6.45pm ToryDiary: Tory lead up 2% to 11% in new ICM/ Guardian poll

6pm Robin Simcox on CentreRight: 0% of US citizens face political persecution

5.45pm ToryDiary: Hague, Boris and Osborne favourites to be next Tory leader

5pm WATCH: David Cameron responds to Tim Montgomerie's encouragement to join Twitter

4pm Closing the deal 8/10: Lively campaign websites for key voter groups

3pm Closing the deal 7/10: Cameron should join Twitter and soon

1pm Closing the deal 6/10: Big regional roles for the big beasts

1pm Closing the deal 5/10: Distinctive policies on crime, political ethics and tax

Screen shot 2010-01-25 at 12.59.4112.45pm WATCH: David Cameron compares Brown's borrowing to a credit card debt (we start repaying now or pay a lot more later)

Noon Closing the deal 4/10: Define the limit on net immigration

Local government: Call to give directly elected Mayors extra powers.

11.30am ToryDiary: Highlights from David Cameron's monthly press conference

11am Closing the deal 3/10: Set out five clear principles for budget reduction

10am Closing the deal 2/10: Prepare, prepare and prepare for the debates

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Closing the deal 1/10: This election is a choice between a hung parliament and a strong Conservative government

ToryDiary: Northern Ireland is going to be a time-consuming issue for the current Prime Minister – and his likely successor – in the coming months

LeftWatch: "The Tory party's intellectuals are clambering on the "global warming isn't caused by mankind" bandwagon with as much enthusiasm as they used to speak up for apartheid South Africa."

Zehra Zaidi on Platform: The winds of change blow an unsteady course in Iran

Local government:

Seats and candidates: Countdown to the Salisbury selection meeting and It's been a week of campaigning, court appearances and a christening for Erewash PPC, Jessica Lee

International: Nine observations on the Republican comeback

Ben Rogers on CentreRight: A brief history of Islamism

Election debates run into trouble

"Plans have been thrown into chaos after the leaders demanded only the hosts should be allowed to pose questions for fear members of the public might make fools of them. The prime minister also wants the audience packed with twice as many Labour supporters as Tories, to match his Commons majority. But Mr Cameron insists there should be more Conservative voters to reflect his lead in opinion polls." – Daily Mail

George Osborne: Britain needs a new economic model

OsborneAndrewMarr "Government must help with a modern planning system, encouraging green investment, and providing modern transport infrastructure. Above all, with a record one in five young people out of work, government must provide the education, training and welfare reform we need to get Britain working." – George Osborne in The Times

Outcry by military top brass forces Cameron to delay General Sir Richard Dannatt's appointment as Tory peerDaily Mail

> James Forsyth: "One of the biggest mistakes David Cameron has made as leader of the opposition was the announcement at Tory party conference that Sir Richard Dannatt was to become a Tory peer and would likely serve in a Tory government. It devalued all of Dannatt’s previous criticisms of the government over its treatment of the army and the equipment shortages in Afghanistan."

Anti-Semitism is on the rise, which makes memorial day all the more vital – Michael Gove in The Telegraph

David Miliband: Tories stand for abolishing inheritance tax, bringing back fox-hunting and isolating Britain in EuropeFT

Harriet Harman's law 'will force churches to hire gays'Daily Mail

The Financial Times attacks Tory marriage policy as the wrong social justice priority.

Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie under fire for £10,000 travel expenses billHerald

CleggNickDeclaring Liberal Democrats are set to gain the most from Iraq inquiryTimes

Three in four people want still tougher crackdown on bankers’ pay and salariesFT/ Harris poll

Public services could cut costs by 15%Guardian

And finally…

Boris Johnson on the depressing contradictions of Avatar – Telegraph


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