10.30pm CentreRight: Tim Montgomerie's day in photographs

ElectionBriefing6pm ToryDiary: Tory poster puts Cameron front and centre of campaign

5.15pm LeftWatch update: George Osborne publishes a comprehenive rebuttal of Labour's lies about Conservative spending pledges

5pm ToryDiary: 'Ask David' about the Conservative manifesto

4.45pm LeftWatch: Meet
the Left-wing blogger who says "we have no alternative" but to support
the right of Islam4UK to march through Wootton Bassett

4pm Paul Goodman and 22 other MPs spent this morning blitz-campaigning in Harrow: Read Paul's observations on CentreRight

Chris Grayling head3pm ToryDiary: Chris Grayling says that the proposed Islam4UK march in Wootton Bassett should be prevented

2.45pm Mark Wallace on CentreRight disapproves of laws bring cherry-picked for the benefit of a privileged few

1.30pm WATCH: David Cameron launches the health chapter of the draft Conservative manifesto

1.15pm LeftWatch: Exposing the lies in Labour's claims about Conservative spending pledges

Noon LeftWatch: Disgraced Labour MPs seek to use 1689 Bill of Rights to avoid prosecution over expense claims

10.45am Local Government: Margaret Eaton made a dame in New Year's honours

10.45am WATCH: Alistair Darling claims the Conservatives have made £34 billion of unfunded spending pledges

Screen shot 2010-01-04 at 10.25.3210.30am ToryDiary: Tories launch new poster

9.15am Ben Rogers on CentreRight: The war on terror is a battle of ideas in which we must stay alert and consistent


LeftWatch: Lib Dem candidate condemned for "sexually gratuitous" and "outrageously rude" attacks on political opponents

Imtiaz Ameen on Platform: Islam4uk's planned march through Wootton Bassett must be banned

Seats and Candidates Search for 100 Peers: Michael Howard

Local Government: Labour hypocrisy on TfL fare hikes

Stephan Shakespeare on CentreRight: You don’t need a mandate to do the right thing

WATCH: ToryBear's video previewing the next stage of the KerryOut campaign, which is targeting Labour MP Kerry McCarthy in Bristol East

David Cameron vows to lead the country out of Labour's mess

Picture 13 "We cannot go on like this. This is no time for business as usual. This is no time for more of the same. There is only one way out of this mess and that is through massive change. The most urgent task is to bring the deficit down… so we can start to regain our position as a world-leading economy. We have to strengthen families and reform schools so we can start to build the big society. And we need to give people real power and control over their lives so we can have a political system to be proud of.” – Extracts of the speech David Cameron will give this morning cited in the Daily Telegraph

Conservatives cry foul over Labour's use of civil service to attack Tory policy

"As the Tories publish the first chapter of their election document, Labour will release a 100-page dossier that attempts to undermine the credibility of the Shadow Chancellor by claiming that he has failed to keep control of spending pledges. The document has been prepared with the help of Treasury civil servants, who were asked to analyse Tory policies in parliamentary answers and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests… Michael Fallon, a Tory member of the Treasury Select Committee, said: “The Treasury should not be doing these kind of costings. It should be left to independent bodies who have a far better track record on forecasting.” – The Times

Osborne accuses Brown of dishonesty over failure to acknowledge need for cuts

George Osborne on Marr 2 "Gordon Brown was last night accused of “fantasy” economics for failing to accept the reality of Britain’s dire situation and for claiming that tax rises would pay off Britain’s record deficit… George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, said Mr Brown had again failed to accept the reality of the true position and that Labour would have to cut spending. Mr Osborne said: “Gordon Brown has absolutely nothing new to say at the start of this year for change. Indeed it's worse than that: he has slipped back into repeating his dishonest nonsense that Labour will go on spending, when his own Treasury figures reveal Labour cuts." – Daily Telegraph

Grayling accuses Brown of "playing politics with terrorism"

"Gordon Brown was accused of playing politics with terrorism last night after a row over a Number 10 announcement on Yemen. The Tories blasted him for "exaggeration and spin" over a press release saying he had "agreed" with President Barack Obama to fund an elite anti-terror unit in the state. On TV yesterday, Mr Brown admitted he had "not recently" had ANY talks with the US leader on it… Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said: "For a Prime Minister to play politics with the issue of terrorism is a disgrace." – The Sun

