10pm Outrageous news on ToryDiary: Private businessman donates money to Conservatives

3pm ToryDiary: If David Cameron had a pledge card…

2.15pm Local Government:

CASH WILLIAM 2pm Parliament: Bill Cash MP introduces a UK Parliament Sovereignty Bill

1.45pm Graeme Archer offers CentreRight readers a sneak preview of Labour's 2010 pledge card

1pm LeftWatch: If Labour had been honest in 1997, THIS is the pledge card they would have given voters

ToryDiary: 75% of Tory members urge Cameron to focus on energy bills, not climate change

Lord Freud on Platform: How Labour have failed on child poverty – and what a Conservative Government would do to tackle the problem

Local government: Cllr Edward Lister of Wandsworth launches a call to arms against Labour's plan for a big rise in business rates

FiveFive LeftWatch: Brown unveils five doorstep promises… and five attacks on the Conservatives

John Glen on CentreRight: Cheap booze is only part of the problem

David Cameron attacks secret deals that allows MPs to repay expenses without voters knowingTelegraph

Theresa Villiers wants Department of Transport less involved in rail industryTelegraph

Tories prepare for clash with teachers' unions over abolition of national pay bargaining

"Tory sources say an Education Bill to be introduced early in a new Parliament would mean an end to national pay bargaining, allowing heads to set salaries for staff at whatever level they want. The move would drastically weaken the hand of education unions on the national stage and is likely to prompt industrial action."- Daily Mail

Labour bump up government spending in advance of election

"The Conservatives accused Labour of “raiding” taxpayers’ money to fund their election campaign. New figures uncovered by the Conservatives show that spending on advertising has increased to £232 million, which is a 39 per cent increase on the previous year." – Telegraph

SHAPPS GRANT The story is also a page two lead in The Sun: "Shadow housing minister Mr Shapps said last night: "Labour's addiction to spin has got out of control. In the midst of a recession, the Government's focus should be on using public funds as efficiently as possible to save jobs and prevent hard-working families losing their homes. They should not be raiding the taxpayers' pockets to try to keep their own seats."

Brown beats Cameron at PMQs with humorous attacks on his airbrushed posterTimes

Julian Glover meets Rory Stewart, Tory candidate for PenrithGuardian

Boris criticised for offering funding to new US day while cutting support for diversity eventsGuardian

While racial discrimination still exists, disadvantage is now more linked to poverty, class and identity says Government ministerBBC

Ed Balls's drive to control the admissions policies of faith schools robs parents of vital choices – Ben Brogan in The Telegraph

Justice select committee wants to cut the jail population by a third – putting 28,000 offenders back on the streetsDaily Mail

Policy Exchange report calls for privatisation of Channel 4Guardian


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