11.30pm Seats and candidates: Kwasi Kwarteng selected for Spelthorne

4.30pm ToryDiary: Married couples allowance won't need green taxes, say Tories

4.30pm Patrick Nolan on CentreRight: Reducing the number of 'front line' public sector workers may be preferable to holding down everyone's wages

3.45pm WATCH: Cameron promises most family-friendly government in UK history

1pm Musical reaction to the Democrats' defeat in Massachusetts: Sing-a-long to The day ObamaCare died

12.45pm WATCH: Speaker Bercow warns that financial markets may be unsettled if counting of General Election votes is delayed until the Friday

Screen shot 2010-01-22 at 12.30.0912.30pm Seats and candidates: City of Liverpool Conservatives choose their candidates

Noon Parliament: Labour backbenchers are giving up on their frontbench in the Commons

9.45am Bob Neill MP in Local Government: A Conservative Government would repeal any law Labour passes to make Devon, Norfolk and Suffolk into unitary councils

ToryDiary: Osborne backs Obama's vision of smaller, simpler, safer banks

FLIGHT Howard 2 Howard Flight on Platform: The medicine needed to rebalance the economy

Local government:

David T Breaker on CentreRight: If it becomes law that killings deemed mercy killings are accepted, a great many others will become victims of such killings

WATCH: Jack Straw gives evidence to Iraq Inquiry

Cameron launches "broken society" chapter of draft manifesto

"Conservative leader David Cameron is to accuse Labour of "moral failure" and presiding over a country in both economic and social recession. In a speech, he will say the UK rewards parents who split up and is a place where professionals are told to follow rules rather than do what is best." – BBC

"Britain is in a "social recession" even deeper than its economic one,
David Cameron will warn today. Ramping up his pre-election campaign,
the Tory leader will accuse Labour of "moral failure"." – Sky News

George Osborne denies Telegraph story on using fuel tax rises to pay for family tax cuts

"Motorists and air passengers face higher “green taxes” under Conservative plans to fund tax breaks for married couples, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. The money raised will be earmarked for a new “family fund” to cut income tax for families. A wide range of options from an increase in petrol duty to new levies on flights and firms that pollute is understood to be under consideration."

On this morning's Today programme George Osborne said there were no plans to jack up taxes on motorists to pay for tax cuts on families. He said that The Telegraph had been told the story was not true but went ahead with it anyway.

The next generation of Conservative MPs

JI_Head_and_Shoulders_2007 "Mr Cameron looks at those sitting behind him after the election, he can be satisfied that he will no longer be looking at several hundred mirror images of himself; but nor will they all be carbon-copy Cameroons." – Jonathan Isaby in The Times

> Scroll down ConservativeHome's 'Next generation of Conservative MPs' archive

A 10% cut in the number of MPs will be a Conservative priority

"David Cameron will rush through a 10 per cent cut in the number of MPs if he wins power this year in an attempt to boost the Conservative Party's prospects of a second victory at the following general election. A Bill ordering a review of the constituency boundaries in England and Wales would be introduced within days of Mr Cameron's first Queen's Speech, shadow ministers have told The Independent."

> Yesterday we listed the likely priorities of a Cameron government's first 100 days

Liam Fox forced to disown General Dannatt's remarks on Trident replacement North West Evening Mail

Gordon Brown will give evidence to the Iraq Inquiry before the general electionBBC

Brown wants to spend money earmarked for unemployment increases that haven't materialisedFT

20% VAT 'looming' as ministers face mounting debt crisis Daily Mail

Murder rate in England and Wales at 20-year low with falls in burglary, robbery and violence in the 12 months to SeptemberGuardian

"A surprise fall in the number of burglaries and robberies announced yesterday showed that the expected recession crime wave has so far failed to materialise." – Times

The outcry over the US takeover is politically driven and ignores the facts – Jeff Randall in The Telegraph

And finally… Sally Bercow's tweets

Screen shot 2010-01-22 at 08.51.03 "In a series of tweets about Hansard, she said: “Uses for old Hansards no. 2: Place a pile in front of loo = a handy stepstool for your toddler. Uses for old Hansards no. 5: Wrap in a sheet of fine-grain cork. Stick photo of fave Tory on front (optional). Hang on wall. Throw darts. Uses for old Hansards no. 4: Shred them. Scatter liberally around Tory Councillor's front garden. Ring local press.”" – Telegraph

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