6.45pm Ben Rogers on CentreRight: Jack Straw owes the police an apology

4.45pm ThinkTankCentral: The top 100 most costly EU regulations

12.30pm ToryDiary: Conservatives 10% ahead in final poll of 2009


Zehra Zaidi on Platform: Gordon Brown has questions to answer about the Iraq War and Sir John Chilcot should put them before the general election

Ben Rogers on CentreRight: Britain has become a hub of Islamic radicalisation and a menace to the world

Liam Fox: We must increase the pressure on Iran in 2010

FOX LIAM 2009 "International pressure on Iran must increase and European action must match that taken by the United States. William Hague, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, has advocated a Europe-wide ban on investment in Iranian oil and gas and on export credits that subsidise trade with Iran, action against Iranian banks and the mirroring of US financial sanctions. Taken together they would send a strong signal that the international community wants the regime to pay a price for its intransigence." – The Shadow Defence Secretary in The Times

Michael Gove: 404,600 qualified teachers are not in the classrooms of England and WalesYorkshire Post

The Guardian profiles Andrew Mitchell and concludes that he has become a "model Cameroon" Guardian

Edward Leigh tipped as possible rival to Bercow as Speaker

LEIGH edward MP "Tory MPs are pushing for the removal of the Speaker of the Commons, John Bercow, should their party win the next general election, with the right of the Conservative party beginning to mobilise for the backbencher Edward Leigh to take over the role. Bercow's fate is preoccupying the Tory backbenches and may come to a head in the next month when a review of the rules governing the election of the Speaker is published." – The Guardian

Conservative grassroots fear new rule will bring in all-women listsGuardian

> Yesterday's Seats and candidates guide to retiring Tory MPs

Thatcher and Heseltine's explosive Westland meeting minutes could be made publicDaily Mail

Is a Labour-Tory coalition unthinkable? – Martin Kettle doesn't think so, The Guardian

Harriet Harman is to play a key role “fronting” Labour’s general election campaign next year

HARMAN HARRIET "The deputy Labour leader’s role is the latest indication of Peter Mandelson's diminishing influence. Ms Harman is being lined up to host the daily televised media briefings – a role which will make her one of the main “faces” of the campaign." – Telegraph

Neil O'Brien: The next government should be ready to upset people by cutting spending and raising taxes

"What we need are political leaders prepared to take unpopular decisions – a government willing to "ride the dip" and be behind in the polls in the middle years of the next parliament. In fact, the best way to win the election after next might be to behave like a single-term government. Do as much as possible, as quickly as possible, on all fronts, and hope that the voters will respect you for it in 2015. If not, at least you changed the country for the better." – Neil O'Brien of Policy Exchange in The Telegraph

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Honesty is the only protection from the hatred that is coming

Heat on Jack Straw for saying some police prefer warm station to cold beatGuardian


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