Theresa May blasts Labour over housing benefit dependency

MAY Theresa (blk jacket) "A staggering £20billion will be paid in housing benefit this year as the effects of the recession push up the welfare bill. Official figures show the handouts are expected to rise by 15 per cent – despite a pledge by ministers to crack down on excessive claims… Theresa May, the shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, said: 'Labour's failure over the past decade to take the tough decisions on welfare reform is coming back to haunt them. Housing benefit can provide valuable help to people in work or pensioners, but the reality is that these figures are symptomatic of a wider trend of benefit dependency'." – Daily Mail

David Cameron: Progressive Conservatism will mean a fairer, greener society

"We are progressive Conservatives. Our goal is a fairer, safer, greener country where opportunity is more equal. It's because we are progressives that we will protect the NHS. We recognise its special place in our society so we will improve it for everyone. It's because we are progressives that we will support aspiration so that people from every background, not just the rich, have the chance to get on in life." – An extract from David Cameron's speech on Saturday republished in The Independent

Bruce Anderson: David Cameron has won the body language battle

"Gordon Brown will try to fight the third re-running of the 1997 election, accusing the Tories of planning to slash the NHS, destroy state education and condemn OAPs to starvation. David Cameron has spent four years trying to ensure that those lies will never reach cruising altitude: four successful years. He has won that body-language battle. The voters will simply not believe that a government led by Mr Cameron would destroy the health service." – Bruce Anderson in The Independent

Position of UUP MP Sylvia Hermon still unresolved

Picture 14 "The future of the Ulster Unionist Party’s only MP was still undecided last night as Lady Sylvia Hermon confirmed a two hour meeting with party leader Sir Reg Empey over its link-up with the Conservatives did not reach a firm conclusion. Lady Hermon previously said the tie-in announced last year left her “deeply unhappy,” casting doubts on whether she will represent the party in this year’s General Election." – Belfast Telegraph

Gordon Brown portrays himself as election underdog… 

"Gordon Brown has characterised the coming battle between Labour and the Conservatives as one that pitches aspiration against austerity. He also appeared to let slip a strong hint that there would be no snap General Election in March by saying he believed there would be another Budget before going to the country. The Prime Minister, in an interview with BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, made a fresh attempt to portray himself as the underdog by repeatedly referring to himself as a fighter and denied that there was dissent in his own ranks going into the campaign." – The Herald

…as he says that Eton attacks on Cameron were "a joke"…

"Attacks by Gordon Brown on David Cameron’s Eton education were “a joke”, the Prime Minister claimed, before again raising the subject of elitism as part of a continued attack on Conservative “privilege.” – Daily Telegraph

…and makes overtures to the Lib Dems

"Gordon Brown made an unprecedented overture to the Liberal Democrats yesterday amid growing expectation that Nick Clegg's party could hold the balance of power after the general election… Asked about the possibility of a coalition with the Liberal Democrats in the event of a hung parliament, Mr Brown struck an uncharacteristically emollient note towards the party." – The Independent

"Clegg has already suggested he would feel obliged to support whichever party "won" an indecisive election. It's unclear (and could matter) whether he meant won the most votes or the most Commons seats, but this seemed to make him a potential Tory partner. His own party loathes that idea and, privately, Clegg himself much prefers a Labour deal. Yet could he possibly prop up an unpopular, tired-looking Labour prime minister who had failed to win a clear mandate? That seems unlikely." – Jackie Ashley in The Guardian

Ed Balls to seek election debate with Michael Gove

Ed Balls tieless "While the leaders' TV debates will inevitably draw the attention, I hope we will see the cabinet and shadow cabinet debating too. This week I will ask my opposite numbers to agree dates, and will propose that we invite parents, teachers, governors and pupils – the people who will be affected directly by the election choice – to ask the questions." – Children, Schools and Families Secretary Ed Balls writing in The Guardian

People are often frustrated by a complicated justice system when all they want is an apology – Boris Johnson writing in the Daily Telegraph

David Miliband builds up war chest in advance of leadership battleDaily Telegraph

Labour fears Tony Blair will be an election liabilityThe Times

BBC claims that its privatisation would lose the country billionsGuardian

And finally… Gordon Brown tops a poll

"Gordon Brown has been named the worst-dressed man of the year by the British edition of men's magazine, GQ. The prime minister topped the rankings for being "anything but a prime example of British style," the magazine said." – BBC


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