainty and, to most analysts and traders, a hung parliament means delays in cutting Britain’s mounting debt burden. The Sunday Telegraph/ICM survey is the latest poll suggesting the Tories could fall short of an overall majority. UK bonds have sharply underperformed those of Germany – the European benchmark – since late November, when the first opinion poll of 2009 pointed to a hung parliament." – FT

Cameron sides with Osborne in tactical dispute with Steve Hilton

"Steve Hilton, Mr Cameron's director of strategy, is believed to favour a broad-brush campaign built around the Tories' "year of change" slogan. But the shadow Chancellor George Osborne, who is in charge of the election effort, believes the Hilton "vision approach" is too vague and that the party needs to spell out a small number of concrete pledges so voters know how the "change" would be delivered. Insiders say Mr Cameron has now sided with Mr Osborne against Mr Hilton in an intense internal debate." – Independent

Cameron instructs advisors "to get a grip" after jittery JanuaryBelfast Telegraph

Cameron has abandoned plans to seek a pre-election White House meeting with Barack ObamaFT

Tories say Labour plans to offer one-to-one home care for cancer patients are unaffordableExpress

The Tories yesterday accused Alistair Darling’s special advisers of using neutral civil servants to mount party political attacksCity AM | Yesterday's LeftWatch

Every defendant convicted in a criminal court would have to pay a levy of £200 under plans being put forward by the ConservativesTimes

Could Brighton Pavilion elect Britain's first Green MP? – Jon Harris in The Guardian

> Yesterday's Seats and candidates: The seats which would change hands on Ladbrokes' current projection of a Tory majority of 33

Gordon Brown will be in power for ever if Cleggie gets PR

CLEGG EYES CLOSED "It is, of course, bare-faced cheek from Gordon to suggest that we should change the voting system just as the country is about to use that system to eject him from office. It is positively Mugabe-esque. And it is exactly the opposite of what parliament and politics need. The great expenses scandal has shown what happens when you allow the party machines to stitch things up in their own interests. Why on earth should we respond to that crisis by adopting PR? Under any version of PR there is a list system that transfers the power to pick MPs away from the people and towards the party machines." – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

If Gordon Brown wants electoral reform, he should make constituencies the same size – Philip Johnston in The Telegraph

> Yesterday's LeftWatch: Gordon Brown's electoral reforms would increase Labour's advantage

Bruce Anderson: Labour has no plan for a fourth term

"Lord Mandelson has another difficulty. The other day, a Cabinet minister had lunch with a journalist. "What happens if you win?" enquired the hack. The minister looked astonished. It was clear that this possibility had not occurred to him. Having regained the power of speech, he replied: "There'd be an immediate leadership challenge"." – Bruce Anderson in The Independent

Ukraine braced for conflict as exit polls signal end of Orange RevolutionTimes


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