SaveElectionNight graphic 8.15pm Local Government: Cambridge Conservative councillor saves General Election Night for the city

5pm WATCH Two clips from Alastair Campbell's evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry:

4.45pm Parliament: Michael Gove explains why home education for their children is every parent's human right

FIELD FRANK MP3.45pm WATCH: Frank Field denies he has any intention of defecting to the Tories as he says that the Government must get a grip on both the nation's finances and immigration policy

3.15pm Local Government: Essex Council challenge the perverse Government rules that encourage school closures during the snow.

2.30pm Latest posts on CentreRight:

2pm LeftWatch: Why did it take 48 days for the Government to proscribe Islam4UK after David Cameron raised the issue at PMQs?

Boris Johnson messy hair1.30pm ToryDiary: Boris Johnson debates Alan Johnson to put the case against Proportional Representation

12.15pm Alex Deane on CentreRight marks "a great day for freedom": The power to stop and search at random is unlawful

Noon WATCH: Ed Balls refuses to repeat Alistair Darling's tough talk on spending cuts in an interview featured in a Channel Four News report

ToryDiary: Boris throws down the gauntlet to George Osborne to abolish Labour's supertax on bankers' bonuses

Also on ToryDiary: One week until ConservativeIntelligence's Tory manifesto conference

LeftWatch: Lib Dem parliamentary candidate forced to resign after pressure from Tory opponent over sexually gratuitous smears

Paul Palmer on Platform: How David Cameron could help boost philanthropy in the UK to the tune of £75 billion

Parliament: Liam Fox raises the issue of troop levels in Afghanistan at Defence Questions

Local Government:

WATCH: Conservative MEP Charles Tannock challenges Baroness Ashton, the EU's new High Representative for Foreign Affairs, over her former involvement in CND

Poll shows failed coup hit Labour hopes hard

"Labour’s support has fallen to its lowest level since September as the party pays the price for disunity after the third failed attempt to ditch Gordon Brown." – The Times

"Mr Cameron and George Osborne are now most trusted to deal with the economy by 43 per cent of those questioned, up two points since October." – Peter Riddell's analysis in The Times

> Last night's ToryDiary: Tories 13% ahead in Populus poll despite half of voters thinking Cameron is on the side of the rich

20% of foot soldiers unfit to fight, uncovers Tory MP

JENKIN-BERNARD "Almost 5,000 soldiers and officers – or 20% of army infantry personnel – are unfit for frontline combat duties, Ministry of Defence figures show… Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin, who obtained the information, told the BBC: "To have 20% of the infantry unfit for the duties they are primarily employed and trained for is quite a staggering figure. This reflects the long-term effect of sustained operations, and it's worth remembering the government may pay for extra ammunition and other costs of operations, but they don't fund the recruitment and training of personnel to replace those who are left unfit for combat." – BBC

David Cameron seeking to avoid "at least part" of Labour's NI rise

"David Cameron indicated that the Conservatives would fight the general election on a pledge to reverse at least part of a planned increase in national insurance contributions from 2011. In a hardening of the Tory position on tax, after criticism that the party is ­offering vague aspirations, Cameron promised to set out his position on national insurance long before the general election. "Yes, way before election day," Cameron said on BBC Radio 5 Live when he was asked whether he would be able to give a clear commitment on national insurance. There is due to be a 1% increase on both employers and employees in April 2011." – The Guardian

Different papers have different takes on David Cameron's speech to Demos yesterday

David Cameron at podium Parental 'warmth' more important than wealth, says David Cameron – The Guardian

"Sexualisation of children by shops, advertisers and magazines will be outlawed by a Tory government if retailers fail to heed parental anger." – Evening Standard

"David Cameron promised on Monday to offer tax breaks to same-sex couples engaging in civil partnerships, one of a raft of family-friendly measures he hopes will soften his party's image." – Reuters

"Pupils should stand up when their teacher enters the classroom as part of moves to install a culture of discipline and respect in Britain’s children, David Cameron said yesterday." – Daily Express

Labour MP Frank Field appears alongside Cameron at Tory launch – The Times

"It is encouraging that the Tories are grappling with social problems that they previously ignored, or to which they only used to propose criminal justice solutions." – Independent editorial

"The Tory leader’s traditional family policies will please his party but it risks harming his image as a force for change" – Rachel Sylvester in The Times

"Compassionate Conservatism, let alone "Progressive Conservatism" is exposed as a head-swivellingly empty oxymoron." – Polly Toynbee in The Guardian

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: We need a state that helps people who do the right thing

> WATCH: David Cameron speaks to Demos about the importance of good parenting

Cameron also announces new policy on Sure Start

"To coincide with the Demos event, the Tories also set out a new policy on Sure Start centres for parents with young children, which the party announced would be transformed in the way that the academy programme had improved many schools. Mr Cameron said that he wanted Sure Start to be returned to its original purpose of focusing on the most “disadvantaged and dysfunctional” families, with staff paid by “results” according to how many struggling parents they saw." – Daily Telegraph

Michael Gove accuses Government of piling bureaucracy onto headteachers

GOVE MICHAEL RED TIE "Labour was accused of tying schools in red tape last night amid plans to give every child a legal “guarantee” of a good education. Under a new education Bill, all schools in England will be forced to meet a series of 38 promises covering one-to-one tuition, extra PE, more cultural visits and and a pledge to provide healthy eating… Michael Gove, the Conservative shadow schools secretary, said ministers were piling fresh bureaucratic burdens on head teachers." – Daily Telegraph

Tory MP Brian Binley ordered to repay £1,500 after expenses investigationDaily Telegraph

Outgoing Tory MP Peter Ainsworth gives a valedictory interview to his local

Tory treasurer Michael Spencer sells £45m of shares in ICAPDaily Telegraph

Peter Robinson sidelined in Northern Ireland

"The Northern Ireland First Minister, Peter Robinson, yesterday stepped aside temporarily as his party staged a damage limitation exercise in the wake of the sex and financial scandals surrounding his wife. It is unclear whether he will return to office following a break which could last up to six weeks, or whether he is being eased out in stages… An Assembly minister, Arlene Foster, has been drafted in for a period of up to six weeks as acting First Minister. " – The Independent

"The Ulster Unionist Party predicted that the DUP was paving the way for Mr Robinson to leave politics altogether. Sir Reg Empey, its leader, said: “At this crucial time in the political process we now have two lame duck first ministers, neither of whom can make the decisions necessary to ensure proper, working devolution." – The Times

> WATCH: Arlene Foster tells the Northern Ireland Assembly that she is temporarily taking over Peter Robinson's duties as First Minister

Brown tries to rally jittery Labour MPs

"Gordon Brown has told jittery Labour MPs that he is 'not a team of one' as he insisted economic recovery would win the party a fourth term. The Prime Minister went out of his way to demonstrate a more collegiate leadership style following last week's abortive attempt to oust him from Downing Street." – Daily Mail

Alastair Campbell to face Chilcot Inquiry todayBBC

Sarah Palin joins Fox News

"2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is joining Fox News as a contributor, the news channel announced Monday. The former Alaska governor, whose book, Going Rogue: An American Life, became a bestseller weeks before it was released and remains No. 2 on the New York Times bestseller list, has signed a multi-year deal to offer her political commentary and analysis across all Fox News platforms" – Fox News

And finally… David Cameron brushes off criticism from David Tennant

"Conservative leader David Cameron has brushed off the news that Doctor Who star David Tennant is not a fan of his. Mr Cameron told BBC Radio 5 live: "You can't win them all, can you?" He admitted he had not watched much of the recent series of the long-running programme, saying he grew up with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker as the Doctor." – BBC


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