MAPLES JOHN 9.15pm Seats and candidates: John Maples MP to retire

6.45pm Today's General Election Brief: Tories turn up the volume on immigration

3.15pm Melanchthon on CentreRight: Respect for and equality before the law

3pm Seats and candidates: Zac Goldsmith hits back at The Sunday Times

2.15pm ToryDiary: The Conservatives and Unionists may hold up to ten seats in Northern Ireland after the General Election

1.15pm WATCH:

10.15am ToryDiary: Cameron tells Marr that he wants net immigration cut to the "tens of thousands"

Imagine Paul Goodman on ToryDiary: Fairer seat size must be a Conservative priority (or re-election will be a tall order)

Seats and candidates: The Conservative Party's top Liberal Democrat targets

George Lee on Platform: Britain should denounce China a little less and try to understand it a little more

On Local government Mark Wallace welcomes Boris Johnson's 'Google Government' initiative, the London DataStore

LeftWatch: Labour's mismanagement of big state projects has cost £22bn

Man who ran Labour Party reveals chaos at No 10 in devastating new bookMail on Sunday

Mail1The Mail on Sunday's verdict on Labour: "This is not so much a government in crisis as a crisis pretending to be a government."

> Yesterday evening's LeftWatch: Former General Secretary of the Labour Party makes sensational attacks on Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown vetoed the purchase of vital military helicopters for Afghanistan – The Sunday Times

PM reveals poem that inspired him to defeat Cabinet coup – News of the World

Conservatives 10% ahead in ICM pollThe Sunday Telegraph | Yesterday's ToryDiary

Tories plan scholarships for children of fallen troopsBBC | Yesterday evening's ToryDiary

CCHQ accused of hiding donations for Zac Goldsmith

"The Conservative party hid donations of £40,000 from Zac Goldsmith, his brother Ben and two billionaire brothers in an apparent breach of the law. The donations were recorded on official records as coming from Unicorn Administration, an intermediary company that helps run the finances of the super-rich." – The Sunday Times

Paul Goodman has raised concerns about the appointment of a former Muslim student leader as a Government adviser on faith issuesSunday Express

Lord Hurd is "seriously unwell"Sunday Express

Why I oppose the Tory policy on marriage – Vince Cable in The Mail on Sunday

"If the Conservatives, or Labour for that matter, are serious about supporting families, their priorities should be increasing the supply of affordable homes and helping men in blighted areas get back into work. Britain's marital breakdown is about much more than just tax." – Ruth Sunderland in The Observer

William Rees-Mogg: It's the nature of Labour to spend too much

"It is not caused by individual human error, but by fundamental characteristics of the Labour Party. Labour has always depended on a constituency, including the trade unions, which believed tax and spend was in its best interest." – William Rees-Mogg in the Mail on Sunday

Ed Balls: The recession would have been worse if we had listened to the Conservatives

Balls-large "People know that if we had taken David Cameron and George Osborne's advice and stood back and done nothing – less regulation, less intervention, lower public spending, less state support for jobs and public investment – unemployment would be higher and the recession deeper and we would not be looking forward to recovery this year. People know that the lesson of this recession is that they need an active government on their side and not a laissez-faire government leaving them to sink or swim." – Ed Balls in The Independent on Sunday

Labour can still win the battle of ideas – Ed Miliband in The Observer

Christopher Booker: Britain's discredited Met Office is also responsible for climate change predictions

"We saw Met Office spokesmen trying to explain why it had got its seasonal forecasts hopelessly wrong for three cold winters and three cool summers in a row. The current cold snap, we were told with the aid of the BBC – itself facing an inquiry into its relentless obsession with “global warming” – was just a “regional” phenomenon, due to “natural” factors. No attempt was made to explain why the same freezing weather is affecting much of the northern hemisphere (with 1,200 places in the US alone last week reporting record snow and low temperatures). And this is the body on which, through its Hadley Centre for Climate Change and the discredited Climatic Research Unit, the world’s politicians rely for weather forecasting 100 years ahead." – Christopher Book in The Sunday Telegraph

'If we had replaced our fossil-fuel power stations and with wind power, we would be facing an emergency rather than an inconvenience' – Dominic Lawson in The Sunday Times


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